Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stillness and the Cultivation of Wotan Within

In this world of constant hustle and bustle we must take the time to clear our minds of our petty and materialistic concerns and meditate and listen to the voice within, that part of our higher consciousness which most of the time we ignore, blinded by the illusions of Maya. As far as each of us can we must from time to time isolate ourselves from others or we cannot hear the voice within, the voice of our divine Self, the Wotan within.

Whether it be walking in the countryside, a forest or a park or just within the privacy of one's room we must find time each day to listen to Wotan within. I have often found inspiration from solitary walks which help to clear the cobwebs of the mind. Where I do not take out this time each day to meditate I can go for weeks without a single shred of inspiration or material to write about on these blogs. My recent absence from here is due to a recent house move which has occupied me physically and mentally so I have been unable to take this daily time out for several weeks.

There is much in our everyday lives that gets in the way of our walk with our divine Self. One aspect of modern life is constant noise, whether it be noisy music, children, motor engines or even natural occurences such as the weather. Most types of noise are artificially produced by humans and it never ceases to surprise me how uncomfortable most people are with periods of silence! Often people feel the need to break silence with unncessary and inane chatter about meaningless trivia. The reason why most people are uncomfortable with silence and/or isolation is that being quiet or isolated they are forced to look within themselves and for most this is a frightening experience. It reminds them that in the final analysis each one of us is alone. We come into this world alone and naked and we will exit it alone (but not necessarily naked!).

Inner strength and self-reliance can be fostered and strengthened through periods of isolation. To the mystically minded this is not a problem but for the masses, the herd of humanity there is little more terrifying than feelings of loneliness. The shallow nature of modern man is reflected in his need for constant noise and the desire to be always surrounded by others of like mind.

"And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." (Aphorism 146, Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche)

Modern man, the supreme leveller, the ultimate materialist and Untermensch realises that beyond his own petty and selfish concerns there is nothing of substance within for he has left his inner life uncultivated. It is through the cultivation of the inner divine Self that we receive revelation, not from the dead words of a book. Stillness and its cultivation is an act, an act of the will, whilst not visible to others nevertheless can wrought changes in different realms of being or levels of consciousness.