Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Yuletide Message from Wotans Krieger

In this article I wish to restate some simple truths. There can be no accord between a folkish Weltanschauung and the abrahamic desert religions of judaism, xtianity and islam, the latter two being offspring of the first. There are some, particularly in the USA who feel otherwise, that what matters above all is race rather than belief. This is a fatal error for if they care to actually study European history over the last 2,000 years and indeed the history of the Middle East before that time they would understand that a struggle has been waging continually between the Aryan sons of the sun and the sons of shem. This does not concern race alone but the world of ideas for all the indigenous cultures of the earth have and are being threatened by all three abrahamic religions at one time or another.

The Second World War was but a continuation of the struggle waged between the Aryan tribes of the Old Testament against the jews, the Irminist Saxons against the fanatical xtian race traitors, the Franks, the Vikings against the xtianised Anglo-Saxons (who forsook the same Gods) right up to the present day, where we now live in a society that has thrown off the shackles of the alien xtian religion but has adopted its secular bastard offshoots, ie humanism, democracy and liberalism. 

The Second World War involved a life and death struggle between the 'allies' (how I detest that pompous and self-righteous term) and the Wotan inspired Third Reich which gradually was throwing off the shackles of a religion that had killed a third of its population in the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). A fratricidal dispute over what variety of semitic xtian religion the people should follow. What an awful waste of German blood, all in the name of a jewish messiah who never even actually existed! That was indeed a holocaust of good German blood to a semitic demonic entity!

Look at the blood that was shed in the wars of Karl the Butcher, the Frankish king who attempted to eradicate authentic Germanic heathenism amongst the Saxon tribes, with the desecration of the Irminsul, our temples and groves, creating such devastation of our religion that researchers such as myself have to spend their lives trying to piece it all back together again in order that a new folkish religion may spring from traditional roots.

Some white nationalists may not consider the murder of 4,500 heathen Saxons in October 782 in Verden, Lower Saxony something that is worthwhile to remember and indeed one of the writers of The Great Yearning. An Armanen Ritual (see Warg: The True Story) appears to be outraged by our remembrance of this heinous act and refers to such feelings as "to moan and grovel". The author regards the murderer of my maternal ancestors who stayed true to the Aesir (the real meaning of Asatru) as "A man of wolfish spirit" (meant by the author I feel as a positive not a negative trait), "chopping down the superstitious and enforcing discipline." Karl the Butcher's  'discipline', being the 'discipline' of a tyrant, something I am sure the author would not accept in his own country, the USA where individual freedom is supposedly cherished and enshrined in their constitution! This said 'discipline' being the bloody introduction of xtianity, the destruction of our ancient practices and beliefs and their substitution with the enforced worship of a jewish anti-'god'.  The admonition that "We will honour Charlemagne" makes just as much sense as me saying "we will honour Churchill", both of whom were notorious traitors to their race who caused irreparable harm and whose actions reverberate down to the present day.

The Third Reich had 4 major opponents: capitalism, bolshevism, liberalism and xtianity, all offshoots in some way of judaism. This truly was a war not so much of race as our enemies would have the masses to believe but a war of ideas, ideology and spiritual forces. This is an idea that I will return to in a future article on this blog. This war of ideas and beliefs continues up until the present day with the commercialisation and xtianisation of the ancient Germanic festival of Yule, thus creating the struggle in microcosm of xmas against Yule.

The Armanist Rune Magicians and Ariosophists of the early 20th century were like all of us men of their time and a product of the societies into which they were born. We must be careful as 21st century heathens in our interpretation of Armanist material as much of it is unfortunately contaiminated by xtianity to a certain extent. Those of us who are involved in esoteric Wodenism are aware of these shortcomings as we create a new religious path, rooted in the Blut und Boden of the past but with one eye towards the future. Nothing can or should remain static or the same. We must change as this is the dynamic of life: Arising-Becoming-Passing Away to New Arising! However what is new must be rooted in what is old, what is organic to our folk and lands. This is the essence of the Woden Folk Religion.

A very happy Yule to all of my readers! Let us all dedicate 2015 to our High Lord Woden!


Steed said...

Very true - WWII was a war of ideas and values, not 'race', as we have all been taught. A Happy Yule to you too WK.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks Steed and a happy Yule to you.

Joe Sevnson said...

Greetings and Salutations,

While gathering some of your articles for a friend of mine - I for the first time read this article, which is in need of a short response. We are not here to argue about Karl the Murderer, but must clarify a few of the misconceptions you are making. We have never encouraged the adulterated judized Christianity from the East, nor any of their teachings that is harmful to our Folk. What we and any true Arman have presented is that many of their traditions and ideas (which have been warped and twisted) come from much older Aryan traditions. If you believe in the Blood Memory of the Goths or in the idea that somewhere at sometime a God made a sacrifice for the sake of men, that a great wrong was somewhere committed, which resulted in a spiritual catastrophe then you believe in the Kristos Mythos too. I do not know why that is so hard to comprehend. The very worst thing that came from "Christianity" was its "universalism". The idea that a semite could say he believed in Christ and be accepted as brethren - that is what killed us, that is how they infiltrated and destroyed us. That is how they are still killing and destroying us. When the Folk quit thinking tribal, quit thinking racially first. Not who believed this or that, or fought about this or that, but the acceptance of "all christians",(which is not too much different than including "all Pagans") we have been minced meat ever since by those who are born liars and spies. Karl is no more the problem than the Vikings who got their revenge a short time later. So what? We have been fighting and killing each other since before recorded history. That is not what killed us. Of course what Karl did was heinous, but that is not what destroyed us. Stop thinking like a Pagan and start thinking like an Aryan. Damn man, it is so simple. We know you mean well and we like you, but if you are going to bitch about us, please make it accurate. We have never promoted Christianity as a viable religion or solution. We have only pursued the Truth of the Kristos Mythos of the Aryan long before the adulteration and destruction by the semite - the crypto semite being the worst of them all. The crypto-semite who loves playing a Pagan today, who was playing a Christian yesterday. So, please be careful because you probably have one standing right next to you. This is not meant as an insult. I just do not appreciate being labeled an Abrahamic religious etc...