Monday, April 07, 2014

Stonehenge and ZOG`s Building Plans

It has recently come to my attention that the Ministry of Destruction (M.O.D.) are seeking to build hundreds of new houses on a disused airfield overlooking Stonehenge in order to provide accommodation for troops being withdrawn from Germany. Before I discuss this issue I would like to know what these troops were doing in Germany bearing in mind that they should have been withdrawn over 20 years ago with the end of the `Cold War`? Perhaps the answer to that question may be found in the post war attitude to the U.S.S.R. and post-Soviet Russia. This was all part of ZOG`s intention of encircling Russia and now that N.A.T.O.`s borders advance ever further east they are no longer needed in Germany, and the United Kingdom is effectively bankrupt-literally and morally. The other reason of course was that they were ZOG`s occupying force in Germany but now that Germany is so entrenched in the ZOG mindset they are no longer needed. They must surely be one of the longest occupying forces in history after the Roman Empire!

Despite being bankrupt the U.K. government still insists on spending money which it does not have on troops it does not need in order that it follows the instructions of the zionist puppet masters who control it. No money for schools, hospitals or public sector workers` pay but plenty of money available for the mercenaries who deal in death all over the world.  It is high time that nationalist or folkish minded individuals stop this fairytale fantasy which has become almost a fetish about the armed forces. Contrary to what you may think they are not "our boys" and neither are the majority of them "heroes", a term which through over use and over application has now lost any legitimacy that it once had. Far from `protecting` this country they have made it a more dangerous place in which to live due to the anti-western hatred that they have stoked up in the muslim world. One often hears the view that prisons are full of the mad, the bad and the sad. Well we now know from the stories of rampant mental illness, violence, rape and war crimes that this also applies to the armed forces too. 

The soldiers who fought in WWII as puppets of a zionist regime to a large extent did so out of ignorance. Education then was limited and news was tightly controlled by vested interests, such as the zionist British government and the zionist owned media. Now in the era of the Internet there should be less excuse for ignorance. Those who join the armed forces today do so without the excuse of conscription and in theory at least should be better informed about world events and politics.

Even today surviving `allied` veterans of WWII still do not recognise that their actions were folly and instead of protecting their folk what they in effect did was to cause the loss of the British Empire through the cost of pursuing an unnecessary war and they are cuplable for the damage that they caused in Germany and many other European countries. It has caused the death knell to be sounded not only for the English and British peoples but the entire Aryan population of Europe. They betrayed their race, albeit to a certain extent unwittingly. Those who join the armed services today do without such an excuse. Instead of building houses for troops that are not needed (the only time these days that the government does build houses) the money would be better spent elsewhere and the damage to the views from Stonehenge would be avoided.

Unfortunately as this news was effectively buried by the media-I saw or heard nothing on television, radio or in the press the `consultation` exercise such as it was has now come and gone. We will have to see what the outcome is and then there are further ways of course that this can be opposed. If the plan is implemented then the summer solstice sunrise view at Stonehenge will be significantly spoiled.

In 2014 one would expect a greater regard for ancient monuments and heritage. However providing houses for the government`s dealers of death seems to be more important. We should remember that Stonehenge is one of the greatest examples of Aryan ingenuity. It stands unique amongst prehistoric monuments.

We now know of course that Phases II and III of the construction of Stonehenge can be attributed to Indo-Europeans, ie Aryans:

"In the British Isles, as we have seen in the Mediterranean megalithic cult so closely associated with the Earth-mother, death and rebirth, was fused with the Indo-European sky and solar religion at the beginning of the Bronze Age when the Beaker folk with their Battle-axe cultural affinities transformed the Avebury complex of monuments into sanctuaries open to the sky which culminated in the great stone circle on Salisbury Plain." (The Rites of Old Europe 12,000 to 3,500 BC by E.O. James)


runebinder said...

Freemasonry at the apex of the British Army

14Nov03 - All 13 members of the British Army Board are traditionally freemasons:

"...freemasonry is still strong in parts of the Army. One leading mason said that when he joined every member of the Army Board was a mason - he would not say how things stood today."

p. 167, 'Inside the British Army', by Antony Beevor, Corgi books 1991, ISBN 0 552 13818 5.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks for the comment Runebinder and I think your new blog is very inspiring.