Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Aryan Symbolism in the Egyptian Flag

The Aryan origins of Egyptian civilisation are well known and the late Professor L.A. Waddell wrote extensively on this subject, in particular in his Egyptian Civilization. Its Sumerian Origin and Chronology in which he provides incontestable proofs of the Sumerian origin of Egyptian civilization, so-called `Egyptian` hieroglyphics and the pre-dynastic and first dynasty of Pharaohs and by extension their Indo-European origins. He skillfully identifies through his decipherment of the Indo-Sumerian seals and his comparison between their inscriptions with those of the Indo-Aryan king lists and Sumerian and Egyptian chronicles that Pharaoh Menes is identical with Manis-Tusu, son of Sargon the Great, Manasyu of India and King Minos of Crete, a great Aryan world emperor.

Professor Waddell`s work is unfortunately largely ignored by the academics, not because of lack of evidence or inherent logic but because his racial interpretation of ancient history has become an anathema since the end of WWII. I endorse this work and indeed all his works and there is much material in these books that the intelligent Aryan researcher may use to advance his agenda.

Now I am not saying that modern Egyptians are of Aryan stock, far from it. What I am saying is that their civilisation and their masters were of Aryan stock and we now have scientific proof for the latter with the revelation that Pharaoh Tutankhamun`s paternal DNA is R1B1a2, which is the most common Y Chromosone haplotype found in western Europe and indeed one shared by me. This analysis was done by the Swiss genetics company iGENEA using the sequence from the readout of the DNA inadvertently shown in a Discovery Channel documentary which curiously at the time did anything but discuss the Pharaoh`s ethnicity and actual DNA results! Of course the powers that be in Egyptian archaeology deny these findings but stubbornly refuse to publicly release the results, no doubt out of fear of revealing the `horrible` truth that their Pharaohs were not Egyptian at all but an elite western European noble clan and this then causes doubt to begin to spread about the `Egyptian` origins of `Egyptian` civilisation itself.

Of course we don`t need DNA results to confirm the obvious. One look at the mummified remains of the Pharaohs and their families and we see straight away from their blonde and red hair that they can only be members of the Nordic race. How any so-called academic can deny this obvious fact beggars belief. I intend to write further about the Aryan origins of Egypt`s Pharaohs in future articles on this blog. There is an additional argument that although only 1% of Egypt`s modern population share this haplotype, 4,000 years ago it was much more common.

Now having laid the necessary foundations for this article I wish to move on and discuss the modern flag of Egypt which significantly, like the old German and Prussian flag is a red, white and black tricolour which also contains a very German looking gold eagle in the centre. Regardless of the intentions of the Egyptians in the 1950,s the adoption of these colours and the Aryan eagle is an instinctive reaction and can be attributed to some stirrings in the Blood Memory, no matter how weak that may be. As I identified in my article The Significance of Red, White and Blue/Black in Aryan Society and Cosmology (6/4/13) red, white and blue/black are representative of the Aryan caste system and its memory survives to the present day in the flags and colours of Aryan derived nations. There is also a hermetic basis for this colour system which I intend to explore in a future article.

The current flag of modern Germany is no longer black, white and red but black, red and gold. The presidential version of the flag carries the German eagle in the centre. The eagle has long been a symbol of the German people and can be traced back to at least the 9th century and the beginnings of the First Reich.
There are in my opinion two strains of thought here. We can of course assume that the adoption of the eagle as the Reichsadler (imperial/national eagle) is due to the inheritance of the Roman Empire by the Germanic peoples. This imagery is most strikingly evident in the Nuernberg parades of the Third Reich. The flag pole tops are also reminiscent of the Roman Empire as was the German salute. Clearly there was a conscious attempt by Hitler to identify the Third Reich as a continuation of the First Reich, which was in itself a continuation of the Roman Empire ( The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation)  which became German by right of Germanic conquest from the 5th century onwards. The second strain of thought is that the adoption of the eagle as a primary symbol on a level with the Swastika was a natural response to the stirrings of the ancient Aryan Blood Memory.

The eagle is both a German and an Aryan symbol and associated with the Sky God:

"The Eagle is the symbol of royalty, power, authority, victory. Among the Greeks it symbolised supreme spiritual energy. Zeus is attended by an eagle."(Ancient Pagan Symbols, Elisabeth Goldsmith)

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Unknown said...

More than 9 out of 10 images of King Tutankhamun show him as someone who’d check the “Black” box on a census.

You can google Tiye, Tutankhamun’s grandmother, yourself to see how she looked.

As for his father, Akhenaton, the closest transmitter of his paternal DNA, his facial proportions, facial angle and facial features match an East African’s perfectly:

And as Akhenaten’s wife- King Tutankhamun’s mother- was his sister (, we can only assume she looked the same. Black Grandmother, Black father, sorry, buddy, but King Tutankhamun wasn’t what you think.

My wife is Aryan, and I am “Black”. If my children marry “whites” they will have children who look indistinguishable from children who don’t have a “Black” grandfather, yet the paternal DNA markers will be of a sub-Saharan African. Genotype ain’t phenotype.

So, to whatever extent R1B1a2 is what you think it is, it can be found in a person of any phenotype. An R1B1a2 carrier could have spouses, children and grandchildren with great phenotypical differences, but the descendants would all have that marker, right?

Anyways, my point is not to argue that ancient Egyptians were all “Black” and only “Black”. Ancient Egypt was like every other place in the world and history- a confluence of peoples:

My reason for commenting- and I have enjoyed reading many of your articles for some time- is to explain how Turkic and Aryan symbols- and the corresponding peoples- became prominent in Egypt.

It was largely through white slavery.

There was quite literally a flood of “white” slaves into the Islamic heartlands of the Arabian Peninsula, Northeast Africa, the Levant, and Persia after Islam spread out of Arabia. They were Turkic, Germanic, Slavic, Persian, and Caucasian. In fact, it was an important part of the Viking economy for some time.

In time, the Turkic and Aryan peoples especially, would even come to rule, especially in Egypt. This is where the “blood memory” comes from. Slaves turned kings from lands where the eagle was a symbol.

Read about that in the second half of this article: