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Aryans, Descendants of the Shining Ones

This article should be read in conjunction with A very interesting book which attempts to explain the accounts of the Gods of the Aryan peoples as being a type of ancient super race living in a lost Golden Age is Jos Rogiers's The Lost Civilization of Home Supersapiens, published in 2007. This has since been followed up with Messages from a Hidden Past (2012) which develops his theory further, although I have not yet read this later book myself.

Mr Rogiers highlights the important fact that the Gods were associated with characteristics which "are body marks in the form of the sun, the moon, or stars." Indeed their characteristics are overwhelmingly Nordic although there are some exceptions to this general rule. Where exceptions occur this tends to point to an alternative non-Aryan origin for a deity. This is not surprising as often the deities of a subjugated people may sometimes creep into the pantheon of the dominant invading folk.

"The gods were much more handsome than us. Their great beauty is stressed time and again. Their complexion was white, but not just white, but extremely white. Often, it is said that they were the colour of snow. Their hair is mostly described as golden, or blond. Some gods, however, had raven-black hair. Lips and cheeks are sometimes pictured as blood-red. Their eyes had a striking lustre. When the colour of the eyes is rendered, which does not happen that often, they are said to be blue, grey, or green most of the time. In some cases, the words used in Greek, like 'glaukopis' or 'kuanopis', allow more than one interpretation. The gods were taller than humans, imposing, and of noble bearing." (Rogiers)

It is not just the Gods of the northern Europeans who are described as Nordic in appearance. It applies to the Gods of the Aryan Greeks and Romans as well. The following deities are described as being blonde: Hera, Harmonia (daughter of Ares and Aphrodite), Leto (mother of Apollo and Artemis), Dione (mother of Aphrodite), Aphrodite, Athene, Demeter, Persephone, Mercurius, Eros and Dionysus is sometimes described as golden-haired.

Amongst the nymphs and heroes (who are often demi-Gods) the following are blonde: the Charites/the Graces, the Hesperides, Ocyrhoe (daughter of a nymph and a centaur), Helen of Troy (a daughter of Zeus), Achilles, Rhadamanthus (a son of Zeus), Heracles, Europa, Agamede, Medea, Ariadne, Phaedra, Periclymenos, Clytemnestra, Iphigeneia, Orestes, Electra, Odysseus and Menelaos.

My readings of Celtic myths and legends also has shown me that in the majority of cases where deities, supernatural beings or heroes are physically described they almost always have blonde or red hair. Occasionally they are described as being auburn. My copy of the Collins Concise English Dictionary defines this as being "a moderate reddish brown colour." This derives from Latin albus meaning white via the Old French alborne meaning blond! Thus it is just a variety of red or blonde hair.

One could argue are the Gods physically a reflection of the people who worshipped them or are the people who worshipped them alike in appearance because they are the descendants of the Gods? I can only speak from the perspective of a Germanic heathen when I say I believe that it is the latter view which is more likely to be the correct one. Does not Tacitus in Germania 2.2 write that the Germans believed themselves to be descendant of Mannus, the son of  "a god brought forth from the earth" (Rives translation) or "an earth-born god" (Mattingley/Handford translation)? Poetically Mannus is described as the "fountain-head of their race" in the Mattingley/Handford translation. Rives puts it far less poetically when he writes that Mannus is "the source and founder of their people". Thus our ancestors believed themselves to be sons of the Gods and we should believe the same!

We must not be shy in affirming the Nordic characteristics of the Aryan peoples and that where a people start to deviate from this norm it is the result of admixture. I am NOT talking about individuals here but whole peoples!

"The evidence so obtained consistently indicates that the Indo-European people, or at least its upper class, was of the Nordic race." (The Indo-Europeans, Professor Jean Haudry)
" At the same time the fact that the first Aryans were Nordics was not without importance. The physical qualities of that stock did enable them by the bare fact of superior strength to conquer even more advanced peoples and so to impose their language on areas from which their bodily type has almost completely vanished. That is the truth underlying the panegyrics of the Germanists: the Nordics' superiority in physique fitted them to be the vehicles of a superior language." (The Aryans. A Study of Indo-European Origins, V. Gordon Childe)
"The original speakers of Indo-European must have been Nordic. The archaeological evidence will not support the thesis that the Indo-European language stock had its origin in Northern Europe, although the dominant physical type there can be identified with that of early speakers of Indo-European. This leaves the Corded Ware culture of Upper Saxony and Thuringia to be associated with the original Indo-Europeans.
 "The original population of the Italian Peninsula was mainly of the Mediterranean type, but the dominant type among the Italici was Nordic. Both Sieglin and Guenther have collected a vast amount of material from Roman sources, from literary and historical records, from Roman statuary and from personal names, showing clearly that the type of the ruling classes of the ancient Romans was Nordic. A great many well-known persons are described as blond. Blond hair was ascribed to the deities such as Amor, Apollo, Aurora, Bacchus, Ceres, Diana, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Minerva and Venus. Two hundred and fifty persons are known who bore the name of Flavius (blond) and there are many with names such as Rufus (red) and Rutilius (reddish).
 "There can be no doubt that those who introduced an Indo-European language were basically of the Nordic type. Most of the gods and heroes of the Illiad and the Odyssey were blond; Athena was blue-eyed, Aphrodite was described as having golden-hair, Helen had silken blond hair, light-coloured eyes, a dazzling white skin. The Greek word iris meaning rainbow was used to describe the human eye. It would be very strange indeed if a dark-eyed people had made such a comparison.
"Many plastic representations from Roman sources have survived and these show quite clearly that the dominant Celtic characteristics were of the Nordic kind, even when allowance is made for idealization on the part of the artist.
"Skulls of Nordic type have been found in the burials of the royal families of the Hari and of the Mitanni. Indo-European names of rulers are common. This is also true of the Hittites." (The Germanic People. Their Origin, Expansion & Culture, Francis Owen)

It should be our goal to restore both the spiritual and the physical nobility of our race. On an individual level we can do this with the personal choices that we make which have repercussions for good or ill for those who follow after us.

Our fall from this Golden Age via the less pure but still brilliant Silver and Bronze Ages (meant as mythological cycles not historical and archaeological ages) to this Age of Iron, this Wolf Age, this dark Kali Yuga is the result of the interbreeding of our divine ancestors with mortal races which may have helped these other races in their upward evolution but in our case has resulted in a downward involution into ever baser matter! It is clear to me that our divine ancestors were spiritual and not material in bodily composition. Rogiers makes the following interesting observation:

"Some of the summarized texts indicate that the gods were not only very white, but even 'shining'."

According to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky the First Root Race was ephereal. In other words they were composed of etheric matter. This is the age of the Gods. Their descendants, the Hyperboareans which were the Second Root Race were the colour of golden yellow. No doubt this is to do with their hair colouring. These were a physical race, descended from the ephereal Gods but they were already composed of matter in the sense that we know it. Our destiny as Aryans of the Fifth Root Race is to ascend back from base matter to spirit via the Sixth Root Race (regenerated after Ragnarok) and the Seventh Root Race (back to spirit/the aether).

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