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Nationalism and National Socialism-Worlds Apart

National Socialism we know has both an exoteric and an esoteric dimension. With the defeat of Germany in 1945 by the coalition of dark forces under the control of international zionism this Weltanschauung has been left without a physical entity. The NSDAP no longer exists. Consequently those who are drawn to this ideology by necessity are more likely to be engaged in its esoteric rather than its exoteric aspect.
There are small political parties dotted around Europe, the USA and other countries but these are marginal and more often than not are Nationalist rather than National Socialist. Even those parties or individuals who claim to be National Socialist I would question if they really were. Many if not most stress the National aspect but rarely the Socialist, deeming all kinds of Socialism to be Marxist and thus Jewish in nature and origins. This is a mistake. By doing so they fail to understand that the Socialist or Social aspect of German National Socialism was an integral part of it. Today in Germany to get around the draconian anti-free speech laws National Socialists refer to their ideology as Sozial und National.

Within German National Socialism there were competing forces. To the `left` of the NSDAP there were personalities such as Gregor Strasser (1892-1934) and Ernst Roehm (1887-1934), co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (SA)- the `Brownshirts`, both of  whom were executed-one could say murdered during the Night of the Long Knives due to their political rivalry for leadership within the hierarchy of the NSDAP. This effectively brought an end to any real revolution in Germany and this in my opinion was ultimately a mistake as the NSDAP became reliant upon big business, the very thing that had caused ruin in Germany and continues to cause ruin today in the world. In this way elements of the dark forces gained entry into the NSDAP.

National Socialism as a political philosophy and as a movement should not in my view be termed `right wing`. To use this term in reference to National Socialism is to show a lack of understanding of both politics and history. If we are to use such terms then it is more correct to refer to it as a `left wing` ideology. I am sure that this will cause upset to some people but please bear with me.

"For far too many years it has been widely accepted that National Socialists are extreme right wingers, and only rarely have they hesitated to refer to themselves as such. At a certain point, however it became the official policy of the World Union of National Socialists to avoid the term `right-wing`, claiming that National Socialism does not fit into the pattern of `right` and `left` and instead ought to be considered as standing above this distinction." (National Socialism-a Left-Wing Movement by Povl Heinrich Riis-Knudsen, 1988)
 The terms `right` and `left` refer to pre-revolutionary France where those who wished to preserve the governmental system sat on the right of the National Assembly. Those who wanted to radically change the system sat on the left and these terms have been used to define politics down to the present time but are really in themselves meaningless. As National Socialists we want radical change. The Socialist Workers Party want radical change but that does not make us bed fellows and so these terms should be used with caution.

"Whereas Marxism shares a basic equalitarian philosophy with the Old Order and defines itself as a materialistic movement aiming at the mere distribution of the material goods, National Socialism seeks to build an entirely New Order based on idealism and a profound respect for the laws of Nature in all aspects of life. This, definitely, is the most revolutionary idea of this century-and thus very much left-wing!-and it is certainly not Marxist!"  (Riis-Knudsen)

Marxism, libralism, democracy, capitalism are all part of the Old Order which we wish to see destroyed. They are all materialist and life denying. Underpinning the origins of these `isms` is Christianity which has caused such a blight in the Aryan world.

Hitler`s Table Talk

"So it`s not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the Churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death."

"The same thing is happening to music as is happening to beauty in a world dominated by the shavelings-the Christian religion is an enemy to beauty."

"What Bolshevism is achieving to-day on the materialist and technical level,Christianity had achieved on the metaphysical level.
When the Crown sees the throne totter,it needs the support of the masses.
It would be better to speak of Constantine the traitor and Julian the Loyal than of Constantine the Great and Julian the Apostate."

The religion fabricated by Paul of Tarsus,which was later called Christianity,is nothing but the Communism of to-day"

"If God is truly interested in men being enlightened,one wonders why He resorts to torture for that purpose.
While we`re on the subject,let`s add that,even amongst those who claim to be good Catholics,very few really believe in this humbug."

I shall never come personally to terms with the Christian lie."

"Our epoch will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity.
It will last another hundred years,two hundred years perhaps.
My regret will have been that I couldn`t, like whoever the prophet was, behold the promised land from afar."

"Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to attempt a synthesis between National Socialism and Christianity. I don`t believe the thing`s possible, and I see the obstacle in Christianity itself."

"Christianity is a rebellion against natural law,a protest against nature.
Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure."

"I can imagine people being enthusiastic about the paradise of Mahomet, but as for the insipid paradise of the Christians!"

"But Christianity is the invention of sick brains:"

"The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity`s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity."

"The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity."

Of course you are not going to see any of this within the pages of Mein Kampf as Mein Kampf was a propaganda tool in part. Hitler`s real thoughts were rarely disclosed to the public-and with good reason for Germany was still divided into two camps-Protestant and Roman Catholic so he had to steer clear of upsetting the largely Christian electorate.

By comparison we can say this about those who are purely Nationalist:

"Let us face it realistically: The right wing is mostly a pitiful conglomerate of people with very unclear ideas. They realize that something is wrong. But they refuse to leave the Old Order. Instead they cling to it with all their might and wish to revert to the situation as it was 75 or 100 years ago, thinking that this will solve all their problems." (Riis-Knudsen)

There are plenty of well-meaning and hard working people that fall within this category but what they fail to realise that they are expending their time and effort on propping up a rotten and decayed world order which with one swift kick will come falling down. We see this in part in the recent events in the Ukraine where supposed `Ultra Nationalists` using National Socialist symbols have brought about the destruction of their political system but have simply been used as pawns by the Old Order-the USA, the EU, NATO, IMF etc.
They have swapped a fellow Slavic master for a zionist one. This is the problem with Nationalism. It has no core ideology and has been the cause of numerous European wars. Even in National Socialist Germany much of what we observe was Nationalist and not National Socialist. The ranks of the NSDAP were later filled by self-servers, materialists and people who were just purely German Nationalist. This rot caused the party`s decay. What starts as an elite platform should never become populist and Nationalism unlike National Socialism is populist.

A small number of Germans and Aryans of other countries clung tenaciously to their National Socialist ideals despite persecution after WWII and these were the real National Socialists including those martyred by the zionists at Nuernberg-excluding those who sang like canaries to the enemy! These people helped to keep the flame of National Socialism alive after the war and it is from this small cadre that esoteric National Socialism was truly born. It is esoteric National Socialism in combination with a heathen Weltanschauung that will bring about change.

"Do you understand now the profound significance of our National Socialist movement? Whoever sees in National Socialism nothing but a political movement does not know much about is even higher than a religion: it is the will to create mankind anew." (Adolf Hitler)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thor`s Hammer: The Germanic Expression of the Aryan Swastika

To the uninitiated and to the brainwashed the Swastika is presented as a symbol of `evil` whilst to the initiated it is a symbol of goodness, healing, creation and light. It is both polar and solar in nature and represents the Aryan as the Sonnemensch, the sunman. The Aryan when living to his fullest capacity and in accord with his inner nature is a being of light. This is even represented in his light skin, fair hair and eyes. The outer nature should be in accord with the inner nature. It is an external physical reflection of the internal.

The Swastika has always been associated with the Aryan and this was long before the emergence of National Socialism in Germany. Certainly what helped to bring this symbol to the fore again were the esoteric writings of Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891), in particular in Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888). Indeed this symbol formed part of the symbol of Blavatsky`s Theosophical Society.
Bearing in mind that every ancient civilisation was seeded by the Aryan:

"The Svastica is found heading the religious symbols of every old nation. It is the `Worker`s Hammer` in the Chaldean Book of Numbers, the `Hammer` just referred to  in the `Book of Concealed Mystery` (Ch I.,ss 1,2,3,4, etc), `which striketh sparks from the flint` (Space), those sparks becoming worlds. It is `Thor`s Hammer`, the magical weapon forged by the dwarfs against the Giants, or the pre-cosmic Titanic forces of Nature, which rebel and, while alive in the region of matter, will not be subdued by the Gods, the Agents of Universal Harmony, but have first to be destroyed. This is why the world is formed out of the relics of the murdered Ymir. The Svastica is the Miolnir, the `storm-hammer`; and therefore it is said that when the Ases, the holy gods, after having been purified by fire (the fire of passions and suffering in their life-incarnations) become fit to dwell in Ida in eternal peace, then Miolnir will become useless.

"Then came the sons of Thor. They brought Miolnir with them, no longer as a weapon of war, but as the hammer with which to consecrate the new heaven and the new earth......"

Discussing further Thor`s Hammer as the Swastika Blavatsky states:

"Born in the mystical conceptions of the early Aryans, and by them placed at the very threshold of eternity, on the head of the serpent Ananta, it found its spiritual death in the scholastic interpretations of mediaeval Anthropomorphists. It is the Alpha and Omega of universal creative force, evolving from pure Spirit and ending in gross  Matter.

"The light that shines from Mahamaya, the great Illusion and Deceiver. The light that shines from under the divine hammer, now degraded into the mallet or gavel of the Grand Masters of Masonic Lodges, is sufficient to dissipate the darkness of any human schemes or fictions."

Referring to the excavations of the city of Troy by Heinrich Schliemann and the Swastika being represented as a Swastika with one dot in each of its quadrants and also as an eguilateral cross with a dot in each arm and in the centre she writes:

"Both these forms were excavated in great abundance, their presence being one more proof that the ancient Trojans and their ancestors were pure Aryans." (All the above quotations from The Secret Doctrine, Volume II)
In addition to the Swastika emerging as a symbol in the occult underground of 19th century Germany it became generally known to the masses thought the aforementioned efforts of Dr Heinrich Schliemann. Discussing the discovery of numerous Swastikas on pieces of pottery Dr Schliemann came to the conclusion that:

"The primitive Trojans, therefore, belonged to the Aryan race, which is further sufficiently proved by the symbols on the round terra-cottas." (Troy and its Remains, 1975)

The Swastika like the Thor`s Hammer is a symbol of both creation and destruction. In the coming Golden Age, the Satya Yuga the Hammer will not be used to destroy but to recreate and to bless. The Swastika, a golden one will again become the symbol of a rejuvenated Aryan race which will walk closely in harmony with their Gods in a world which has been purified by fire and water.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Erich Ludendorff, Wotanist

It is a little known fact that General Erich Ludendorff (1865-1937), the famous German General from WW1 was in fact a Wotanist. This is incredible considering that very few people were openly heathen in a still traditionally xtian country in the early 20th century. In The Jung Cult, 1994 Richard Noll writes:

"The most influential of these neopagan groups was the Tannenberg Foundation of General Erich Ludendorff and his wife, Mathilde von Kemnitz, a famous voelkisch writer, who became Frau Ludendorff in September 1926. A widely used symbol by the Tannenberg Foundation (and by many others of these neopagan groups) was the sacred hammer of Thor. General Ludendorff was an early ally of Hitler`s and assisted him in the planning of the botched 1923 Munich putsch."

Unfortunately after the National Socialists formed a government in 1933 there was a gradual clampdown on most heathen and esoteric groups. Why this is so is open to speculation. This could have been motivated by the National Socialists` desire that all groups in society conform to the policies set out by the new government. In the aftermath of this fairly bloodless revolution there was a general anxiety that any occult groups not tied directly to the party could present problems. Another theory may be that certain xtian elements in the new government sought to clamp down on nonconformists of any description or perhaps the party did not want to reveal that its origins were formed in the occult Thule Gesellschaft and other such secret societies. 

"However in the late 1920s and early 1930s Ludendorff became an opponent of Hitler, and therefore when the latter assumed power in January 1933 the Tannenberg Foundation was banned. Nonetheless, in the years following the Great War Ludendorff campaigned for the pantheistic Aryan-Germanic faith based on the old Indo-Aryan Urreligion. As Paul Banwell Means describes it, `In line with the Tannenberg program for the restoration of the ancient Germanic religion, General Ludendorff, accompanied by a few young men, would from time to time retire to the forests near Munich, where a bonfire was lighted and a horse sacrificed in honour of Thor, the God of Thunder.` As Ludendorff knew, horse sacrifice seems to have played a central role in the ancient religion of the Indo-Europeans."

Richard Noll also writing in Aryan Christ, 1997:

"Others wanted a Wagnerian twist to their Volkish neopaganism. They gathered in bearskins and made ritual sacrifices of animals to Wotan, Thor, Baldur, and other Teutonic deities. They studied the symbols of the ancient Norse runes and took visionary journeys to meet with members of an ancient spiritual brotherhood. There were dozens of groups like these, large and small. They convinced themselves that they were chosen, like the grail knights in Wagner`s Parsifal, to seek and protect the Holy Grail-in this case, the spiritual purity of Aryan blood. The most famous of these was the Tannenberg Foundation of General Erich Ludendorff, war hero and, later, a coconspirator in Adolf Hitler`s failed putsch in 1923. The symbol of Ludendorff`s organization was the hammer of Thor. Like many in German culture at the turn of the century, Ludendorff wanted to eradicate Christianity and replace it with an Aryan faith."

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Wotan mit uns, Wotan in uns, Wotan ist uns.

As the German soldier of old bore upon his belt buckle the slogan Gott mit uns, so the modern day Wotanist/Wodenist/Odinist may say Wotan mit uns. He is with us and He demonstrated His presence after a long `sleep` in the late 19th and the first half of the 20th century in Germany. Despite the anti-German poison that was inculcated into the minds of 20th century Englishmen by their zionist politicians many Englishmen and women are waking up to the reality that they are of one blood with the German Volk as are the Netherlanders and Scandinavians. Together we are a powerful force but against each other we all decline and decay and it is this which the zionist and his traitorous western political puppets so desire-our extermination.The purpose of WWII was to cause the destruction of German and English power and influence in the world and to bring about the destruction and enslavement of both peoples under the yoke of American/zionist/capitalist forces.

It is Germanic man which stands in the way of the total triumph of the dark forces of the New World Order (NWO) in this Kali Yuga. This cycle of decline was predicted long ago in the Aryan writings of the Sumerians, Indo-Aryans, Greeks and Teutons. All this must come to pass before a new Golden Age or Satya Yuga begins. This is the testing ground for the Arya, the Einheriar. This is the Greater Holy War referred to by Julius Evola in his Metaphysics of War. The Greater Holy War is an interior not just a merely exterior war. It is a war that is being fought within and above.

"Broadly speaking, we find that, especially among ancient Aryan humanity, wars were thought of as images of a perennial fight between metaphysical forces: on one hand there was the Olympian and luminous principle, uranic and solar truth; on the other hand there was raw force, the `titanic`, telluric element, `barbaric` in the classical sense, the demonic-feminine principle of chaos. This view continually recurs in Greek mythology in various symbolic forms; in still more precise and radical terms it appears in the general vision of the world of the Irano-Aryan races, which considered themselves literally as the armies of the God of Light in his struggle against the powers of darkness; they persist throughout the Middle Ages, often retaining their classical features in spite of the new religion. Thus, Frederick the First of Swabia, in his fight against the rebellious Commune, recalled the symbol of Hercules and the arm with which this symbolic hero of Dorian-Aryan and Achaean-Aryan stocks fought as all of the `Olympian` forces against the dark creatures of chaos." (Metaphysics of War. Battle, Victory & Death in the World of Tradition, 2007, Julius Evola)

The servants of the forces of light and the forces of darkness often (but not always) are figured in the biological characteristics of the said combatants. One finds this particularly in the Eddas and the Rig Veda.

"The mighty Thunderer with his fair-complexioned friends won the land, the sunlight, and the waters." (Rig Veda Book 1, Hymn  100, 18, Griffith)

"Indra in battles helps his Aryan worshipper, who hath hundred helps at hand in every fray, in frays that win the light of heaven. Plaguing the lawless he gave up to Manu`s seed the dusky skin;" (Rig Veda Book 1, Hymn 130, 8, Griffith)

 "SING, with oblation, praise to him who maketh glad, who with Rjisvan drove the dusky brood away." (Rig Veda Book 1, Hymn 101, 1, Griffith)

The war that we are fighting is and has already been fought in cosmic realms which are generally not visible to us. We thus are being assisted in the life and death struggle by our Gods and the Einheriar. Here in Midgarth we are the earth bound Einheriar born into this world to fight, born for a purpose.

"I have bestowed the earth upon the Arya, and rain upon the man who brings oblation. I guided forth the loudly-roaring waters, and the Gods moved according to my pleasure." (Rig Veda Book 4, Hymn XXVI, 2, Griffith translation)

"I gave the earth to the Aryan; I gave rain to the mortal who made an offering. I led forth the roaring water; the gods followed after my wish." (Donning O` Flaherty translation)
 "Armed with his bolt and trusting in his prowess he wandered shattering the forts of Dasas. Cast thy dart, knowing, Thunderer, at the Dasyu; increase the Arya`s might and glory, Indra. For him who thus hath taught these human races, Maghavan, bearing a fame-worthy title, Thunderer, drawing nigh to slay the Dasyus, hath given himself the name of Son for glory." (Rig Veda, Book 1, Hymn 103, 4-5, Griffith)

Indra of course in the Germanic world is Thunor/Thunar/Donar/Thor. It is He who fights for us and with us. Thunor gives us strength and Woden gives us wisdom, knowledge and guidance. Tiw/Tyr grants us the ability to sacrifice our selves for the greater good of the Germanic folk. Tiw also requires us to fight without malice and personal hatred-as difficult as this may seem to us.

In recent weeks we have witnessed a supposed reawakening of the Ukrainian people with the violent otherthrow of  their government. Many nationalists in the `west` are getting really excited over these events. However we need to look beyond the Wolfsangle flags and rhetoric and see who actually is going to benefit from all the bloodshed and chaos. The revolution may have had some legitimate initial aims, eg independence from a larger neighbour, ie Russia but they are simply swapping one master, their fellow Slavic big brother for the hideous capitalist, liberal and zionist European Union (EU) which is one of the organs for the NWO. With massive national debts the Ukraine will need to go cap in hand as beggars to theInternational Monetary Fund (IMF), as the United Kingdom did in the 1970s and thus become the slaves of global capitalism. With the secession of the Crimea the Ukraine will lose a lot of valuable resources and naturally the NWO do not want this to happen. This is a very painful lesson that nationalism is not necessarily the bed fellow of the racially awakened Arya but in fact has been another nail in our collective coffin.

"The international cartels have celebrated dishonourable triumphs at the great economic conferences since 1919. Never before did the world witness a more shameless rule of money over all other values than when the millions of citizens in all nations were sacrificed on bloody battlefields in the belief that they fought for freedom, honour and Fatherland. The shamelessness of international stock market piracy after its victory let slip all  masks of Freemasonic `humanity` and demonstrated with terrifying clarity not only democratic decadence but also the disintegration of the old nationalism which, with sword in hand, slavishly fought for the interests of the stock exchange." (The Myth of the Twentieth Century, Alfred Rosenberg)

Rosenberg in his work does discuss Wotan/Odin here and there. In one part of his book he makes the bold statement:

".....the German faith overlooks that Wotan (Woden, Odin) is dead as a religious form." (page 136)

However he later clarifies this remark:

"One form of Odin is dead, that is, the Odin who was the highest of many Gods who appeared as the embodiment of a generation still given up to natural symbolisms. But Odin as the eternal mirrored image of the primal spiritual powers of Nordic man lives today just as he did over 5,000 years ago.

"Despite this decline, he nevertheless commanded Heimdall to summon the Aesir with his horn for the final decisive battle. Dissatisfied, eternally searching, the God wandered through the universe to try to fathom his destiny and the nature of his being. He sacrificed an eye so that he might participate in the deepest wisdom. As an eternal wanderer he is a symbol of the eternally searching and becoming Nordic soul which cannot withdraw self confidently back to Jehovah and his representatives. The headstrong activity of the will, which, at first, drives so roughly through the Nordic lands in the battle songs about Thor, showed directly at their first appearance the innate, striving, wisdom seeking, metaphysical side in Odin the Wanderer."

The concept of Wotan as Der Wanderer is brought out so masterfully in Wagner`s Siegfried music drama. It is this innate wandering spirit which was in part behind the Völkerwanderungzeit. Dr Carl Gustav Jung in his 1936 essay Wotan brings out this wandering spirit:

  "Armed with rucksack and lute, blond youths, and sometimes girls as well, were to be seen as restless wanderers on every road from the North Cape to Sicily, faithful votaries of the roving god. Later, towards the end of the Weimar Republic, the wandering role was taken over by the thousands of unemployed, who were to be met with everywhere on their aimless journeys. By 1933 they wandered no longer, but marched in their hundreds of  thousands. The Hitler movement literally brought the whole of Germany to its feet, from five-year olds to veterans, and produced the spectacle of a nation migrating from one place to another. Wotan the wanderer was on the move.

"Wotan is a restless wanderer who creates unrest and stirs up strife, now here, now there, and works magic."

Today Wodenists believe that Woden will continue to live in His son Widar the Avenger. The archetype never dies; only the form and name changes. Our God Woden is indeed with us. He is inside us, in our DNA and in our Racial Collective Unconscious, our Blood Memory that is. In a sense He is us. At times He possesses us to fulfill His will which is also the unspoken will of the folk. W.O.T.A.N- Will of the Aryan nation.

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Wulf Sörensen

There has been a rumour circulating for many years that the author of Die Stimme der Ahnen. Eine Dichtung (The Voice of our Ancestors. A Poem), published in 1933 under the name of Wulf Sörensen is actually Heinrich Himmler. I am unsure as to the origins of this claim. According to Ron McVan in his Voice of our Forefathers, published in 2010 the work was recommended reading for the SS. His English translation was actually carried out by Joseph `Jost` Turner who died in 1996 at the age of 50. Sadly Mr Turner`s original writings are not in print. I hope that this may be rectified in the future . Mr McVan`s book contains not only this poem but original writings by Mr McVan. I highly recommend this and all his other books. Mr McVan was one of the founders of Wotansvolk (NOT to be confused with the English Woden`s Folk) along with the late David Lane in 1995. They injected a much needed folkish consciousness into American Odinism. Wotansvolk is not an organisation but a movement.

According to the German Wikipedia site the real name of the poem`s author is Frithjof Fischer who was of a similar age to Himmler (Fischer born in 1899, Himmler in 1900) and this may in part help to account for the rumour that the author was Himmler. Fischer used a number of different pseudonyms (Frithjof Fischer-Sörensen, Dieter Ott, Frithjof Asmus and Johannsen-Nürnberg) and was the founder of Nordland Verlag publishing house. Ironically he was arrested in 1936 for insulting Himmler! Although not  member of the NSDAP he was an NCO in the SS (SS-Unterscharführer)and a member of the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (NSV)-the National Socialist People`s Welfare.

"A Heathen is one who remains loyal to himself and his kind, and whose blood flows pure in his veins. This pure blood is not able to experience the world with the hateful eyes of Sinai, or with the weak knees of Nazareth. It carries the divine nature pure, clear, and beautiful in its red stream, through the generations of the race."

These words whether written by Fischer or Himmler certainly accord with the beliefs of both men and resonate with Germanic heathens today. The message is clear. If we wish to experience the divine we must safeguard our blood inheritance from admixture with other races. If we don`t then over time we cease to be who we are: we perish and our Gods with us. This is the message of Ragnarok/Götterdämmerung.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

An Interesting Exchange of Views on Immigation is a useful tool in which to deliver a pro-Germanic and anti-liberal message.Sometimes debates start which are not always planned or initiated by me. The following is an example of a recent hostile anti-English comment posted in response to a review of mine discussing a pro-immigration book:

" Your review doesn't appear to actually review the book, it's just provided you with a platform to air a rather short-sighted view. I asked if you knew what the word England translates as to put into context what you wrote. I've no doubt you were shocked to discover what the word meant as there's no balance or reason to your thoughts. To take into account the fact that English is a Germanic language and the land got its name from immigrants, I'll address those thoughts:

"An experiment in social engineering that the British peoples never asked for and never wanted."

The British people, as demonstrated, are descended from immigrants. The language they speak is Germanic. Alongside Anglo-Saxons and Jutes, you have Normans, Picts, Romans, Celts and Vikings among others. Therefore there is no such thing as a pure English identity and in referring to "the British people", you refer not to a homogenous race but an assortment of influences over time. In consideration of this, it's ironic that you go on to say:

"History reveals to us that fundamentally different peoples require their own living space."

Britain is made up of fundamentally different people. I'll reiterate, you speak an immigrant's language and are descended from one (just like me).

"It is only when biologically homogenous societies are interfered with that racial hatred occurs-the fault of those liberals who have and are masterminding this insanity."

The idea of homogeny is a misnomer. The indigenous people, as I have demonstrated, are descended from lots of different immigrants. The idea of, now, comparing a Scouser with a Cockney and claiming parity seems odd. The same as if someone from Cornwall claimed to be the same as someone from Bolton. It's not necessarily so.

As you've discovered that the land you live in refers to those from a foreign land, it might be worth bearing in mind the next time you address race or immigration (to spell it out for you: you're descended from an immigrant!)."

My reply:

 "I see that you have been waiting-literally waiting a long time for me to respond to your question. Were you on the edge of your seat all this time?
Let me address your argument point by point.
I was not "shocked" at all. I have been studying Indo-European, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon history for several decades now and I am a practicing Wodenist so I am hardly going to be surprised and certainly not "shocked" by the fact that the English are a Germanic people. I am myself half German so I consider the German, English, Netherlandic and Scandinavian peoples to be all part of one meta-ethnicity, the Germanic peoples.
The Anglo-Saxons are not native to Britain but their longevity here is sufficiently distant in time for them to be classed as an indigenous people under the definition of the term by the United Nations. Indeed there is increasingly more and more evidence coming to light that Germanic people have been settling here before the common accepted date of 449CE.
Prior to the Coming of the English these islands were populated by Indo-European peoples who were responsible for the construction of stages II and III of Stonehenge and other megalithic monuments. More than likely these people too originated in Germania. Anglo-Saxons, `Vikings` and Normans all originated in Germania (which includes Scandinavia) and regardless of what Germanic or Indo-European dialect they spoke they were all part of one biological and cultural group-the Germanic peoples. The `Celts` are a literary fiction. There is no evidence at all that such a people ever existed in Britain but it is a useful term to label the pre-Roman populace. Many of these people too were Nordic Indo-Europeans. The `Picts` are an unknown quantity however. The `Romans` were not by and large Roman or even Italian. Many if not most of these soldiers were in fact Germanic auxillaries. Recent genetic research indicates that the vast majority of the indigenous peoples of Britain share the same Indo-European haplotypes regardless of national labels. There has therefore been no multiracial immigration into England or Britain prior to the 1950s.
English and German being the languages of my forefathers are Germanic tongues. Germanic is MY native language. It is native to the people of England. What is happening to England today is without precedent in our history and as far as I can recall we have never been consulted over whether this country should allow itself to be inundated with so many diverse alien people. It is ironic that the English fought an unnecessary war to prevent an illusory German invasion and then allowed itself to be deceived by its politicians into allowing a peaceful invasion from practically every country in the world. All this to provide cheap labour for greedy capitalists.The English are now awakening but is it already too late?"

Heinrich Himmler`s Thor`s Hammer Amulet

Thanks to a photograph published on I was made aware the other day that Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler possessed and wore a Thor`s Hammer amulet. We already knew of course about the Reichsführer`s fascination and love for Germanic and Aryan prehistory and we must give credit to him for the formation of the Ahnenerbe (Inheritance of the Ancestors), an organisation that specialised in Germanic and Aryan archaeology and prehistory. I  intuitively knew that Himmler could and would have possessed such an amulet and I have spent several years trying to research this and came up against a brick wall. Now thanks to the owner of and I have found proof of that which I felt. As Aryans it is vital that we learn to trust and be guided by our instinct which is a strong psychic ability within our folk, most especially in women but not exclusively so. So thank you to Runebinder for publishing that photograph and I recommend his blogs which are very spiritual and thoroughly Armanist in nature.

My research indicates that Himmler`s Hammer was sold as part of a lot at auction which included some photographs, medals and autographs from high profile SS men. The amulet appears to have been given to an SS man shortly before Himmler`s arrest. It is only the Hammer though which was originally owned by Himmler. I do hope that the new owner of the amulet will treasure it. It contains power and I hope that at some point it is or will be in the hands of someone who can direct that power to further our ends.

The reported measurements of the silver Hammer , 20mm x 17mm don`t appear to match up with the apparent size of it against other objects so I don`t know if this is a mistake. The chain is certainly very long. In style the Hammer is a copy of one found in Läby, near Uppsala in Sweden. Modern copies of this may be easily purchased in pewter and other metals. It is beautiful in its simplicity of design and resembles both an axe and a hammer so the Läby Hammer must have been based on a very ancient design.

In view of what we know about Himmler and now the knowledge of the existence of this amulet it is safe for us to conclude that Himmler was most certainly a follower of the Old Gods, Wodan and Donar etc.

"Himmler's gift to SS Sturmbannführer and Oak Leaves recipient Heinz Macher (1919 - 2001). He and Werner Grothmann accompanied Himmler on the latter's escape and were arrested with him on 21./22. May 1945.
Macher describes the situation as follows: on 19th May 1945 he was hiding with Himmler and Grothmann in a forest north of Bremervörde. Himmler is convinced that the passing British armoured vehicles are preparing for an attack against the Soviets. "We weren't able to talk him out of his wishful thinking. All of a sudden he becomes very euphoric... he sketches the outlines of the new Germanic world order and ideology... he notices our reservation. When we were alone in our hideout once, he produced a talisman from under his shirt, Thor's hammer Mjölnir from... he knew that he too would have to be alone in the end..."