Saturday, March 08, 2014

Wulf Sörensen

There has been a rumour circulating for many years that the author of Die Stimme der Ahnen. Eine Dichtung (The Voice of our Ancestors. A Poem), published in 1933 under the name of Wulf Sörensen is actually Heinrich Himmler. I am unsure as to the origins of this claim. According to Ron McVan in his Voice of our Forefathers, published in 2010 the work was recommended reading for the SS. His English translation was actually carried out by Joseph `Jost` Turner who died in 1996 at the age of 50. Sadly Mr Turner`s original writings are not in print. I hope that this may be rectified in the future . Mr McVan`s book contains not only this poem but original writings by Mr McVan. I highly recommend this and all his other books. Mr McVan was one of the founders of Wotansvolk (NOT to be confused with the English Woden`s Folk) along with the late David Lane in 1995. They injected a much needed folkish consciousness into American Odinism. Wotansvolk is not an organisation but a movement.

According to the German Wikipedia site the real name of the poem`s author is Frithjof Fischer who was of a similar age to Himmler (Fischer born in 1899, Himmler in 1900) and this may in part help to account for the rumour that the author was Himmler. Fischer used a number of different pseudonyms (Frithjof Fischer-Sörensen, Dieter Ott, Frithjof Asmus and Johannsen-Nürnberg) and was the founder of Nordland Verlag publishing house. Ironically he was arrested in 1936 for insulting Himmler! Although not  member of the NSDAP he was an NCO in the SS (SS-Unterscharführer)and a member of the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (NSV)-the National Socialist People`s Welfare.

"A Heathen is one who remains loyal to himself and his kind, and whose blood flows pure in his veins. This pure blood is not able to experience the world with the hateful eyes of Sinai, or with the weak knees of Nazareth. It carries the divine nature pure, clear, and beautiful in its red stream, through the generations of the race."

These words whether written by Fischer or Himmler certainly accord with the beliefs of both men and resonate with Germanic heathens today. The message is clear. If we wish to experience the divine we must safeguard our blood inheritance from admixture with other races. If we don`t then over time we cease to be who we are: we perish and our Gods with us. This is the message of Ragnarok/Götterdämmerung.

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