Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Aryan Tripartite System Represented in the Cosmology, Caste System and Modern Day Flags

I have discussed before in various articles on this and my Celto Germanic Culture, Myth and History blog about the Aryan and Germanic caste systems and their relationship to certain colours, red, white and blue/black which are represented on the flags of many Indo-European founded countries.

These colours are not only representative of the tripartite caste system but also may be linked to the tripartite functional system of deities. This fact is brought out most clearly in Leon Stover's Stonehenge City. A Reconstruction (2003) and Professor Jean Haudry's The Indo-Europeans. Each caste was related to a specific cosmic colour and this colour also related to a specific group or caste of Gods. The way in which Indo-European society was divided and organised into three functional groups or castes was mirrored in the heavens. This is a constant feature of prextian Indo-European societies; the desire to replicate on the earth what they saw or imagined in the heavens.

The three cosmic colours of white, red and black represent the basic tripartite cosmological system of the Indo-Europeans, white for the upper world, the sky, red for the middle world (earth) and black for the lower world. The tripartite model is even represented in the xtian religion which is nothing other than a hodge podge of Aryan sun cults and jewish anti-life mentality. We have heaven, the earth and hell, even this word was borrowed from the Germanic hel, a place of abode of the undistinguished dead, not a place of punishment. Significantly the Goddess Hel, the ruler of hel was Herself portrayed as being partly black and partly flesh coloured.

Professor Haudry also reveals to us that the tripartite cosmic colour system is to be found in the white day-sky, the black night-sky and the red twilight-sky. In Dumezil's tripartite system the Gods are divided into three basic functions of sovereignity (which includes magic), war and cultivation or fertility.In the Germanic system these functions would be represented by Odin/Tyr, Thor and Frey. Thor is distinguished in particular by His red beard.

The oldest record of Indo-European colour coding is to be found in the Rig Veda. The Hindu varnas are gold/yellow for the first function, red for the second and green or black for the third. In the Germanic system we have white, red and green/blue. In the Irish we have white, red and green. The Gods, the main 3 worlds, the 3 skies and the 3 Indo-European castes are all represented in this tripartite colour scheme which persists today on modern Indo-European flags.

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