Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Heinrich Himmler`s Thor`s Hammer Amulet

Thanks to a photograph published on I was made aware the other day that Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler possessed and wore a Thor`s Hammer amulet. We already knew of course about the Reichsführer`s fascination and love for Germanic and Aryan prehistory and we must give credit to him for the formation of the Ahnenerbe (Inheritance of the Ancestors), an organisation that specialised in Germanic and Aryan archaeology and prehistory. I  intuitively knew that Himmler could and would have possessed such an amulet and I have spent several years trying to research this and came up against a brick wall. Now thanks to the owner of and I have found proof of that which I felt. As Aryans it is vital that we learn to trust and be guided by our instinct which is a strong psychic ability within our folk, most especially in women but not exclusively so. So thank you to Runebinder for publishing that photograph and I recommend his blogs which are very spiritual and thoroughly Armanist in nature.

My research indicates that Himmler`s Hammer was sold as part of a lot at auction which included some photographs, medals and autographs from high profile SS men. The amulet appears to have been given to an SS man shortly before Himmler`s arrest. It is only the Hammer though which was originally owned by Himmler. I do hope that the new owner of the amulet will treasure it. It contains power and I hope that at some point it is or will be in the hands of someone who can direct that power to further our ends.

The reported measurements of the silver Hammer , 20mm x 17mm don`t appear to match up with the apparent size of it against other objects so I don`t know if this is a mistake. The chain is certainly very long. In style the Hammer is a copy of one found in Läby, near Uppsala in Sweden. Modern copies of this may be easily purchased in pewter and other metals. It is beautiful in its simplicity of design and resembles both an axe and a hammer so the Läby Hammer must have been based on a very ancient design.

In view of what we know about Himmler and now the knowledge of the existence of this amulet it is safe for us to conclude that Himmler was most certainly a follower of the Old Gods, Wodan and Donar etc.

"Himmler's gift to SS Sturmbannführer and Oak Leaves recipient Heinz Macher (1919 - 2001). He and Werner Grothmann accompanied Himmler on the latter's escape and were arrested with him on 21./22. May 1945.
Macher describes the situation as follows: on 19th May 1945 he was hiding with Himmler and Grothmann in a forest north of Bremervörde. Himmler is convinced that the passing British armoured vehicles are preparing for an attack against the Soviets. "We weren't able to talk him out of his wishful thinking. All of a sudden he becomes very euphoric... he sketches the outlines of the new Germanic world order and ideology... he notices our reservation. When we were alone in our hideout once, he produced a talisman from under his shirt, Thor's hammer Mjölnir from... he knew that he too would have to be alone in the end..."

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