Sunday, May 04, 2014

Woden's Folk-Passing Away to New Arising

 An Important Message from the Saxon Heathen Website

Welcome back to the Saxon Heathen site which has replaced the now defunct site due to major changes in the structure of Woden's Folk. Due to a series of problems over the past couple of years it has been decided to break free of all of the connections to anything except the Folk-Religion of Wodenism and the Folkish Movement here in England. Our stance was always one of creating a new Folkish Religion for the English Folk, but as the years went by we became more and more linked to the narrow-minded forms of 'civic nationalism' that dominates the scene here in England. Our stance is that we need a Europe of the Nations of which the English Nation should form a part - a new European Imperium. Before this can happen we need a Spiritual Revolution and the revival of an Irminist Religion for the Saxon Nation.

We have now put the problems that we have experienced into the past, since this struggle is far too important than to dwell upon petty issues that divide us. It is through the strength of the Will that we must overcome every obstacle that stands in our path to the Final Victory of the Forces of Light and Order. The strength of the Wolf is the Pack - the strength of the Pack is the Wolf.

Woden's Folk is now just the publishing outlet for the Sword of Wayland and the Spear of Woden magazines which will be sent out to our subscribers. These subscribers will be given the choice of whether they wish to continue to get the magazines, and this will be done with the June issue of the Spear of Woden.
WF will no longer be an active movement but most of our old hearths will continue to be active in their own areas as independent units, working as they see fit to do so. We shall not hold any national folk-moots as such since this will no longer be part of our agenda. What the future holds we cannot tell, but there will be a need for Wodenist Gatherings at some future time to bring together the Woden Folk-Religion as it progresses.
The work of the Inner Order will continue since this is a vital part of any form of Mystery Religion. The structure of this level will, of course, not be divulged since this is how any Mystery Religion works.
In effect this has disbanded the active side of Woden's Folk in one sense, but we have a very dedicated number of individuals working in groups which will continue as independent units - guided by WF as the Spiritual Centre.
The problems that we had go back some time but it is only over the last month that they have come to a head. The moves that were made have been done in order to weave our own Wyrd into the future Web of Wyrd -
Easter Sunday (April 20th 2014) - This is the 'Day of Resurrection' or the 'Day of Rebirth' and on this day it was decided to recreate Woden's Folk in a brand new form that would take us into the future. This was a form of 'Death-to-Rebirth' into a new form of Religious Order that would break free of all of the shackles of arguments and in-fighting that have plagued the 'English' scene for ages now, and which entered our movement and created so many problems. There are too many loyal and trusted Wodenists involved in this to let all the hard work done over 16 years go to waste.
Dragon-Slayer Day (Woden's Day April 23rd 2014) - This is the National Day of the English Folk and was marked with the seeds of rebirth into a new form of movement that was to herald the coming of the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden on Earth. This figure is the 'Dragon-Slayer' whom we have paved the way for since our formation in 1998. We shall never shirk our duty to our Folk to fulfil the Woden Destiny.
Walpurgis Night (Woden's Day April 30th 2014) - This marks the time when this site goes up again and also the 'Night of the Long Knives' when the Saxon Chieftain - Hengest - destroyed the leaders of the Wealhs ('foreigners') in order to take back the Land of Albion for Germania and the rule of the Arya once more. On May Eve the sound of the fighting of the Island Dragons was heard as a scream across the land - we renew the age-old struggle by the White Dragon against the Red Dragon. Walpurgis Night sees the proof that the Woden Folk-Religion still lives and that our work continues into the future, though in a different form and structure.

Wotans Krieger's comment: For something to be reborn and to be transformed it must first die. However nothing that 'dies' ceases to exist. Energy, which is the basis of life-dynamics, cannot perish, only change form; in other words to transform. A few years ago the Rune Gild went through a similiar transformation. It was within the gift of the Irmnin Drighten Edred Thorsson to bring this about with the Gild just as it was in the gift of the Folk Warder, Wulf Ingessunu to do likewise with Woden's Folk. This is how the spirit of Woden works, through constant and necessary change, like a storm. This is entirely within the teachings of the Master Guido von List: ARISING-BECOMING-PASSING AWAY-NEW ARISING. I believe that the Cult of Woden has now outwardly entered this fourth and exciting phase. May the inward transformation occur also!

Hail Woden! Hail the reborn Germanic English Folk! 

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