Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Nordic Characteristics of the Higher Aryan Castes

On my Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blog I have penned a number of articles discussing the Germanic caste system and in particular the Rigsthula of the Elder Poetic Edda which makes it clear that the lowest caste, the caste of the Thralls have significantly different racial characteristics from the castes of Jarls and Karls.
This has led me to the natural conclusion that in the foundation myths of the Germanic peoples a non-Germanic and indeed a non-Nordic element was subjugated by the incoming Germanic peoples. The lowest caste is simply a very different race and there can be no fudging of this issue. However Tacitus in his Germania makes it abundantly clear that the Germanic peoples at that time (late first century CE) were racially homogenous. Quite possibly the Rigsthula is relating mythically the results of later conquests and colonisations which occured during the Voelkerwanderungenzeit.

"The evidence so obtained consistently indicates that the Indo-European people, or at least its upper class, was of the Nordic race." (The Indo-Europeans, Professor Jean Haudry)
" At the same time the fact that the first Aryans were Nordics was not without importance. The physical qualities of that stock did enable them by the bare fact of superior strength to conquer even more advanced peoples and so to impose their language on areas from which their bodily type has almost completely vanished. That is the truth underlying the panegyrics of the Germanists: the Nordics' superiority in physique fitted them to be the vehicles of a superior language." (The Aryans. A Study of Indo-European Origins, V. Gordon Childe)
"The original speakers of Indo-European must have been Nordic. The archaeological evidence will not support the thesis that the Indo-European language stock had its origin in Northern Europe, although the dominant physical type there can be identified with that of early speakers of Indo-European. This leaves the Corded Ware culture of Upper Saxony and Thuringia to be associated with the original Indo-Europeans.
 "The original population of the Italian Peninsula was mainly of the Mediterranean type, but the dominant type among the Italici was Nordic. Both Sieglin and Guenther have collected a vast amount of material from Roman sources, from literary and historical records, from Roman statuary and from personal names, showing clearly that the type of the ruling classes of the ancient Romans was Nordic. A great many well-known persons are described as blond. Blond hair was ascribed to the deities such as Amor, Apollo, Aurora, Bacchus, Ceres, Diana, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Minerva and Venus. Two hundred and fifty persons are known who bore the name of Flavius (blond) and there are many with names such as Rufus (red) and Rutilius (reddish).
 "There can be no doubt that those who introduced an Indo-European language were basically of the Nordic type. Most of the gods and heroes of the Illiad and the Odyssey were blond; Athena was blue-eyed, Aphrodite was described as having golden-hair, Helen had silken blond hair, light-coloured eyes, a dazzling white skin. The Greek word iris meaning rainbow was used to describe the human eye. It would be very strange indeed if a dark-eyed people had made such a comparison.
"Many plastic representations from Roman sources have survived and these show quite clearly that the dominant Celtic characteristics were of the Nordic kind, even when allowance is made for idealization on the part of the artist.
"Skulls of Nordic type have been found in the burials of the royal families of the Hari and of the Mitanni. Indo-European names of rulers are common. This is also true of the Hittites." (The Germanic People. Their Origin, Expansion & Culture, Francis Owen)
We must be honest and acknowledge that practically no European people has ever been racially homogenous but unlike today we did not then face an invasion of the most alien and diverse races into our sacred European soil. To our lasting shame this invasion has been totally without any kind of resistance. Our ancestral spirits must be shaking their heads in shame and disgust by our inactivity and lack of resistance.

It is only in the two higher castes that we can detect a Nordic racial make up. Of course the caste system no longer exists. A long time ago it was replaced by a materialistic class system which was based solely on economics and which had the inevitable result of creating social discord and resentment in our societies, rather than the harmony which was once enjoyed.

I am sure that it was not only the Germanic peoples which had a lower caste comprised in the main of non-Nordic individuals. These were after all the serfs and slaves that carried out the hard labour for the priestly and warrior castes and it is right that they did so. The socio-economic class system is no longer caste based but inevitably those who have inferior genetic qualities will never rise to the top of such a system but it is a system which is entirely materialistic and anti-spiritual, tied up inextricably with the system of global capitalism which is poisoning the earth and its peoples today. It will be eradicated along with its vile anti-values which promote greed, excess and exploitation of peoples and natural resources. 

Modern archaeology no longer likes to make use of the science of racial anthropology but that does not mean that anthropology has ceased to exist-on the contrary it is surviving and has received new impetus with the relatively new science of genetics and DNA.

Racial characteristics are not merely external: they are internal too. Our DNA determines our physical, mental and spiritual characteristics and all three must be balanced and in harmony with each other. We cannot afford to neglect any of these three components. Any future application of racial genetics in our societies must concentrate on the improvement of all three aspects and the eradication of any weakness, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. As Steed of the Eye of Woden blog has wisely argued, it is better that only 1% of our race survives and be racially elite than our numbers increase. Too many times White Nationalists and others rant on about birth rates and numbers, failing to understand that it is about quality, not quantity. To think in terms of only or primarily quantity is a sign of a materialist mindset and a narrow vision.

The events that are unfolding on our planet will cause a great culling of mankind, including our own race. Rather than fear this event we should welcome it. Man, lower man, is a parasite and like other parasites it must be culled to a sustainable number that will not cause further damage to the earth which is a living and sacred organism. Mother Earth is taking revenge upon mankind right now and nothing can or will assuage Her anger: it is too late! The Eddas reveal to us that a minority and a special one at that will survive to replenish the earth but will live in harmony with it and the Gods. The monotheistic Semitic anti-god will be dead and will live no more.

More can be said and will be said about the caste system in coming days on this and my other blogs.


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