Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Prophecy of the Awakening of the Germanic Gods and Germanic Folk

It is very rare for me to quote the words of a nno-Aryan, particularly the words of a jew on my blogs but the following quotation from Heinrich Heine's On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany are worth reading for they predict not only the re-emergence of our old Gods but the arrival of the German Avatar Adolf Hitler. One must bear in mind that these words were published as early as 1835 during the height of the so-called Romantic movement in Germany. At this time Richard Wagner would have been 22 years of age and had completed his first music drama, Die Feen (The Fairies) and was in the process of completing his Das Liebesverbot (The Ban on Love). Therefore Wagner was still unknown at this time but would have been affected by the current of nostalgia that was sweeping through the German lands. This was the era of the Zollverein, the German Customs Union which incidentally excluded Austria. This was organisation helped pave the way for the Second Reich in 1871.

"(he will).....be terrible because he will appear in alliance with the primitive powers of nature, able to evoke the demonic energies of old German Pantheism-which there will awake in him that Battle-madness which we find among the ancient Teutonic races who fought neither to kill nor conquer, but for the very love of fighting itself.
".......then will come crashing and roaring forth the wild madness of the old champions, the insane berserker rage, of which Northern poets say and sing....The old stone gods will rise from long forgotten ruin, and rub the dust of a thousand years from their eyes, and Thor, leaping to life, with his giant hammer, will smash the Gothic cathedrals.
"German thunder is indeed German, and not in a hurry, and it comes rolling slowly onward; but it will, and when ye hear the crash as naught crashed before in the whole history of the world, then know that der Deutsche Donner, our German Thunder, has at last hit the mark....There will be played in Germany a drama compared to which the French Revolution will only be an innocent child.
"But once blood again begins coursing in the veins of the German people, once they again feel their heart beating, no longer will they listen to the pious chatter of the Bavarian hypocrites, or to the mystic murmours of the Swabian imbeciles; their ear will only hear the great voice of one man.
"Who is this man? He is the man whom the German people awaits, the man who will turn to them their lives and their happiness-the happiness and the life they have so longed for in their dreams. How much longer will you wait-you whom our old people have prophesied with burning desire-you for whom youth waits with so much impatience-you who carry the divine sceptre of liberty, and the imperial crown with the cross."

This prophecy was published 99 years before the beginning of the Third Reich. Sometimes what one awaits and expects does not happen during a single life span but happen it will. We await the Final Avatar of the Germanic peoples to appear and this time He will succeed. The final paragraph of the prophecy refers to "the divine sceptre of liberty, and the imperial crown with the cross." This is a reference to the possession of the imperial insignia of the First Reich will lasted almost 1000 years. The insignia includes the spear known as the 'Spear of Longinus' which we relate to the spear owned by Parsifal and the Gungnir of Woden.

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