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The Prophecy of Sajaha and the Third Sargon

In the English speaking world little is still known about the prophecies concerning the coming world emperor, the Third Sargon and no doubt this is mainly due to the fact that the majority of the literature which is available is in German.

However the late Dr Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke does refer to this figure in Black Sun. Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity, 2002:

"According to the Babylonian revelation of Isais, Thule initiates believed in the coming of a messiah, the `Third Sargon`, who would restore Germany to greatness with a new Aryan culture."(Page 294)
"Sebottendorff was supposed to be acquainted with the prophecy of the `Third Sargon` by the Babylonian seeress Sajaha (c. 650), which told of terrible woes and the inversion of all values until the avenging emperor would arrive from the north (Midnight) and destroy all evil by fire."(Page 165)

Apart from these two meagre references nothing further is discussed about this rather enigmatic Third Sargon. Inevitably the reader must obtain German literature on the subject which is available in abundance. In 2013 Joshua Free and the `Mardukite Chamberlains` (whoever they may be!) published an English translation of the Book of Sajaha the Seer with the accompanying German text. To be frank I was rather disappointed with the translation and I feel that I could have done a better job of translating it myself. Anyone who wishes to purchase this work would do well to closely compare the German text with the English translation or better still avoid the translation all together if possible!

"Sajaha: `Der Dritte Sargon wird kommen in spaeterer Zeit. Er wird vertilgen die Knechte der Finsternis mit all ihrem Samen, er wird das Boese ausreissen mit der Wurzel."(Tablet 12.14)

Wotans Krieger`s translation:

"Sajaha: `The Third Sargon will come at a later time. He will exterminate the slaves of darkness with all their seed, he will pull out the evil by the root."

This Babylonian prophecy is striking similar to the prophecies concerning the Kalki Avatar:

 "When justice is crushed, when evil is triumphant, then I come back. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evildoers, for the establishment of the Reign of Righteousness. I am born again and again, age after age."(The Bhagavad-Gita IV Verses 7 and 3)

The Aryan nature of the Third Sargon is emphasised in the Book of Sajaha with references to the `north` or the `north country`:

"Nebukadnezar: `Wie aber ergeht es Babylon?`
"Sajaha: `Es wird untergehen fuer lange Zeit. Erst der Dritte Sargon wird es wiederrichten in Lande des Nordens. Dort und dann wird es ein neues Babylon geben."(Tablet 12.31)

Wotans Krieger`s translation:

"Nebukadnezar: `How will it fare with Babylon?`

"Sajaha: `It will be destroyed for a long time. First the Third Sargon will reestablish it in the land of the North. There and then there will be a new Babylon."

Of course the prophecy is referring to the formation of a new empire in the spirit of the old Babylon. Likewise the Third Sargon is not necessarily a literal genetic descendant of the old Babylonian emperors although of course he could be. We know that the ruling caste in Babylon and Sumer were Aryan as Professor L.A. Waddell has so admirably proven in his works. 

As well as the `land of the North`, the `Midnight Mountain`, a Thulean concept is referred to:

"Die Sonne verdunkelt ihr Licht von Chaldaea bis zum Sockel des Mitternachtsberges."(Tablet 12, 2nd Chapter,3-4)

Wotans Krieger`s translation:

"The sun darkens its light from Chaldea to the base of the Midnight Mountain."

Interestingly the prophecy refers to the base miscegenation, homosexuality and other unnatural and immoral practices which are rife in the `west` today:

"Sitte wird nicht mehr sein, sondern Laster wird als vornehm gelten. Maenner werden ungestraft mit Knaben verkehren; Weiber werden nicht mehr Weiber sein wollen, sondern ungestraft wie Maenner sich geben; Menschen werden sich ungestraft mit Tieren vermischen und Bastarde zeugen. Und die Bastarde der Bastarde werden zahlos in den Strassen der Staedte sein, ohne dass man sie vertilgt." (Tablet 12, 2nd Chapter, 11)

Wotans Krieger`s translation: 

"Customs will no longer be enforced, but vice will be fashionable. Men will have sexual intercourse with boys and go unpunished; women will no longer want to be women, but will behave like men and go unpunished; people will mix themselves with animals and go unpunished and father bastards. And the bastards of bastards will be countless in the streets of the cities without anyone eradicating them."

This is the frightening and hideous prospect that faces the `west` today: racial bastardisation. A future where the cities will be the breeding ground of a horrendous racial melting pot. We are seeing this happen right before our eyes and no one is doing a single thing to stop it. This current state of affairs would have been unthinkable not so long ago but with a few generations the cosmopolitan international tribe that controls the media, the government, finance and industry has achieved the unthinkable and Aryan man now awaits his doom. However all will not be lost for in the Third Sargon, the Kalki Avatar, Wid-ar we have a coming redeemer. We await Him!

Again this prophecy is incredibly similar to that contained in the Bhagavad Gita 1:41:

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes proceeds the loss of memory, out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."

Miscegenation causes loss of Blood Memory due to genetic confusion. The victims of this act, the children should be pitied rather than condemned but it should not be permitted for them in turn to continue this error by reproducing. This should be a matter of public health policy as it was in the past, not only in Germany but in England and the USA.

I cannot but draw a link between the recent violent storms that have wreaked havoc in the British Isles and the recent decision by the British government to introduce homosexual marriage, to legitimise what is a perversion of nature. Just today a member of the public being interviewed by a reporter on some windswept beach in England commented:  "The gods must be punishing us-for what I don`t know" or words very close to that. He said what I had been thinking for a while now.

We know why the Gods are "punishing us": it is because man has become a disease, a bacillus that must be rooted out from the earth. He is ruining the earth and he is poisoning his own gene pool. What man has failed to correct the Gods will! England must take heed; what happened to Atlantis may happen to you any day!



DreamsOfReality said...


I have awokened in 2007 and came a long way, yes at the end of my quest I studied the Sajahan Prophcies in German (am German) and found them striking for their incredible detail of today's world. Yes our white cities are inundated with bastards of bastards. And yes according to various prophecies the Sacred Blood will be cleansed and purified at the End of Time. The signs are there for all to see, only the question when will the Third Sargon and his Divine Army (RD Imperial German Survival Myth) come and liberate us all? I dont know. I gained transmedial capacities after waking up and have contact to the other world, but also they cannot tell me when this will all come to pass. I only know that many are waking up worldwide and that even the Third Sargon is amongst us. Whe he is fully manifested he will cleanse this Earth and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Thanks for making this post!!


PS: was thinking of making a website with the full translation of the Sajahan Prophecies but did not... sadly.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks for your comment. If you have the time you can still carry out a full translation by using a free blog which I can link to mine. This blog gets about 300 hits a day so it would help to launch yours.
Best wishes comrade!

justin wilson said...

The third sargon will probably come from Russia.

outlawbenning78 said...

Great to hear.
Awakening is happening.Hail.

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Wuotans Krieger said...

Yes feel free to copy it and spread the word!