Saturday, November 01, 2014

Out of the North He Shall Come

When I worship the Gods or carry out any kind of magical or spiritual work I always face north and there is a good reason for this:

"What the Teutons revered as the dwelling place of Asgard and the realm of the dead goddess Hel in the pagan era became, for heretics and Minnesingers in the Middle Ages, the Grail Mountain, the rose garden, Arthur's Round Table, Venus Mountain, and Dietrich's fiery Bel Mount-and this place, to use Wolfram von Eschenbach's language, was 'the highest prize of earth's desire'. In addition, what the ancient Greeks understood to be the sunny island of Aea that was long sought by the Argonauts and Hercules was nothing other than the Hellenistic image of the northern Asgard. Later, this became the model for the medieval Grail Paradise, Arthur's Round Table, the rose garden, and Venus Mountain. This prototype was the 'mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north', as Isaiah calls it. To reach this mountain, Lucifer, that Apollyon of the New Testament, wished to pass over the highest clouds. Instead Jehovah cast him to the bottom of the deepest pit; for this Jewish God of intolerance, the paradisal Asgard had become a place for the damned: hell. In late medieval Germany, when someone was hanged, care was taken to see that the face of the hanged looked north-to hell." (Lucifer's Court. A Heretic's Journey in Search of the Light Bringers, 1937, Otto Rahn)

The concept of an extreme northern Urheimat of the Nordic race is remembered in the various mythologies of the Aryan peoples.

"Comparative mythology, it will be shown in a subsequent chapter, fully supports the view of an original Arctic home of the Aryan races, and there is nothing surprising if the traditions about a day and night of six months are found not only in the Vedic and the Iranian, but also in the Greek and the Norse literature."(The Arctic Home in the Vedas, 1903, Tilak)

 For us Teutons its is Asgard. With the influence of xtianity, a semitic religion, Hel the abode of the dead became a place of torture and shame-Hell. I would comment that this tells us more about the very nature of this intolerant semitic anti-god than it does about Hel itself which merely corresponded with the Greek Hades. Neither of these places was a place of punishment. The idea of eternal torture and punishment has no place in the Germanic and Aryan Weltanschauung. It is the product of a diseased and psycopathic mind, nothing more.

Germanic mythology teaches us that there is not just one single place where the dead depart to and reside in: there are many but this article is not so much concerned with that. Within Asgard there are located many halls of the Gods but there are two which the Einheriar aspire to reach-Walhalla and Folkvang. The Eddas tell us that half of the victorious dead are claimed by Odin, the other half by the Goddess Freya but both halls are not merely places of rest but training grounds for the Initiates as they prepare for the final encounter with the forces of darkness who are represented by the semitic demiurge of the xtian, jewish and islamic religions who are intent on wiping out any resistance to their stated aims of world domination. We know in advance the end result of this climatic battle for it is foretold in the Eddas. Ultimately Aryan man will triumph and light will return to the earth after the destruction of the forces of chaos. Man, Nordic man will once again walk in communion with the Gods in a new and wonderful Golden Age.

The awakened Teuton who has returned to the Gods of  his or her forefathers will find a place in either of these two blessed halls, for Woden has need of warriors. It is not a matter of reward or punishment but service. Only the wretched Untermensch do things for reward or to escape punishment for they are motivated by base desires and concerns. This is not an Aryan concept. Instead the Aryan is inspired by the noble sense and feelings of duty and loyalty. These are concepts that the Untermenschen lack the capacity to understand.

This war in which we struggle has its origins in spiritual realms and it is in these realms in which the battle will be fought and victory obtained. Materialistic white nationalists who generally lack both an ideology and a spiritual dimension to their cause do not and cannot understand this but instead deride our efforts and yet I see no struggle happening in the material dimension of Midgarth  with the possible exceptions of countries like Greece and the Ukraine. It should be noted that a real spiritual and racial awakening is occuring in the Slavic countries as they wake up to their Aryan racial and spiritual heritage and for this they have my respect and best wishes. The Slavs by and large have not been domesticated and turned into democratic sheep as our peoples have in the west but amongst them are to be found proud Aryan wolves.

"Nebukadnezar: `How will it fare with Babylon?`

"Sajaha: `It will be destroyed for a long time. First the Third Sargon will reestablish it in the land of the North. There and then there will be a new Babylon." (The Book of Sajaha, Wotans Krieger's translation)

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