Monday, May 05, 2014

Mount Ararat and its Aryan Etymology

Michael A. Cahill in his Paradise Rediscovered Volume 2 (2012) makes the interesting link between Mount Ararat, the fabled resting place of the biblical Noah's Ark and an Aryan etymology. This is something which I have also independently discovered.

Mr Cahill draws attention to the Proto-Indo-European root of 'rat' which is *roto/*ret, meaning wheel. I have confirmed this etymology myself from J.P. Mallory and D.Q. Adam's The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World (2006).

I am reminded of the Germanic Raitho Rune which has the connotation of riding via a wheeled vehicle. The Aryans were the first peoples in recorded history to use wheeled vehicles such as the cart for domestic use and the chariot for warfare. I believe this to be an Aryan invention and one that may be attributed to the observation of the Milky Way as a revolving Swastika in the northern skies above the Aryans' original Arctic home ( See Bal Gangadhar Tilak's Arctic Home in the Vedas, 1903).

Alternatively the idea could have occured to them by observing the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. In Aryan mythologies the sun is personified as either a God (southern Europe) or a Goddess (northern Europe) who is transported across the sky in a wheeled chariot. In Runology there is a clear conceptual link between the Raitho (riding/chariot) Rune and the Sowilo Rune (sun).

Mr Cahill interprets therefore Ararat to mean "Aryan wheel" which he speculates may be a reference to a circular observatory on Mount Ararat which is the highest peak in the Armenian Highlands. Genesis 8:4 refers to the ark coming to rest on Ararat, which he conjectures was the "Aryan wheel/circular observatory of the Aryan gods". The Aryans were of course keen observers of the heavens and it is perfectly plausible for an observatory to be built upon a high mountain as this makes observation of the heavens much easier. Also the Aryans worshipped their sky Gods from such high peaks.

I am reminded of the Irish Goddess Arianrhod. One etymology of her name is 'Aryan wheel'. The circle itself is a symbol of eternity and divinity. She is linked to the silvery moon. We are reminded also of the Germanic Goddess Frigga and her spinning wheel. Frigga's Spinning Wheel or Distaff is the northern term for the constellation of Orion's Girdle.


Andre Diar said...

You're not alone in your theory. Ararat is the home of the Ar-men-ians.

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