Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I am more convinced than ever before of the need to keep our political beliefs separate from our religious and spiritual practices. Political systems are temporal. They are of this world and have a limited time span. Our heathen faith however is encoded in our DNA or in our blood if you prefer. Our Gods are timeless. They may appear to die but they don't; they merely change form. My preferred interpretation of our ancient Germanic faith, Wodenism as taught by the Woden's Folk Religion is folkish but at the same time not obsessed with 1930s/40s Germany. I certainly believe that Hitler was an avatar of Wotan and I have never denied that. However I do not worship him despite the incorrect and uninformed remarks of Maggie Benn. It is obvious to all with eyes to see that he was possessed by Wotan. One does not even need to be folkish or a sympathiser to understand that. After all Carl Gustav Jung, the German-Swiss founder of Analytical Psychology was not a National Socialist but he recognised this spiritual truth and he said so in his 1936 essay Wotan. There is evidence that Jung was folkish or inclined that way (see Richard Noll's remarkable The Jung Cult. Origins of a Charismatic Movement, 1994 and his Aryan Christ, 1997); however that is not the same thing as being a National Socialist.

There are people of all or no political persuasion that realise that they are Germanic heathen and as long as they accept that we are folkish should be welcomed within Wodenism but to be overtly political may deter otherwise good people from following our path. We must seek to bridge the false divide between left and right. It is a false dichotomy. Indeed I have said before that National Socialism is a left wing movement (see Povl Riis-Knudsen's National Socialism: A Left Wing Movement, 1984) as it sought to overturn the old order and one wing of the NSDAP led by Gregor Strasser tried to secure a second revolution as the first one they felt (and I feel) did not go far enough in smashing capitalism. We must create a third way which is beyond left and right but seeks to address the concerns of the day and at the same time is rooted in blood and soil.

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Up and down, not left and right.