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Lascaux cave art

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walther Blachetta and Das Himmelsrad

Recently whilst browsing through The Black Sun Unveiled by James Portillo (2013) I noticed two references to Walter Blachetta, allegedly commenting on the Black Sun symbol:

"More appropriate is the explanation which SS-Leader Walther Blachetta gives in his Buch des deutschen Sinnzeichen where he refers to a 12-spoked wheel as a 'sign of completion...a holy symbol for the SS which is mirrored in the Germanic heavens, in the signs of the Zodiac, as well as in other Aryan order communities. A symbol for higher orders that the SS seeks to re-establish on the Earth."
The citation for the above reference is Ruediger Suenner's Schwarze Sonne. Entfesselung und Missbrauch der Mythen in Nationalsozialismus und rechter Esoterik, 1999. This reference appears on page 647 in Chapter 58 of Portillo's book which is a translation of an article by Hans-Juergen Lange-In the Sign of the Black Sun, originally published in 2002.

Further along in Portillo's book in Chapter 60 on page 700 there is a similar but slightly differently worded translated quotation:

"......a sign of completion, and apparently for the SS a sacred symbol, that is reflected in the Germanic pantheon, in zodiac signs and other Aryan religious societies. A symbol of the higher orders that the SS should restore to the Earth." (Blachetta, 1941)
The above quotation is part of a translated essay by Maik B. Haasler-Die Schwarze Sonne: goettliches Licht der Erkenntnis (The Black Sun: Divine Light of Understanding), also originally published in 2002.

As interesting as these references are they are simply wrong. I have read Blachetta's book in the original German. Either the original essay writers have distorted Blachetta's work or the currently available copy which is published by Orion-Heimreiter-Verlag is a cleansed version of the original. This I must point out is not Portillo's fault as he is only translating previously published works from their original German into English but in my opinion he should have checked Blachetta's original work in German. It may be significant that both Lange's and Haasler's essays were published in the same year-2002. It would appear that a distortion has been accepted at face value and simply repeated by other German occultists.

Nowhere in Blachetta's book is there any reference to a Schwarze Sonne. In 1941 such a concept was not generally known and certainly the idea that the Schwarze Sonne was depicted by the green Wewelsburg sunwheel was not revealed until 1991 and then it was in a work of fiction by a 'Russel McCloud'-Die schwarze Sonn von Tashi Lhunpo. The Black Sun mythos has its origins in the post-war trilogy of esoteric novels by Wilhelm Landig, a member of the occult Vienna Circle:

Götzen gegen Thule. Ein Roman voller Wirklichkeit, 1971
Wolfszeit um Thule, 1980 
Rebellen für Thule. Das Erbe von Atlantis, 1991

We must remember that often occult lore and truth is encoded in apparent works of fiction. This is a very powerful device for conveying the esoteric and at the same time concealing it from the profane! One only has to think of the novels of Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, in particular Vril, the Power of the Coming Race,1871.

As I have already pointed out the Schwarze Sonne was not an openly revealed symbol at the time that Blachetta published his book in 1941 and nowhere does such a symbol appear in his book, not even the migration age sunwheels on which it was based.  However Blachetta does feature a 12 spoked sunwheel on page 80, called Das Himmelsrad (the wheel of heaven):

"Das Himmelsrad ist das Zeichen-der Vollendung und des Zieles-. 'Zwoelf, das ist das Ziel der Zeit, Mensch bedenk die Ewigkeit' heisst es in dem bekannten Nachtwaechterlied. Die Zahl 12 finden wir ueberhaupt stark fuer die Dinge des Ziels und der Vollendung belegt. Nach der Edda haben die zwoelf Asen von goettlicher Artung zwoelf Wohnungen und zwoelf Hengste. Zwoelf Stroeme entspringen aus dem Brunnen Hwergelmir in Niflheim. Und in den 'Zwoelften' ruht zur Wintersonnenwende die Sonne im Ur, im Ort der Sammlung und Besinnung."
Here Blachetta is referring to the significance of the number 12 and how the Himmelsrad is a sign of completion. He regards it as the goal, the destination, the aim of time. With the number 12 there is completion. The zodiac of course is divided into 12 houses. He refers to the primary 12 Aesir and their 12 halls and horses. The fountain Hvergelmir produces 12 rivers. Of course the winter solstice occurs in the 12th month and rests after the 12 nights of Yule when Woden's Wild Hunt rages through the heavens. Nowhere however does Blachetta refer to the SS or Aryan religious orders or societies. The danger of repeating a fiction is that with its very repetition it becomes a fact in the minds of the gullible and the lazy.


Joe Sevnson said...

Excellent insight as always, Kinsman. We have also ran into much of this kind of misleading. I am sure we have, ourselves, fell victim to a fabrication or two. It is vitally important that people like us dispel these tales which quickly grow wings. As you know, we are instruments recording a 'new song'. We must build for the Folk a sound vehicle which they can rely on to reach their destination. 88, my friend. Godspeed

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks Joe.

Jason Walter said...

Are these books by Wilhelm Landig published in English? What about Serrano? Would you recommend his books in connection to the truth? I have some of his PDF's and have not gotten around to reading them, mostly because I'm not sure about him.

Wotans Krieger said...

Landig's books have never been translated into English. They are also out of print in German but strangeley have recently been published in French! I recommend both Landig and Serrano.