Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Our Blood, Our Most Precious Possession

Since the end of WWII the attack upon the Aryan gene pool by the enemies of our race has intensified. The Wild Hunt led by the incarnate Wotan avatar and His Furious Host during the twelve nights of Yule was a brave but ultimately doomed attempt to hold back and reverse the flow of time within this cycle called the Kali Yuga. Because of His defeat in the material realm which we call Midgard, the servants of the semitic demiurge have more than doubled their efforts to destroy the Aryan peoples of the world. It never ceases to surprise me how so-called nationalists revere Enoch Powell and his 1968 Rivers of Blood Speech and then conveniently ignore the fact that Powell was one of those politicians who originally encouraged immigration into Britain! Every single Prime Minister and Home Secretary since at least 1945 (immigration actually started during WWII) has been guilty of betraying the native peoples of the *British islands. This is how so-called democracy has served the people!

Equally complicit with the traitorous politicians are the people themselves who like dumb (meant in both senses of the word) animals have permitted this to happen and in some cases, incited by xtian clerics and whorish politicians have even encouraged this state of affairs by taking up the causes of refugees and other fleeers of persecution! This country has been treated like an orphanage and a dumping ground for the world's waifs and strays, some of whom have commited both in their home countries and in this country the most deplorable of crimes. The ongoing process of turning this country into a sewer continues, all under the watchful eye of a xtian monarch who has failed in her supposed duty of protecting her realm from invasion by foreign invaders.

So what is to be done about this state of affairs? Precious little, at least in the political field. The Kali Yuga must work itself out whilst we calmly and patiently wait. However there is still work to be done in the esoteric field both individually and as a collective for we are spiritual warriors fighting what is essentially a spiritual war. Anyone familiar with the writings of Miguel Serrano will understand that the war is still being fought in cosmic realms and this has not been lost. We can also make a difference in our individual lives in the choices which we make every day and in the manner in which we raise and educate our children.

"My friends, who I, in my body and soul, feel to be the children and sons of these primeval enemies of the apelings, let us hold in the highest regard the most precious heritage of our fathers-our blood, our seed-as something Divine! We do not wish ourselves to be regarded as angels, the blood of each and every one of us is more or less mixed with the waters of Sodom. But from this point forward a halt should be called on this mixing. Mankind is unequal, and a deep moat that cannot be overwhelmed surrounds Walhalla-a moat that no apeling must be allowed to jump over. In the struggle against the apes of Sodom each one must begin within himself, especially in the choice of wife, then he can fight against the apes of Sodom which surround him...Victory will be ours-ancient, divine oracles speak in our behalf. Among our foes is the ape, in us and for us is God-the all-knowing, all-powerful entity of the original cosmos." (Theozoology, Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels)

The "God" that von Liebenfels is referring to is Das Gott of the Teutonic peoples. Gott or gud is an ancient Germanic term and has nothing to do with the hateful desert wandering falsche Gott of the semitic religions. Ariosophists refer to this Gott as das and not der. Das is the neuter form of the. This differentiates Das Gott from the Der Gott of the shavelings. From this God force emenate all our racial Gods and Goddesses whose forms can and do change according to the age in which we find ourselves. The unmoving Das Gott however never changes.

*British Islands refers to the islands of the United Kingdom whilst British Isles includes Britain, the island of Ireland and all other neighbouring islands.


James said...

Wonderful composition. The whole idea of "Das Gott" needs to be expanded and explored among our peoples. Have you any recommendations for further reading specifically concerning "Das Gott" in English translation?

Wotans Krieger said...

The problem is that the most interesting and esoteric works are to be found in the German language, extracts of which I translate mainly on my Armanen blog. The Gods permitting I will retire early late next year and devote my time primarily to the translation and publication of rare German texts. In the meantime I recommend that you read the latest edition of Flowers' The Secret King for an English translation of the writings of Wiligut.

James said...

Thank you..... The book is on the way!