Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Serpent as Symbol of the Aryan Priestly Caste

As referred to in my previous article there is evidence of a war between the first and second castes in Aryan society which eventually amongst the Germanic peoples led to the amalgamation of the priestly and warrior castes  as related in the Rigsthula. This struggle between priest and noble/warrior has continued down to the modern era.

Whilst the caste systems of the other Aryan peoples are divided into priest, warrior and producer the Germanic is divided into noble (Jarl), farmer (Karl) and slave (Thrall), clearly the latter caste being non-Aryan and thus non-Germanic; the remant of an enslaved and conquered population. This is demonstrated in the Nordic racial characteristics of the first two castes as opposed to the clearly non-Nordic ones of the third caste.

 A significant factor with the three children which Rig (generally taken to be Heimdall) sires is that they each have different complexions and hair colourings. The first child He sired was called Thrall. Thrall's mother was Edda-great grandmother, the wife of Ai-great grandfather. Thrall is described in Thorpe's translation as having "swarthy skin".  In Larrington's translation he is described as being "dark as flax". The second child He sired was called Karl. Karl's mother was Amma-grandmother, the wife of Afi-grandfather. In Larrington's translation he is described as being "red and rosy, with lively eyes". Thorpe's translation describes Karl as being a "ruddy redhead" and "its eyes twinkled". This could be an indication of light eyes. The third child was called Jarl. Jarl's mother was Modir-mother, the wife of Fadir-father. In Thorpe's translation it is said "Light was his hair, bright his cheeks, his eyes piercing as a young serpent's". Interestingly the characteristic of having 'serpents' eyes' is related to the clan of the Volsungs which was certainly sired by Odin, not Heimdall. Larrington in her translation says of Jarl "blond was his hair, bright his cheeks, piercing were his eyes like a young snake's."

The division by the sacred number 3 is an important aspect in Aryan society, culture and mythology and the Germanic peoples were no exception to this rule. In my speculated war of the castes the victorious warrior caste which had assumed the rights, privileges and duties of the priestly caste for themselves realised that they had need of a new third caste. This new caste was the non-Aryan caste of the Thralls. Before anyone objects to my argument that the Thralls were not Germanic please read again the physical characteristics of that caste in the previous paragraph. Furthermore what right thinking, self-respecting and proud Teuton would submit to the ignominy of slavery? Death is preferable to dishonour. No, these people were a conquered, inferior and subservient race. This is why today, many centuries after the collapse of the Germanic caste system we see such varied racial types amongst supposedly Germanic nations. The adoption of language is not a determiner of race. Unless something drastic happens (which I hope and know that it will) then in 500 years time someone may assume that the miscegenated population of England is Germanic purely on the basis of its language even though our race may have been exterminated well before then due to the forced introduction of the multiracial society by the traitors who govern and have governed this country. Only those of English blood have the natural right to call themselves English. It has nothing whatsoever to do with where you are born or what passport you hold. It is a biological not a political identity.

It is interesting that the Gods of the Germanic peoples were still divided into the traditional Aryan caste system as demonstrated in Professor Jean Haudry's remarkable little book The Indo-Europeans. The Germanic Gods like those of the other Aryan peoples may be divided into 3 functions: sovereignity, war and production. Amongst the Teutons sovereignity is vested in Tiw and Woden. It is not unusual for sovereignity to be divided amongst two deities and indeed this was the norm amongst the Aryans. One God represented law, the other the religious, magical or spiritual order of things.  Thunor was the primary deity of war but it is not surprising that with the gradual eclipse of Tiw by Woden that Tiw started to take on some of the martial characteristics of the second function. Also Thunor has some fertility responsibilities that link him to the third function. The third function was the province of the Vanir, particularly Frey.

My studies of the ancient myths of the Aryan peoples show one constant feature and that is a struggle between the heroes and Gods of the second caste or function and serpent like creatures. The terms serpent, dragon and wyrm are used interchangeably in this article because they all essentially mean the same thing and certainly the latter two terms were used by the Germanic peoples. It is my argument that the serpent represents the priestly caste in a life or death struggle with the hero or God who represents the warrior caste or function.

Examples of conflict between such heroes and Gods and a serpent/wyrm/dragon include:

.Perseus against the snake-haired Medusa.

.Apollo against the python.

.Siegfried against the dragon.

.Beowulf against the dragon.

.Thor against the Midgardsorm.

.Indar against Vritra the dragon.

There are lesser known examples of such myths from the ancient Anglian kingdom of Northumbria such as  in Northumberland the Laidley Wyrm of Spindleston Heugh, the Wode Wyrm of Linton, near Jedburgh the Longwitton Dragon and the Dragon of Tynemouth Priory. In County Durham the Lambton Wyrm and the Sockburn Wyrm. In the North Riding of Yorkshire the Nunnington Dragon of Helmsley, the Dragon of Sexhowe Mound near Hutton Rudby and the Serpent of Handale. In the West Riding the Wyrm of Well near Ripon and the Wantley Dragon of Wharncliffe Chase. In the East Riding the Kellington Serpent.

We also have the example of the mediaeval and xtianised St. George and the dragon which is special to the English people because the myth resonates in the English Collective Unconscious for it is an ancient Germanic and Aryan archetype. At times also the Gods may take on the form of a serpent. Some well known examples include Zeus as a snake impregnating Olympias who gave birth to one of the greatest Aryan conquerors of all time,  Alexander the Great. Zeus as a snake also impregnated Persephone who consequently gave birth to Dionysus. Odin also bored through a mountain in order to gain access to win the sacred mead. It is significant that both Zeus and Odin are Gods of the first function and thus represent the priestly caste. The legend concerning the expulsion of the snakes from Ireland by St. Patrick is an obvious allusion to the destruction of heathenism in Ireland and the execution of the Druids who are symbolised as serpents, being custodians of occult knowledge.

I must also ask what is the origin of the white dragon symbol of the English tribes? Could the dragon symbol be an indication of an occult tradition that was once in the sole possession of the priestly caste but is now guarded by English Arya? Indeed could an element of the descendants of these tribes contain within them the very DNA of these spiritual guardians? This issue is deserving of an article in its own right.

We now must ask ourselves why does the serpent represent the priestly caste amongst the Aryan peopes? The answer is two-fold. The serpent is the embodiment of wisdom, secret and occult knowledge. It is only by killing the serpent can the hero hope to obtain this wisdom which is represented by treasure, usually gold.

"The 'Serpent' and 'Dragon' were the names given to the 'Wise Ones', the initiated adepts of olden times." (The Secret Doctine Volume 2, H.P. Blavatsky)

As my readers will be aware I am of the belief that ancient Egyptian civilisation was of Aryan origin and many of its Pharaohs were pure Nordics as their mummies reveal (much to the embarassment of the Egyptian authorities and academic world) so it is not surprising that :

"The icon of the snake's head on the crown above the forehead of the Pharaoh is familiar to everybody from the popular imagery of Egypt.....This is termed the Uraeus, and was a symbol of sovereignity of the god-king Pharaoh..." (Paradise Rediscovered. The Roots of Civilisation: Volume 1, Michael A. Chahill, 2012-a book I highly recommend).

Dr Cahill makes the astute observation in his book that in the Neolithic period (ostensibly the beginning of Aryan culture):

"Draco would have been the constellation at the celestial North Pole. It was the polar star of its era; the pivot around which all those mysterious stars of the night revolved, steeped in their secret meanings understood only by the adept."

Thus the concept of the serpent goes back deeply into the Collective Unconscious of the Aryan peoples and is linked to wisdom, knowledge, the occult and the arcane. This is the province of the first caste. In order for balance to be achieved and decay to be reversed this caste must rise again.


Steed said...

Interesting. So would you say Aryanness is based upon phenotype rather than ancestry? Should only the tall, straight-blonde and blue/grey-eyed of Germania be promoted into the future as Teutons?

Wotans Krieger said...

Well Steed the Germanic peoples are highly bastardised and that process is accelerating at an alarming rate.I do not regard the term Germanic so much as a racial term but one which is based upon culture and ethnicity.The ethnicity of the Germanic peoples is based on a Nordic racial type as evidence by most scholars who up until the 1970s dared to touch on these things. The Nordic race however is not confined to the Germanic peoples although we are collectively still the best representative of that race.Like Himmler I will take Nordic blood wherever I find it.For this reason I am not a nationalist but a racialist. I acknowledge that Germanic people may have other features but this is a sign of our collective (not necessarily individual decay).
I also acknowledge that many of us start out in childhood with the lightest of hair but this unfortunately darkens in English and German people as we age, lesser so amongst the Netherlandic and Scandinavian peoples.My hair for instance darkened after my late 30s.

Steed said...

Thanks WK. My query was based on the part in your article where you likened the existing non-Nordic white element of Germania to the future mixed-race element of Germania which is based upon the multicultural experiment of the last few decades.

I don't think such a comparison is quite fair. We can assume that among the non-mixed white people of Germania, the same variety of phenotype has been present for hundreds, if not thousands of years. And whether someone is as blonde as the sun or not, the 'impurity' of ancestry is a general thing. So even if at one time we were all 7ft tall, beautiful, with white blonde hair and piercing grey eyes, such features among modern Teutons does not guarantee any purer an ancestry.

I have some Nordic physical aspects, some not. But for me, Aryanness is firstly in the soul, secondly in the character, and thirdly in the body (perhaps in that order even). The genetic decay of this age is not just seen in pigmentation, but in many physical aspects. We can preserve something of the genetics, but our main ability, in this age, is in preserving (or improving) our spiritual and intellectual selves.

If our criteria for Aryanness were beauty, stature, pigmentation, spiritual vitality, intellect, 'awareness' and all of the Noble Virtues, then only a small percent of physical Nordics would qualify. Some of the most spiritually/intellectually degenerate people I know happen to be tall, blonde and beautiful, sadly.

Wotans Krieger said...

Steed, for some reason you appear to have taken elements of my article in a personal way. I did forewarn my readers that some may be offended by my reference to the 3rd Germanic caste of Thralls as being non-Nordic, thus non-Germanic, thus non-Aryan. I am not responsible for the composition of the Rigsthula which is very clear that the first 2 castes of Jarls and Karls share a genetic similarity, not shared by the Thralls who were slaves. These slaves can only have been non-Germanic and unworthy people who viewed slavery as preferrable to death with honour. Teutons do not accept slavery. Better to die with sword in hand than become someone's` bitch'.
It is unfortunate that these Thralls were gradually allowed to infect the Germanic gene pool to the extent that our Germanic peoples lost their purity of Nordic blood. We all have this impurity within our blood streams. Only racial hygiene which I hope will one day be practiced again will rid this curse from our blood. With a purified race we will have a purified soul, a soul fit for the coming Golden Age when man will once again be equated with Aryan man. Better that the earth be turned into a fireball than our race become even more miscegenated and indistinguishable from the coffee coloured mix that the sons of zion would have us become. Perhaps a nuclear holocaust will in fact cleanse the earth and after millenia the sons of the sun will arise again.The degenerate blondes that you refer to are likewise infected with racial blood poisoning and let us not forget the mental poisoning of the Kali Yuga-again which is infecting everyone of us.

Steed said...

You misunderstand me WK. Nothing personal taken at all. In fact - the whole point I was trying to make is that this is a race-wide concern not specific to individuals.

I know of a guy who dropped out of the cause, feeling that he was deemed 'unworthy' by his non-Nordic appearance. A real shame as he would have been a real asset. So for that reason I sometimes feel there is a wider discussion to be had here, not for my own benefit but for the benefit of people who do take such things personally.

It is also my belief that physical purity is not achievable - certainly not in this Age, and perhaps not in any. The material world is the 'playground of imperfection', where mistakes will and must be made. Ancestral and superficial purity are different things, for even if racial hygiene eradicates the perceived impurities one day, we, as a religion of ancestor worship, have to accept that our shared ancestry (if not our inherited genetics) will always be impure - however distantly.

Isaac Wakeman said...

Thanks for this and the previous article. I have read over them, but look forward to getting to digest them further and comment more.

Steed said...

Also WK, I meant to say with regards to Rigsthula... Could it not be interpreted as a global rather than Germania-specific echo of history, from before the peoples diverged or even as a Germanic perspective on global events? So rather than the 3rd caste being already present in Europe, they were actually a caste who existed outside of Europe?

Just a thought.

Wotans Krieger said...

The Germanic caste system as we know it historically from the gleanings of writings from Caesar in his Gallic Wars accords with the Rigsthula. You will recall that Caesar wrote that the "Germans had no druids". What he really means is that they did not have a priestly caste. They still had priests. This mark you was already the case in the first century BCE. Although the Elder Edda was composed or should I say written down 1200 years later there is a remarkable consistency. The Thralls were people formerly of a different nation, non-Germanic who were subjugated by the incoming Battle Axe people who subsequently were known as Teutons. They were slaves, nothing more. This is clear from all historical accounts of Scandinavian society during the Viking Age. The Germans were no different. They too captured slaves and often sacrificed them to the Gods. We cannot change history to suit the emotions and insecurities of individuals. Truth alone matters. The individual is of no account.
Furthermore I disagree with you that racial purity is not achieveable. It is: look at the endeavours of the Third Reich in eliminating undesireable genes from the gene pool of the German Volk. Given another 100 years without interference from the slackjawed followers of Winston Churchill the Superman would have been revealed, for Germany produced not only the finest physical specimens but were renown for their intellectual and spiritual superiority throughout Europe. This no doubt is due to a greater measure of Nordic racial purity. Societies and nations fall into ruin when the Nordic element is so depleted that they can have no positive impact upon the life of a Volk. Mein Kampf makes this very clear.

Steed said...

Well I suppose that depends on whether one's view of blood and ancestry is metaphysical or not. Could someone with an African Great-Great-Grandfather - who appears Nordic - be considered 100% pure Nordic in all of their being?

It's an interesting discussion, and I agree that it is predoinantly one about facts and truths, not individual emotions. The guy I knew simply drew the pragmatic conclusion (for whatever reason, as I understand it) that if he's not considered properly white then it's not his cause. A bit silly considering that many of the leading National Socialists were not Nordic in appearance, and considering that we have records of 'impure' notables, even among the Viking-age Scandinavians.

Wotans Krieger said...

This may surprise you but I am not an adherent of the typically American "one drop rule" and when you take into account the Nuernberg race laws neither were the National Socialists. Somebody of 1/16th jewish ancestry for instance would have been considered an Aryan although may have experienced difficulty in joining the SS or marrying an SS Mann. My mother had to have her ancestry checked out before she could marry her SS first husband.
The impurity which is in our collective veins affects us all. We are thus a degenerate poor copy of the Uebermensch of the past that were borne from the Gods who at one time walked the earth. In the Golden Age this problem will be solved.
Being not the Superman ourselves does not or should not prevent us from working towards his unveiling. Savitri Devi, the greatest racially aware Aryan woman who has ever lived understood this perfectly. Let us all follow her example.

Steed said...

I agree there WK. I didn't mean to sound contentious or defeatist. Just like you I'm interested in truth and greatness! We will achieve both. :)