Saturday, December 20, 2014

Yule, a Liminal Time of the Year-My Experience

We are approaching that time of the year-Yule when the boundaries between the nine worlds are liminal, especially between the "living" and the "dead". At certain times of the year, particularly at the solstices and equinoxes the boundaries of time and space become fluid. Not surprisingly I experienced an extremely vivid dream last night where I dreamed of a dead brother who I never knew who was born unfortunately stillborn.

In my dream my brother appeared as a grown man but looked far younger than his age. He told me that he was born as it were in the year 1955, which would make him 5 years older than me but did not look like a typical 59 year old. My late mother who was a spritualist medium used to tell me that babies continue to grow into maturity in the spirit world and the old appear to be youthful. My brother looked no older than being in his 30s, certainly not a man knocking on the door of old age.

There is nothing that I can think of that logically could have caused this dream. It is not something I would ever dwell upon until now so I can only conclude that this very vivid dream was a genuine visitation from the afterlife when one considers that the boundaries between the worlds are currently weak. This is a time when we need to give thought to those who have passed on and not to be surprised if they make contact with us.

Recently I purchased a one of a kind orgonite Thor's Hammer amulet which sometimes I wear when sleeping. I have noticed that since I acquired it my dreams have become much more vivid than usual. The first night that I wore the amulet, having consecrated it to Woden and asking Woden to speak to me during my sleep I experienced in the darkness of my bedroom a fiery circle in my eyes, about the size of this round amulet which contains a steel Hammer inside it. It reminded me of a period of temporary blindness which I experienced a few years ago when I saw a flaming circle of Runes before me. This time there were no runes, just a circle. The circle as my readers will know symbolises the eternal. As Woden's elect we are eternal.


SerpentSlayer said...

I too have a sibling who was never born, I will request to see them tonight also. Merry Yuletide.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks for your comment Serpent Slayer and I hope that you are successful in encountering your sibling. I also have another brother who died over 5.5 years ago who I often encounter in my dreams.