Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ar-Kan-Rune-Lag. The Secret Aryan Way-a Review

I have recently completed my initial reading of Wulf Ingessunu's latest work, Ar-Kan-Rune-Lag. The Secret Aryan Way, published by Black Front Press. This is Wulf's second book, his first being Wulf: Collected Writings of an English Wodenist (Black Front Press, 2014), which unfortunately sold out before I could obtain a copy. It is hoped that both books will enter a second printing as the demand for his work seems to be outstripping supply! This does not surprise me as people in the English-speaking world are thirsting for genuine spiritual knowledge and a mysticism which is founded in the mystery of the blood.

Wulf's book is the most in-depth treatment of the runes that I have ever read and I have read quite a few over the last 25 years! It is based on genuine scholarship but mixed with Wulf's personal interpretations. I must add that Wulf discusses not only the Anglo-Saxon/Northumbrian Futhorc but also the Elder or Common Germanic Futhark. New and exciting analysis of each rune is covered and moreover there are chapters which guide the initiate into runic yoga practices and advice on exercises that can form part of the initiate's daily routine. The essays in this work can be viewed as complete in themselves but there is a connecting thread that runs through each of the twelve chapters.

Over a number of years Wulf has been developing a new system of runic mysticism and Germanic martial arts known as Ar-Kan-Rune-Lag and this book introduces both the initiate and the novice to a system which is both unique and new but built upon the foundations of our Ario-Germanic past. Whilst not an Armanist text in the strict sense of the term nevertheless this book follows in the legacy of Guido von List and the great Armanen as well as the late and great Miguel Serrano. It is also to be favourably compared to the great Rune Master, Edred Thorsson/Dr Stephen Edred Flowers who is one of the most important figures in the Germanic revival of the late 20th century.

One word of caution: do not expect to sail through this book! It demands your full concentration and is not to be compared to the new age fluffy bunny nonsense that has contaminated the literary market place. I have only made one reading of this book, taking several weeks but it will require many more readings. Therefore this work must be viewed as a serious study text and the more you study it the more you will get out of it. Chapters include: The Thirty-Three Runes, The English Runes, Rune-Gealdor, Germanic Rune-Row, Aryan Roots, The Fire-Serpent, The Graal Runes, The Mother-Rune, The Secret of ALU-ULA, Ar-Kan Rune-Lag: Code of the Arya, Basic Runic Postures and Simple Exercises.


WyrdWalker said...

I'm really hoping that Troy will reprint Wulf: Collected Writings of an English Wodenist...............SOON! There is so much more in that book that needs to get out. I agree with you on this second work, it is a serious study. It also sounds from his blogs, as if Wulf has much more in store for us in the future. Glad to see you posting more often.

Wotans Krieger said...

I agree with you WyrdWalker.