Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ride the Tiger!

Some comments made recently on an American website have given me reason to reflect on the gulf that separates nationalists of all hues with those who who are seeking to lay the spiritual seeds of a folkish and spiritual renewal in the English-speaking world. One commentator in particular had this to say:

"I’ve used that excellent passage from Mein Kampf to debunk the esotericists and neo-pagans before. The “wandering scholars” he refers to were Thule-Gesellschaft type individuals, or as a contemporary example people such as “Wotans Krieger” who runs the Aryan-Myth-and-Metahistory blog. Wotans Krieger does an excellent job in documenting Aryan prehistory, but he is THE example of such a “wandering scholar” who hides behind ancient stone axes, keeps beard and long hair, raving about ancient Germanic lore and succumbs to passivity or “spiritual warfare” on par with Miguel Serrano’s best works of science fiction. I’m not saying I’m personally better than Wotans Krieger in any way and I’m sorry to put him out here, but I think he is the embodiment of the “wandering scholar”. " (Rein Falk, Daily Stormer)


" "Spiritual warfare" is the excuse of the coward to avoid the heat of reality. Recently on your blog you said:

"One only has to sit back and watch the numerous numbskulls and thugs who participate in street activism to see that many of these nationalists do not accord with the Aryan type that they espouse and idolise."

Which might be true, at least in Britain. But at least such "thugs" have enough manly qualities to get out there, face open in the real world, and potentially give up all their social comforts to be stigmatised and shunned from society, never mind the physical injuries such activism might lead to. I don't think you are in any position to judge at all, Wotans Krieger, because as you say, all you do is "sit back and watch". Do you think practising runic yoga while you await the mysterious and much awaited "Black Sun" to awaken our racial consciousness warrants you the name of a WARRIOR? No, Wotans Krieger, war is exclusive to physical reality. War, or struggle, is a law of Nature that requires bloodshed from the warring parties. There is no such thing as "spiritual warfare". "Do nothing and ride your tiger" if you want, but leave war for those capable and willing to wage it." (Rein Falk, Daily Stormer)

It truly beggars belief and I have no idea what sort of "war" this commentator has in mind but bearing in mind the fact that every word written on an American website in the "land of the free" is monitored by the NSA I would recommend that such people reign in their verbal machismo just a tad!

Nationalism, whether it be of the "ethno" or "civic" variety is doomed to fail without clear aims and goals. Marching in the street, screaming insults and exchanging blows with opponents as one has seen in recent years in England achieves nothing apart from a custodial sentence and checks placed upon one's liberty after release from prison. The forces that control the masses are too strong for us as individuals or even as a collective to counter. What we have to understand is that within these dark forces they contain the seed of their own destruction. This is the one great lesson of history. If we try to resist we are effectively"men against time". The Last Man Against Time failed in his mission because the time was not right. He was not the Last Avatar but the forerunner and the forerunner, the prophet always appears to fail in his mission and perish although there is a reason and a necessity for his appearance. This is why it essential that we WAIT. He who is to come will come but in HIS time, not ours. Thus we must prepare the way and this is done through education , not violence which ultimately achieves nothing.

Sadly those who lack a spiritual foundation have no real Weltanschauung. They are driven by negative forces: hatred and anger which will onsume and destroy them and not their opponents. Such people feel instinctively that something is wrong with the world but seek answers and solutions that are materialist in nature. There is no grand vision and yet they feel that they must DO something! 

"When a cycle of civilization is reaching its end, it is difficult to achieve anything by resisting it and by directly opposing the forces in motion. The current is too strong; one would be overwhelmed. The essential thing is not to let oneself be impressed by the omnipotence and apparent triumph of the forces of the epoch. These forces, devoid of connection with any higher principle, are in fact on a short chain. One should not become fixated on the present and on things at hand, but keep in view the conditions that may come about in the future. Thus the principle to follow could be that of letting the forces and processes of this epoch take their own course, while keeping oneself firm and ready to intervene when 'the tiger, which cannot leap on the person riding it, is tired of running,' The Christian injunction 'Resist not evil' may have a similar meaning, if taken in a very particular way. One abandons direct action and retreats to a more internal position." (Ride the Tiger. A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul, Julius Evola)


James said...

There was a time, when I was younger and more impulsive, less chiseled and informed on the ways of the world, when I could have agreed totally with the opinions here to "do something". It is easy, especially when one lacks true understanding and maturity, to lash out at what opposes you. It is an outlet. It is also a drain. It wastes precious energy fighting a force who has all the momentum moving it's way. Like fighting a rising tide, it only washes away all in it's path. I agree, we must wait. The time is not right, as the pendulum has not yet swung back in our direction. Wait. Watch. Learn. Prepare. It may be, that many, maybe none of us alive today, will see the return of "our" time. Such is the way of the world. Yet we never have to accept defeat or to join in the madness. We must live apart. We must embrace the only area that truly belongs to us at this time, the spiritual. While we keep our own personal physical lives on point. The one area that cannot be taken from us is the spiritual. Within it, dwells true strength, not weakness. We must preserve what is the essence of who we are, what has been passed down to us in legend and in blood. So that when our time finally arrives, there will be a seed with which to sprout. We must preserve that seed within us and pass it along to others of understanding.
I grow more and more of the opinion that most of the violent and "mouthy" movements out there, are nothing more than false flag operations or misguided efforts, stirred up or financed by our opponents. While many, if not most of those involved may have good intentions, they lack the sense of purpose to steer their ambitions towards any lasting good. Mainly they just stir up fear in the masses and pad the donation boxes of those who hate us. They are not masters of themselves. In the past century, with even whole countries fighting against the tide, what has changed? Nothing of substance. The time has not been right. The tiger still runs. We don't need to stir up violence for change in the masses. When the tiger has run itself out, the masses will turn on our nemesis as a matter of course. When it does, there had better be those who know who we were, are and can be......or all is for not.
Keep this site strong and going. There is a sense of power here that goes beyond fists and bullets....and above all....continue to ride the tiger.

Steed EOW said...

"The one area that cannot be taken from us is the spiritual. Within it, dwells true strength, not weakness." - James

I couldnt agree more strongly. We are enslaved by the agents of materialism, whilst during the Christian era there was an attempt by a false agent of spirituality to enslave/deter us (which has failed). In the spiritual worldview lies truth, justice and honour, and it is a realm we are all potentially destined for.

There was an excellent article by Niflson not so long ago - Transcending Materialism. The crux of it is that the continuation of one's kind is only of genuine interest when one has some kind of transcendental view of existence (whether conscious or subconscious). Religious men have always been the most prepared to fight and sacrifice (with honourable exceptions).

And for us religious lot, there is a spiritual struggle which is of more importance than this Earthly one. It has ramifications beyond that which we can currently comprehend. Life here in Midgard is a vital part of that growth, and so the 'war' here is important too - but only if it contributes to the metaphysical aspect of growth and struggle. That is where timing comes into it.

Besides, 'waiting' does not mean doing nothing. The improvement of our people whilst civilisation crumbles is vital for two reasons: 1) To make sure that those who inherit a free world are physically, mentally and spiritually worthy of it (which I don't think we currently are) and 2) So that there exist a people who have had folkish wisdoms (both practical and philosophical) passed down to them. So ours is a time of education - the reckoning will come in its own time. We are not delaying it, we are preparing for it.

I can agree to disagree with non-spiritual traditionalists, because the truth is: spiritual people and atheist people will never be able to comprehend each other's worldview. There is no point in trying to reconcile the two.

Steed EOW said...

Funnily enough, I've just been chatting to my Dad about Capitalism vs Socialism. He brought up the valid question of: "How can people be motivated by receiving a roughly equal share of the wealth? Most people are ambitious." I responded that true Socialism can probably only work in religious socities, where people's ambition is spiritual rather than material.

SerpentSlayer said...

I am perhaps a little beyond myself in commenting on this but this idea that momentum is still with the enemy. Is this because of material factors? Control of the presses, military etc. And our lack of means to regain control?
Can we not aid our allfather in the undoing of their thread that appears increasingly evident in the past year or so?
I imagine it is beyond a young man such as myself but we must have men and women still capable of manipulating the web?

Wotans Krieger said...

Steed, I believe you are right. Socialism could work in a society which has a spiritual foundation. I believe we saw an element of that in the Third Reich, albeit imperfectly.Capitalism is doomed to fail and the greed that runs behind it.I have always been in favour of a utopian society where people contribute their talents and skills to help others-all in different ways for the collective good and land should be for the use of the people as a whole not bought and sold like a commodity.We can function perfectly well without money.Perhaps I have been influenced too much by my late brother who was of the '68 generation.I matured in the tail end of that era in the mid 70s.The past seemed in many ways better-that is the curse of getting older!

Wotans Krieger said...

SerpentSlayer,I believe that as a collective-pooling our talents and resources we can achieve the seeming impossible.Let us not forget what half a dozen men achieved in the early 1920s in Bavaria!There is much that we can do using the Internet,the modern weapon of chice as a propaganda tool-the "keyboard is mightier than the sword"!

Wotans Krieger said...

James,wise words, I agree with you.I have seen the tiger over the last few years start to slow down.People power, a useful tool in our arsenal can now achieve what bullets and the ballot box have failed to.I have not given up hope but we must wait, watch, learn and educate both ourselves and others.

Jason Walter said...

Thank you for posting this, I couldn't agree more. I have been uninvolved with those types (Nationalist) for quite a few years now. Once in awhile I catch myself romanticizing about facing the enemy in the near future, in the streets, surrounded by my kinsmen. But I know that is irrational. Most of these "WN" are Christians and I have caught them many times talking about killing people like me (Pagan). They see us as part of the grand problem. Only in Russia, with the Orthodox movement lead by Alexander Dugin, do I see any possibility of reconciliation. I wish them and Novorossiya all the best. Anyway, thank you for the great blog.

- Victory Hail

Erin Gene Branham said...

Before there is something to do there is something to know. Knowing and not doing leads to regret, but doing doing without knowing results in much the same.