Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Current World Age and Ragnarok

The evidence is all around us that we are living in the Kali Yuga, the Wolf Age, the Age of Iron. We are in the days that immediately precede the final cataclysm of Ragnarok when the forces of light and order must combat the forces of darkness, chaos and disorder. As my late brother in law always used to say, "Alles ist Chaos" and indeed he was right but I am sure that he did not realise just how correct that phrase is, especially when one considers the state of the world today.

The general world situation that we find ourselves in today was prophesied in ancient times and may be found in the Voluspa of the Elder Edda:

"Brother will fight brother and be his slayer, brother and sister will violate the bond of kinship; hard it is in the world, there is much adultery, axe-age, sword-age, shields are cleft asunder, wind-age, wolf-age, before the world plunges headlong; no man will spare another." (Voluspa 45, Larrington translation)

"Brothers shall fight, and slay each other; cousins shall kinship violate. The earth resounds, the giantesses flee; no man will another spare.

"Hard is it in the world, great whoredom, an ax age, a sword age, shields shall be cloven, a wind age, a wolf age, ere the world sinks." (Voluspa 45-46, Thorpe translation)

The Asatru Edda which is a brave attempt to rationalise the two Eddas along with other sacred pre-xtian Germanic texts and present a version of the Eddas that is free from xtian contamination has this to say about this time period:

"Gloom shall spread over the folk, like thunderclouds over sunlight. Everywhere and always shall guile and power-lust struggle against right and freedom, which shall fall and we with them. Brothers will kill brothers for the sake of greed, and neither father nor son will be spared in the killings and the collapse of kinship. Brothers will become brothers` bane, and blood will spill between sisters` sons. Hardship is in the world, there is much whoredom; axe-age, knife-age, shields are sundered, wind-age, wolf-age, until the world falls into ruin. No man will dare spare another." (The Asatru Edda, LXXXI. Fimbulvetr II,2)

This is the state of human relations in this dark age. Everything and everyone is to some degree affected by this. I am in my mid 50s and if I look back over my life thus far I can see tremendous changes which have occured during that time and these changes are mostly for the worst. We are seeing rampant immigration, rising crime, the acceptance and legalisation of homosexual activities and now the shameful introduction of `gay marriage`, corruption in the highest offices of the land, financial collapse, constant warfare (mainly to achieve zionist ends) and the continuing devastation of the earth`s natural resources and wildlife. The man-centred creed which dominates the earth is responsible for its demise. Wildlife is `culled` to keep numbers in check (for selfish human reasons) and yet human beings are allowed to breed without restriction nor restraint, placing further strains upon the planet`s delicate eco systems. What is surely needed is a culling of mankind-and that is surely coming!

"The sun turns black, earth sinks into the sea, the bright stars vanish from the sky; steam rises up in the conflagration, a high flame plays against heaven itself." (Voluspa 57, Larrington)

"The sun darkens, earth in ocean sinks, fall from heaven the bright stars, fire`s breath assails the all-nourishing tree, towering fire plays against heaven itself." (Voluspa 56, Thorpe)

"The sun is blackened, the earth sinks into the sea. The many stars have fallen from the heavens; fire gushes from Yggdrasil, the flames leap high against heaven itself." (The Asatru Edda, LXIII. Ragnarokr, 10)
I have come recently to the view that the "high flame" or "towering fire" is a reference to a nuclear devastation. It will not be the first time that this has happened upon the earth. There is scientific evidence and references in ancient Aryan texts to just such an event. The fire will purify the earth and in a split second we shall be transformed. So have no fear, those of you who are awakened for this is the reason why we have incarnated in this vile age. We are here to fight as spiritual warriors, to take our place amongst the Einheriar and secure for ourselves immortal fame and life in a higher state as sons of Woden in the halls of Walhalla.


SheWolf Night^^ said...

The legend of the wolves eating the sun and moon could be interprated as a nuclear winter. Many view it to mean an eclipse and well maybe? I know that the Vedic tests describe something similar to ancient atomic warfare and I do believe that such technology isn't a new thing. But rediscovered. Was this how Atlantis fell?

SerpentSlayer said...

I have never thought that we are not here for a reason. I have cursed my incarnation in this time but I have been blessed with the sense to know that it serves a purpose. I am in agreement with you that a calamity is coming and perhaps that calamity will be the end of jormungandr and the regeneration of this blighted orb.
Vary Vikernes has postulated that sun spits may cause a ruining of technology preceding such an event, and perhaps this will cause greater calamity.
I myself feel it surely must happen, the world being in the unsustainable state it is in I cannot imagine such selfish belligerent beings such as those that guide humanity today allowing any semblance of order to continue much longer.
I am in mixed opinions over it. It is a bit like having a dangerous operation but on a larger scale. You know that without it you will die, but you fear the knife being taken to your weakened flesh and what will be left on the other side. So too I feel of the coming calamity. I only hope that amongst all the death, terror, betrayal and madness that Heroism, selflessness, honour and love ultimately succeed.
Hail to the storm bringers I suppose.

Wotans Krieger said...

I too have often cursed my luck in being born in an age that is so alien to me. Even if I had been born a decade and a half earlier I could have participated at least in the service of the Reich. I have come to the conclusion that I have chosen to be born at this time for a purpose. We cannot remember our previous incarnations or at least not until we pass over to the other side and then who we truly are will be made known to us. You and I are part of the Einheriar and we have a mission to accomplish.

Steed EOW said...

This relates closely to a thought I had the other day: For every one of us who believes in a spiritual existence which outlasts this Earthly domain, it is true that a life without struggle, a life of pure bliss, is utterly pointless. If we are here in Middangeard as an 'excursion' from our true eternal existence of truth and bliss, then this excursion here would be a pointless exercise serving no purpose whatsoever. When considered in this way, we realise how important it is to embrace a life of hardship and struggle, and to find cause for struggle wherever we can. Only in this way can we make the most of this Earthly excursion. I hope that makes sense.