Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Dead Ride Fast: The Aryan Concept of Astral Travel

Many years ago whilst reading Bram Stoker`s Dracula (1897) I encountered for the first time the phrase Denn die Todten reiten schnell which is translated to mean `for the dead travel fast` and is traceable to an earlier work by Gottfried August B├╝rger called Lenore (1773).

"In the carriage, Harker notes:
As he spoke he smiled,and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory. One of my companions whispered to another the line from Burger's "Lenore".

    "Denn die Todten reiten Schnell."
    ("For the dead travel fast.")"

“Sieh hin, sieh her! der Mond-scheint hell.
Wir und die Todten reiten schnell.” (Lenore)

This concept is familiar to those of who have experienced what is commonly known as astral travel, when the spirit is temporarily loosened from the physical body and one is capable of travelling anywhere at or beyond the speed of light. It is conjectured by some that if we exceed the speed of light then we can experience time travel. I believe that this is perfectly possible and unlike the world of Science Fiction it does not require a special device. The secret is to be found within. For some this is an art which must be mastered and to others it is a gift. By the click of an internal switch one may experience an altered state of reality. This is something which I practiced as a child and as a young man but  which I am no longer comfortable doing for there is always the lingering doubt that one may not be able to return from this altered state.

During astral travel or projection one experiences no limitations. All things feel as if they are possible. One is able to travel so quickly that one feels composed of light itself and this should not surprise us. The human body and indeed all forms of life are expressions of energy at different vibrational levels. Science tells us that energy can not be destroyed-only transformed, and this is what death is all about-a change of vibrational frequency when one being freed from a dense physical  body which operates at a lower frequency level to becoming a being of light. Essentially our Gods are advanced beings of light who operate on the highest frequency levels. As such they are able to move freely throughout time and space.

The Wild Hunt is one expression of this idea and is to be found not only amongst the Germanic peoples but also among other closely related Aryan peoples.

"....the Wild Hunt is a band of the dead whose passage over the earth at certain times of the year is accompanied by diverse phenomena. Beyond these elements, all else varies: the makeup of the troop; the appearance of its members; the presence or absence of animals; noise or silence; the existence of a male or female leader who, depending on the country and the region, bears different names-the devil, Wode, Mother Hulda, Dame Holla, Percht, Hannequin, and more." (Phantom Armies of the Night. The Wild Hunt and the Ghostly Processions of the Undead by Claude Lecouteux, 1999)

Mr Lecouteux stresses that "the Wild Hunt undoubtedly had an Indo-European origin, beacause in ancient India we find a troop that was apparently akin to it." He is of course referring to Indra and His Maruts.
Indra may be likened to the Proto-Germanic *Thunaraz.  Not only was Woden associated with the Wild Hunt but also the German Thunder God Donar.

The Rig Veda likens the human body to a charriot whilst the eternal Self (the I) is the lord of the chariot (the Me). The lord of course may unlink himself from the chariot is he so wishes.


Steed EOW said...

Very interesting. I often find that Wodenist practice neglects the purely spiritual aspects in favour of materialist ceremony. I'm always happy to see knowledge come to light about the more unseen practices, such as this.

Wotans Krieger said...

It has been many years since I last attended a WF Folk Moot, mainly due to the distance and family responsibilities. I still faithfully carry out our Wheel of the Year rites but I agree with you that we need to go beyond this. I suppose this is a matter for individual hearths, gemoots and lone wolves to sort out. As I travel further along Woden`s path I feel an ever greater need to be closer to the Gods. One way I do this is to follow the curriculum of the Rune Gild-the Nine Doors of Midgard. Even after 4 years I am only just at the end of the 4th door but it helps to deepen one`s religious experience.