Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Hitler, the Reborn Sigurd?

In the appendix to the Asatru Edda the Norroena Society include a text  titled Hugrunar which has an uncertain origin and its antiquity is in doubt but never the less it has been included for interest. In section 56 of this work there is a very curious reference to a reborn Sigurd:

"Runar shall you speak man to man and woman to woman, shall whisper true to grandson brave. Turn to the heath and know it, for beyond this time, Sigurd shall rebirth to us, yet many his dragons and fierce then, say the gydja. Slay he or be slain, the sons of his warriors shall set to the shaven wood again our way. Until then speak it to moon, to heath, to hidden men in places remote. Speak to star and perfect every word where naught hear but whose mind blend with mind. In this time shall speak it oft and truly that in far time it be little changed before it come to birch again."

It is my opinion that this reborn Sigurd was none other than Adolf Hitler. Like Sigurd he was stabbed in the back but faithfully fulfilled his mission as the Norns decreed. He had many dragons, many enemies who sought to slay him and his Volk. Indeed German war time propaganda did use the image of the slaying of the dragon as symbolic of National Socialism's war of attrition against bolshevism. He knew he had to slay for failure to do so would have resulted in the destruction of the Aryo-Germanic peoples.

Likewise Thunor at Ragnarok will go forth to slay the serpent at the end time although He Himself will be slain by its venom. Neverthless He will continue to live through His sons Magni and Modi.

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