Sunday, May 18, 2014

Woden Continues to Move in the Blood Memory of His Folk

Woden is calling out of the world those who have been chosen by Him. He is speaking through the blood. Those who respond hear the call of the blood. This is what we esoterically call the Blood Memory. In more scientific terms, this is the Racial Collective Unconscious which was rediscovered by the Swiss-German founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung. Many of us involved in modern Wodenism make use of his concepts for they have a certain validity for our work.

Indeed Edred Thorsson in his groundbreaking work, Runelore. A Handbook of Esoteric Runology (1987) borrows heavily from Jungian psychological concepts and brings new depth to the study of the Runes. I personally believe that Thorsson (aka Dr Stephen Edred Flowers) is one of those key individuals that have been possessed by the Woden archetype in the 20th-21st centuries.

Jung rescued psychology from the dead materialistic hand of the Austrian Jew, Sigmund Freud who materialised and sexualised matters which should be spiritual. Jung was without doubt important in also revealing to the world that Wotan is not in fact dead but was lying dormant in the Racial Collective Unconscious, the Blood Memory of the German and by extension the Germanic peoples, waiting to manifest Himself when the necessary psychological or spiritual conditions were right. He did so dramatically during the 12 nights of Yule from 1933 to 1945. It would be a mistake, a grave mistake at that if our enemies presume that the archetype died with the German Reich. He is still working His will today but more quietly-and in secret orders.

From the early 1970s onwards we have seen the revival of our Germanic heathen religion all over the Germanic speaking world, most particularly in England, Iceland and the USA. Here in England the most prominent groups being Woden's Folk, the Odinic Rite and the Odinist Fellowship although numerous smaller and independent groups may be found. This whole subject of Germanic heathen revival is worthy of an in depth study for its history needs to be properly recorded.

Richard Noll in his The Jung Cult. Origins of a Charismatic Movement (1996) and The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung (1997) makes the case for a Jung who was steeped in folkish mysticism. One of Miguel Serrano's most interesting and more mainstream work, C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse. A Record of Two Friendships (1966) develops the Wotan archetype concept further and is an excellent introduction to his more esoteric works. This is the only book of his that is still printed today by mainstream publishers.

Those of us who have sworn sacred  oaths on the folk sword must always heed the wording of these oaths for they were heard in the presence of the Gods. An oath solemnly sworn can never be revoked and the Gods always hold oath breakers to account. To them will be denied the hallowed halls of Walhalla. Oath breakers were referred to by our people as Nithings:

"The niding is he who rightly should bear the name of dead, for he is the exact opposite of the living human being. In his life, the human hamingja turns its wrong side out. His weapons have no bite. His ship can never find a wind. The current of power that gave success to the tilling of the soil stops: his fields burn dry, his cattle drop dead." (The Culture of the Teutons Volumes 1 & 2,  Vilhelm Gronbech)

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