Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Higher Spiritual Concept of the Aryan Race

The problem with nationalism, even ethnic nationalism is that it accords a certain equality between those who are regarded as members of the ethnicity or folk nation. This is a faulty position. Nature does not recognise any such concept as equality. Just as certain races or peoples are naturally dominant and in many ways superior to others so this idea of hierarchy must be extended to individual members of an enthnicity or a folk nation.

Nationalism allows individuals of disparate and dubious quality to enter and move within its ranks. One only has to sit back and watch the numerous numbskulls and thugs who participate in street activism to see that many of these nationalists do not accord with the Aryan type that they espouse and idolise. In comparison to mainland Europe the majority of nationalists have no clear idea of what they are for, only a vague idea of what they are against. Levels of argument both verbal and written are shockingly poor and this enables their enemies to deride them for their lack of education and literacy.

English nationalism only ever seems to enjoy a boost when the indigenous masses feel unempowered and disenfranchised. In recent years with the onset of economic recession and ever increasing levels of migration nationalist groups have enjoyed an upsurge of interest but this interest and support is rather unstable as the masses tend to be rather fickle. One only has to reflect on the reversal of furtunes of the BNP to see that this is true. This is the problem with democracy and mass movements generally: They have a feminine quality to them.

History is not made by mass movements but by individuals of a certain quality. One only has to look at the NSDAP and how the National Socialist movement crumbled in Germany with the announcement of the death of Adolf Hitler. Very few held to the ideals of National Socialism because the majority were fellow travellers who clung to the coat tails of more powerful and better men. All too often nationalists seek validation for their own inferiority by trying to be part of something bigger, something greater than the individual which they can lose themselves within. This is the essence of a mass movement. One sees something similar to today in militant islamism.

Race is the material from which greatness may be moulded but it should not be seen as an end in itself for this is gross materialism. Race is not only a matter of biology but of spirituality for each race has its spirit and each spirit has its race. This is the essence of the Volksgeist. If the race dies then the spirit no longer has a vehicle, an efficient vehicle for its expression in the world of matter. If the racial spirit no longer inhabits a race then the race dies. the two are mutually inclusive. This is why a healthy folk must remain loyal to its spiritual roots, to its Gods. When the Aryan peoples adopted the semitic and alien religion of xtianity something died within them. In returning to our Gods we are attempting to revive that which is dying.

The vast majority of Europeans today are little more than cardboard cut outs of real human beings. Physically, mentally and spiritually out of shape I struggle to refer to these people as Aryans. They lack by and large an Aryan spirit for the Aryan spirit is dying within the European peoples. Most of these people appear to be oblivious to what is happening around them, concerned only about the latest technological gadgets, TV soaps, the next alcoholic beverage or foreign holiday. They have no understanding of who or what they are. When they die their essence will become a temporary shade, earthbound for a while before it dissolves and in time they will be utterly forgotten.

Out of Nordic man must emerge the Sonnenmensch, the √úbermensch. This is the Task of the Ages. The enemy of the Sonnenmenschen attempt to do everything in their power to prevent this from becoming a reality so it is the responsibility of those who are awakened, who are not spiritually dead or stillborn to struggle through incarnation after incarnation to achieve the next phase in humanity: to overcome the human: man must overcome himself and become God!

"As they are frequently understood today, Nordic thought, Aryanism, the imperial idea, and the concept of a super-race are burdened with an interpretation entirely foreign to the great free breath of the corresponding primordial traditions. According to the Aryan primordial conception, the Reich is a metaphysical solar reality. The Nordic heritage is not semi-naturalistic, only conceivable on a blood-and-soil basis, but rather constitutes a cultural category, an original transcendent form of the spirit, of which the Nordic type, the Aryan race, and the general Indo-Germanic moral being are only outward manifestations. The concept of race itself, according to its higher traditional significance, cannot have anything in common with the rational idols of modern biology and profane science. Above all, race is a basic attitude, a spiritual power, something primal and creative, whose outer, tangible forms are only a last echo....(from the Introduction, Julius Evola's Political Endeavours in  Men Among the Ruins)


Steed EOW said...

Well said WK! It seems to me that the worst aspects of Nationalism are found in America (notable American exceptions aside), where blood purity seems to be viewed as the first and final goal. (Realistic and relative) Blood purity is only the first goal and that which opens the gates to a more meaningful greatness for man - both in this life and beyond.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks Steed. I hope to see you soon back blogging.

Steed EOW said...

Thanks WK. I have plenty of ideas to write about - it's just a case of deciding where that effort is best placed. I'm currently in two minds.

Shaman said...

Not all skinheads are numbskulls and thugs either, most the ones I know, including myself, are typical working class men.

Wotans Krieger said...

Did I refer to "skinheads" in my article?
Please read carefully in future before venturing to comment!
Whilst we are on the subject what exactly is a "typical working class man" and why would you wish to be one?

SerpentSlayer said...

On the subject of skinheads, why shave off your hair?
As Aryans we are gifted with light soft hair in all shades, capable of growing it long, we can knot it, braid it, tie it all kinds of things. The whole skinhead thing was came from outlanders, instead would it not be better to adopt the Suebian knot, or the braided hair of the last true warriors of Odin?

Wotans Krieger said...

Serpent Slayer, I totally agree with you. In fact this whole issue of hair has not so much troubled me but I have given some thought to it over recent years and Shaman's comment has inspired mt to write a short article about ths subject.So once again coincidence or synchronicity?

Steed EOW said...

Furthermore it is likely our Heathen ancestors viewed longish hair as an outward expression of life-force. The English wore longish hair until the arrival of the Normans when short hair became popularised. I don't see that as a coincidence, because even though we'd already been Christianised I suspect the more divine/Pagan aspects of Christianity were driven out with the incoming tyranny of the Normans.

And didn't the Frankish Merovingians wear particularly long hair as a symbol of their (albeit self-proclaimed) divinity?

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks for the comment Steed. Coincidentally (or synchronistically?)I have just posted a short article on this very same subject.

SerpentSlayer said...

I'm not sure coincidence exists myself, everything always has a purpose behind it and a purpose ahead.

Anonymous said...

This article is liberal-commie nonsense. It could be dismantled from any number of angles, but a choice of one is all that is necessary. To validate the thesis of the article, genes must be discounted. If genes are discounted, then there is no basis for the aryan qualification nor the blog title. Second, if you discount genes, then you are fundamentally ideologically equivalent with internationalist ideologies like Marxism or libertarianism, neither which have anything to do with tribal nationalism. This article is Ayn Rand dressed up in aryanism. The politics of the individual are what brought us here, not what will take us back. Last, a critique of the representatives of NatSoc isn't valid after their empire is eradicated with a force unlike which the world has ever seen. Remember National Socialist Germany? It takes a special type of knucklehead to ignore its form to focus on whatever sympathetic remnants can show themselves without fear of persecution.

Wotans Krieger said...

I deduce from your vulgar opening remarks that you are one of my many American readers?
If I was inspired by "liberal-commie nonsense" as you infer then I would have not published your comment. However I do not believe in any form of censorship beyond Aryan self restraint. I am also surprised why an American should seek to refer to themselves as "anonymous" unless that is your unconscious preference-to lose one's self in the 'herd'?
I think it would be advisable for you to re-read my article for it is NOT a criticism of the concept and reality of race or Aryanism but a comment on the inferior quality of those who seek to elevate themselves via the efforts of others in the past who they may share a vague biological link with.
As I have previously pointed out the modern western (and invariably American and often English) 'nationalists' lack the very qualities espoused by National Socialism and a great many of them would have ended up in a concentration camp because for some reason the 'movement' (I use the term in its loosest sense!) seems to attract the very dregs of our race. Often these people seek some sort of validation by losing themselves in a 'movement'. One only has to visit the Daily Stormer forum (a den of misfits) to see the veracity of my remarks.
Race is the building block, indeed the foundation stone but it is not the beginning and end of all things for man must overcome himself and his physical limitations. The lesson of National Socialism is that it was founded on a spiritual base in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Without a spiritual foundation the false and meaningless concept and 'movement' of 'white' nationalism is doomed to fail.