Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why Short Hair is not a Germanic Characteristic.

First of all I wish to state that the intention of this article is not to cause offence amongst people whose opinions I respect but it is an issue that merits discussion.

Over recent years I have given some thought to the issue of hair and what it means to us as Aryan men and women. Although I have pondered writing on this subject for some time, recent comments by Shaman and Serpent Slayer on my article A Higher Spiritual Concept of the Aryan Race have prompted me to discuss this matter now.

As human beings we have over thousands of years evolved a mechanism of judging overs by appearance. This is a survival mechanism which is nearly as important these days as it was millenia ago. Certainly in the past those first few seconds of almost instinctive and gut reaction analysis of another person's motives meant the difference between life and death. So when we are told not to judge others by appearance we are asked to perform an almost impossible act, an act that comes as natural to us as breathing.

Since the 1980s those who follow a nationalist or right wing form of politics have had a tendency to shave their heads, adopting a variation of the Skinhead culture which has its origins in the late 1960s and reggae music.
Skinheads developed from the mid 1960s Mod youth culture and represent a fusion of Mod and Jamaican Rude Boy cultures. It is a matter of fact that many Skinheads in the late 1960s/early 1970s were negroes and some of these were ardent Black Nationalists. So it is a mistake to assume that a shaven or closely cropped hairstyle somehow represents or should represent a nationalist or racialist Weltanschauung: frequently it does not. In fact shaven heads and closely cropped hairstyles are to be found increasingly amongst negro, asian and mixed-race people so it is now time for us to reassess whether this is a look that we should associate ourselves with.

As folkish people we should consider ourselves as rebels against the New World Order and all that it represents. What we must avoid doing is conforming to a Hollywood stereotype which has been imposed upon us by our enemies. Short hair was something that was gradually imposed by the christian church upon our ancestors as long hair on men was considered to be a sign of barbarity and heathenism. Christian clerics were forbidden to grow their hair long and had to conform to what was originally a Roman stereotype.

Even after the forced conversion of our ancestors many kings and nobles still retained long hair and this is where we get the expression the long haired kings which is usually a reference to the Frankish Merovingian dynasty who retained their long hair even after it was no longer the norm. The ancients believed that sacral power resided in the hair so for a Frankish king to be tonsured like a monk was to effectively rob the king of his sacral and magical power as well as his royal authority.

In Germanic society long hair on men was the norm and the exception to this were the slaves. So I have to ask the question why would anyone who considers themselves to be folkish wish to adopt a hairstyle that has its origins in Rome and the christian church? I realise however that many people have not given this any thought until now but this has not stopped these very same people from pressurising others to conform to their unhistorical expectations.

By returning to the long hair of our prechristian ancestors we are making a statement against the post-christian society in which we find ourselves. It is an external gesture of course but the external is a representation of the internal. As Teutons we can differentiate ourselves from the alien hordes that surround us by our hair for hair colour and texture is an inherited racial characteristic so why shave off what our ancestors have bequeathed to us?

Serpent Slayer says it best:

"On the subject of skinheads, why shave off your hair?
As Aryans we are gifted with light soft hair in all shades, capable of growing it long, we can knot it, braid it, tie it all kinds of things. The whole skinhead thing was came from outlanders, instead would it not be better to adopt the Suebian knot, or the braided hair of the last true warriors of Odin?"
On the issue of female hairstyles I will possibly discuss this in a future article.


James said...

Very interesting article. Though it's thinner on top than I'd like, I'm gonna grow it out with your rational thoughts in mind. I've read that longer hair serves as sort of a sensual antenna for the wearer. Witness when your hair stands on end over some stimuli. My brothers hair goes half way down his back. Perhaps he has something there. I'd like to hear what you have to say about the ladies.

SerpentSlayer said...

You'll have me blushing comrade :)
Some will argue that we shouldn't appear as too outlandish, that we should blend in but still lead by example but I hold differing views.
In the decaying, barren world filled with ignorami we live in, every part of us should be a rebellion. Not just for rebellions sake but because everything we truly are and should be is considered barbaric and almost criminal.
The idea of hunting for your own food, wearing your hair long, using herbal medicine, enjoying violence, washing without chemicals, your words having value, believing in something etc.
By attempting to blend with the crowd we become less, Woden's champions always find their way to his service.

runebinder said...

good article mate (and I shave my hair!) There is evidence that some Viking tribes shaved the hair from the back of their heads. This 'fashion' continued into Norman practise. However - I think the concept of facial hair is certainly Aryan. We've often heard that the term Barbarian came from the Romans who claimed our language sounded to them like 'bar bar' - however the term Barber (someone who cuts hair) has its roots in the word Bearded. Barb means beard, and many of our folk heroes are named after that fact - Barbarossa for example - Red Beard. So the term Barbarian could in fact mean Bearded Aryan.

Anonymous said...

Its indeed interesting,but i've got a bald head myself. I don't think that the way of dressing or a way you look tells anything (and times changes everything anyway),still im a heathen,i follow the Asatru-path. So if i understand im a 'fake' or not 'true'enough cause i shave my head? And no i'm not even a skinhead. People have there way's of being themselve. Or is it that my beard is good enough. I think its just b.s. to say that real heathens etc have long hair and beards. In some ways it's just not possible....

Wotans Krieger said...

Menno, calm down! Getting emotional and using vulgarities is unAryan and will not be tolerated again on this blog!
The whole point of this article is to take a clear stance in that long hair was part of one of the characteristics of Germanic man before his enforced conversion by Rome.Modern disapproval of long hair on men is part of this forced conversion.Some people that are folkish mistakenly feel that they have to shave their heads to make a 'statement'.I am saying that not only is this unnecessary but it is undesireable.There are some people with shaved heads who are folkish kinsemen who I still respect.Why is it not possible to grow a beard?

Anonymous said...

Ow i'm calm and i just write in a different way. And un-aryan? Well all i can say to that.

And i understand what it's about,just giving my opinion. I dont think it has anything to to with disapproval,maybe back then,but not nowadays. It was maybe characteristics,but we don't know that for sure to begin with. Im sure that there where men without that long hair aswell. All we've know is from. I think modern historics made that stereotype,but for me,i dont believe in stereotyping at all. Bald was in those days not just for the one decrebied in the blog. And i don't mean any disrespect in this anwser neither the other. Sorry if my writing is a little bit direct etc...just my way. And didnt use vulgarities in anyway aswell. But thanks for the reply. I do like to read the blogs.

SerpentSlayer said...

I have relatively shirt hair and only a moustache, I wasn't remotely offended by the article. Means I'm not getting a hair cut for a year or so anyway.

Kristy Smith said...

I have long blonde hair light blue eyes rh negative pretty funny and I love the world war two look especially on the LEADER OR leaders. Very masculine in charge smart protective something we lack in America alot of us here crave want a strong leader.