Friday, February 21, 2014

My Reply to the Independent Newspaper

The Independent newspaper has recently(27/10/13) referred to one of my book reviews to be found on Amazon UK without giving me an opportunity to respond:

"It has been a month since the social network Goodreads caused a scandal by deleting reviews which focused on the author instead of the book, and it turns out that the world does not implode when reviewers are required to read the work that they are criticising. Meanwhile, at the generally genial launch for Francesca Simon’s new novel The Lost Gods, there was disappointment that at the time of publication there was only one review of it on Amazon, written by someone who had not read the book but implored fellow readers not to buy it on account of its “blasphemous” themes. The Lost Gods begins where The Sleeping Army left off, and sees the gods come back to earth disguised as celebrities. “What authors like Francesca Simon fail to understand is that Wodenism is a living and growing religion in England,” complains the “review”, adding that “as London is no longer a city inhabited by a majority ethnically English population it would be the last place in England that the Gods would choose to ‘return’ to”. Ye gods, has this person ever read fiction? Subsequent reviews, by people who have read the novel, are considerably more positive."

My readers should note that  if I had authored a book lampooning Allah, Jesus Christ or Yahweh, the ancestral god of the Jewish-American author, I would have been branded by the `liberal` establishment, muslim and jewish rights organisations and churches as being an infidel, anti-semite or anti-christ but anything that ridicules the ancestral Gods of the native English in England for the sake of comedy and selling books is fair game to these `liberals`. I notice that the anonymous critic does not refer to the other major point that I had made regarding the lack of consistency or research when referring to the names of the Gods. Also notice how the writer of the article puts words in my mouth, saying that I had referred to the "blasphemous themes" in the book: a flagrant misrepresentation of the facts! How independent  is that view?! The Independent should do a little research and get upto date with the religious make up of England today. Wodenism/Odinism/Wotanism is the fastest growing religion in northern Europe amongst Germanic people. If it is not acceptable to take the piss out of Yahweh/Allah or Jesus Christ without mild censure at the very least occurring  then they should afford the same considerations to followers of Woden!

Here is the review in full which makes more sense when not taken out of context by the press:

"What authors like Francesca Simon fail to understand is that Wodenism is a living and growing religion in England. It is the original and natural religion of the ethnic English people. The Gods of the English are in many[but not all] cases the same deities honoured by the other modern day descendants of the pre-xtian Germanic peoples, whether they be of English, German, Dutch or Scandinavian descent.
Making fun of our deities in a novel dishonours our Gods and causes offense to those of us who follow the ancestral Gods.
I would ask therefore that all potential purchasers of this book take that into account.
On a different note I would recommend that if anyone were to author a book about our Gods to at least be consistent with the names of our deities and not mix Anglo-Saxon and Norse names! I notice from browsing the book via Amazon book search facility that whilst Woden is referred to by his correct English name, Thunor is called by his Norse name Thor. Likewise Tiw is referred to as Tyr.
Lastly I would like to point out that as London is no longer a city inhabited by a majority ethnically English population it would be the last place in England that the Gods would choose to "return" to. They are ANCESTRAL Gods after all! Unlike the middle-eastern god our Gods do not consider themselves to be universal or require the whole world to worship them. They exist in the DNA of their people, their folc."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vishnu Yesus, the Kalki Avatar

As I have demonstrated in previous articles the unhistorical Jesus of Nazareth is nothing more than a mythological construct, plagiarised from other religions, most notably those which have their origins amongst the Aryan peoples.

An interesting example of a pre-xtian `Jesus` character may be found in the Indian poem Barta-Sastra. It should be noted that this poem was composed in the century before the birth of the so-called Jesus of Nazareth.

"Then shall be born a Brahmin, in the city of Sambhala. This shall be the Vishnu Yesu; he shall possess the Divine Scriptures and all the sciences, without having employed to learn them as much time as it takes to pronounce a single word. That is why he shall be called the Sarva Buddha-he who knows in perfection all things. Then this Vishnu Yesu, conversing with the race of man, shall purge the earth of sinners (which would be impossible to any other than him), and shall cause truth and justice to reign upon it; and shall offer the sacrifice of the horse, and shall subject the universe to Buddha. Nevertheless, when he shall have attained old age, he shall withdraw into the Desert to do penance; and this is the order that the Vishnu Yesu shall establish among men. He shall establish virtue and truth in the midst of the Brahmins, and restore the four Castes within the limits of their law. Then the first age will be restored. The Supreme King will render the sacrifice so common to all nations, that even the wilderness shall not be deprived of it. The Brahmins, established in virtue, shall employ themselves only in the ceremonies of religion and sacrifice; they shall cause penitence, and other virtues, which follow in the train of truth, to flourish; and they shall spread abroad the splendour of the Holy Scriptures. The seasons shall succeed each each other in an invariable order; the rain in due time shall inundate the fields, the harvest in due time shall pour forth abundance. Milk shall flow at the pleasure of those who desire it; the earth, as in the first age, shall be intoxicated with joy and prosperity, and all the nations shall taste of ineffable delights. (Kaly-Younga and Krita-Younga of the Hindoos.)

"Whilst the Indian poet Maricandeya sung thus on the banks of the Ganges, Virgil [70-19 BCE] was making the shores of Tiber resound with nearly the same strain." [Christianity in China, Tartary, and Thibet,M. L`Abbe Huc, 1857]

This was clearly one of the sources for the myth of the Jesus story as the name Yesu clearly provided the basis for the New Testament name. This Yesu will possess knowledge that was unlearned as the poem indicates. If my readers recall the Young Jesus at the age of 12 possessed wisdom and entered into debate with the rabbinical teachers in the temple.

The poem is clearly talking about a yet future event: the coming of the Kalki Avatar, the Third Sargon for He will restore the order of Castes which in the `west` currently lies in ruins with unrestrained immigration and race-mixing. Horse sacrifice is an ancient Aryan custom and its survival may be detected in both the Rig Veda and Irish mythology.

Unlike Jesus of Nazareth who supposedly died at the young age of 33 this Yesu will reach old age and retire into the Desert as was the custom of Indo-Aryan sages.

The coming of Vishnu Yesu will mark the end of the Kali Yuga and the birth of a new Krita or Satya Yuga, a Golden Age when the earth will be restored and the seasons will follow in their right order. Any observer of recent climatic events in the British Isles and North America will realise that everything is out of kilter, a sign that we are surely in the Kali Yuga.

Vishnu Yesu will be born in Shamballa which is a mythical city deep inside the earth where the Aryan masters dwell who are watching events that unfold upon the surface of the earth. This is also the birth place of the Kalki Avatar and this provides further evidence that Vishnu Yesu is in fact the Kalki Avatar, the Third Sargon.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Prophecy of Sajaha and the Third Sargon

In the English speaking world little is still known about the prophecies concerning the coming world emperor, the Third Sargon and no doubt this is mainly due to the fact that the majority of the literature which is available is in German.

However the late Dr Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke does refer to this figure in Black Sun. Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity, 2002:

"According to the Babylonian revelation of Isais, Thule initiates believed in the coming of a messiah, the `Third Sargon`, who would restore Germany to greatness with a new Aryan culture."(Page 294)
"Sebottendorff was supposed to be acquainted with the prophecy of the `Third Sargon` by the Babylonian seeress Sajaha (c. 650), which told of terrible woes and the inversion of all values until the avenging emperor would arrive from the north (Midnight) and destroy all evil by fire."(Page 165)

Apart from these two meagre references nothing further is discussed about this rather enigmatic Third Sargon. Inevitably the reader must obtain German literature on the subject which is available in abundance. In 2013 Joshua Free and the `Mardukite Chamberlains` (whoever they may be!) published an English translation of the Book of Sajaha the Seer with the accompanying German text. To be frank I was rather disappointed with the translation and I feel that I could have done a better job of translating it myself. Anyone who wishes to purchase this work would do well to closely compare the German text with the English translation or better still avoid the translation all together if possible!

"Sajaha: `Der Dritte Sargon wird kommen in spaeterer Zeit. Er wird vertilgen die Knechte der Finsternis mit all ihrem Samen, er wird das Boese ausreissen mit der Wurzel."(Tablet 12.14)

Wotans Krieger`s translation:

"Sajaha: `The Third Sargon will come at a later time. He will exterminate the slaves of darkness with all their seed, he will pull out the evil by the root."

This Babylonian prophecy is striking similar to the prophecies concerning the Kalki Avatar:

 "When justice is crushed, when evil is triumphant, then I come back. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evildoers, for the establishment of the Reign of Righteousness. I am born again and again, age after age."(The Bhagavad-Gita IV Verses 7 and 3)

The Aryan nature of the Third Sargon is emphasised in the Book of Sajaha with references to the `north` or the `north country`:

"Nebukadnezar: `Wie aber ergeht es Babylon?`
"Sajaha: `Es wird untergehen fuer lange Zeit. Erst der Dritte Sargon wird es wiederrichten in Lande des Nordens. Dort und dann wird es ein neues Babylon geben."(Tablet 12.31)

Wotans Krieger`s translation:

"Nebukadnezar: `How will it fare with Babylon?`

"Sajaha: `It will be destroyed for a long time. First the Third Sargon will reestablish it in the land of the North. There and then there will be a new Babylon."

Of course the prophecy is referring to the formation of a new empire in the spirit of the old Babylon. Likewise the Third Sargon is not necessarily a literal genetic descendant of the old Babylonian emperors although of course he could be. We know that the ruling caste in Babylon and Sumer were Aryan as Professor L.A. Waddell has so admirably proven in his works. 

As well as the `land of the North`, the `Midnight Mountain`, a Thulean concept is referred to:

"Die Sonne verdunkelt ihr Licht von Chaldaea bis zum Sockel des Mitternachtsberges."(Tablet 12, 2nd Chapter,3-4)

Wotans Krieger`s translation:

"The sun darkens its light from Chaldea to the base of the Midnight Mountain."

Interestingly the prophecy refers to the base miscegenation, homosexuality and other unnatural and immoral practices which are rife in the `west` today:

"Sitte wird nicht mehr sein, sondern Laster wird als vornehm gelten. Maenner werden ungestraft mit Knaben verkehren; Weiber werden nicht mehr Weiber sein wollen, sondern ungestraft wie Maenner sich geben; Menschen werden sich ungestraft mit Tieren vermischen und Bastarde zeugen. Und die Bastarde der Bastarde werden zahlos in den Strassen der Staedte sein, ohne dass man sie vertilgt." (Tablet 12, 2nd Chapter, 11)

Wotans Krieger`s translation: 

"Customs will no longer be enforced, but vice will be fashionable. Men will have sexual intercourse with boys and go unpunished; women will no longer want to be women, but will behave like men and go unpunished; people will mix themselves with animals and go unpunished and father bastards. And the bastards of bastards will be countless in the streets of the cities without anyone eradicating them."

This is the frightening and hideous prospect that faces the `west` today: racial bastardisation. A future where the cities will be the breeding ground of a horrendous racial melting pot. We are seeing this happen right before our eyes and no one is doing a single thing to stop it. This current state of affairs would have been unthinkable not so long ago but with a few generations the cosmopolitan international tribe that controls the media, the government, finance and industry has achieved the unthinkable and Aryan man now awaits his doom. However all will not be lost for in the Third Sargon, the Kalki Avatar, Wid-ar we have a coming redeemer. We await Him!

Again this prophecy is incredibly similar to that contained in the Bhagavad Gita 1:41:

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes proceeds the loss of memory, out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."

Miscegenation causes loss of Blood Memory due to genetic confusion. The victims of this act, the children should be pitied rather than condemned but it should not be permitted for them in turn to continue this error by reproducing. This should be a matter of public health policy as it was in the past, not only in Germany but in England and the USA.

I cannot but draw a link between the recent violent storms that have wreaked havoc in the British Isles and the recent decision by the British government to introduce homosexual marriage, to legitimise what is a perversion of nature. Just today a member of the public being interviewed by a reporter on some windswept beach in England commented:  "The gods must be punishing us-for what I don`t know" or words very close to that. He said what I had been thinking for a while now.

We know why the Gods are "punishing us": it is because man has become a disease, a bacillus that must be rooted out from the earth. He is ruining the earth and he is poisoning his own gene pool. What man has failed to correct the Gods will! England must take heed; what happened to Atlantis may happen to you any day!


Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Rebuttal to Alejandro Rodriguez on My Esus Article

Recently a strong exchange of views took place following my article Esus, a Celto-Aryan Prototype for Jesus of Nazareth, published on 12/5/13 on my Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen blog.
I suggest to my readers that they read the article in full but what I wish to focus on here are the misguided views that both xtians and non-xtians have concerning jesus of Nazareth. Over the years I have made it very clear in my writings on my blogs and on various forums that I do not accept as fact that there ever existed such a personality in the turn of the first century in Palestine. The so-called gospels are sheer fabrications and what the various churches preach is an utter lie.

Alejandro Rodriguez in his comments states:

"The name's similarity with Jesus is completely coincidental, but what really shoots down your theory is the fact that Jesus is not the original form of the name but a latinization that came afterwards; the original form of the name is Joshua, which doesn't resemble Esus that much. Also, Jesus' name wasn't decided at Nicea, his name already appears in the Gospels and in Paul's letters, which are the earliest Christian writings dating to 50-90 CE. Are you really knowledgeable about these things?" (23/12/13)
Rodriguez`offers no evidence or indeed any reasoning to support his assertion that "The name`s similarity with Jesus is completely coincidental." When the xtian religion was fully crafted in the 4th century by Constantine, under his direction the books of the New Testament were fabricated and a new `god` was born: Hesus Krishna, from which today we derive `Jesus Christ`. An interesting and informative work exposing the Aryan origins of the jesus myth is Sarah Elizabeth Titcomb`s Aryan Sun Myths. The Origin of Religion, 1899. 
"All Indo-Germanic nations have worshipped crucified  saviours and overwhelming proof was obtained that the sun-myths of the ancient Aryans were the origin of the religion in all of the countries which were peopled by the Aryans." (Charles Morris in his introduction to Titcomb`s book.)

Constantine would not have stood a cat in hell`s chance of peddling his new `saviour` to Europeans of course with a Semitic name and so having plagiarised Aryan sources to account for his myth he utilised the names of Hesus/Esus and Krishna to make it more acceptable to the Aryan inhabitants of his empire. His need for a single universal religion that could be used to cement the disparate parts of his empire together was paramount and the best way of forging a new religion is to build on old foundations and then eventually obliterate all traces of having done so, which is what the churches have attempted to do for 1,500 years, exterminating anyone who gets in their way in the same way that islam continues to do so today. There is nothing more intolerant than Semitic monotheism.

Esus like Baeldag/Baldr and Wotan/Wodan/Woden/Odin are crucified Gods. The Celts and Teutons often with a combination or force, persuasion and deception took to accepting the white xrist as their new `god` because of the similarities and often this new `god`jwas worshipped alongside the old ones, grafted into their pantheons; eventually under the guidance of the churches, superseding them altogether whilst the old ones were demonised.

As far as the authenticity and dating of the gospels in concerned they appear to date no further back than the 4th century and certainly none of them are contemporary to the alleged life of xrist or the events that they report:

"the earliest of the extant manuscripts [of the New Testament], it is true, do not date back beyond the middle of the fourth century AD"
(Catholic Encyclopedia, op. cit., pp. 656-7).

There are simply no contemporary writings, biblical or non-biblical that report the life and events of jesus of Nazareth which is astounding when one considers how careful the Romans were to catalogue important events!

"It is amazing that history has not embalmed for us even one certain or definite saying or circumstance in the life of the Saviour of mankind ... there is no statement in all history that says anyone saw Jesus or talked with him. Nothing in history is more astonishing than the silence of contemporary writers about events relayed in the four Gospels."
(The Life of Christ, Frederic W. Farrar, Cassell, London, 1874)

Rodriguez writes again:

"Sorry for the delay, but I didn't realize you had answer me. Apparently you pretty much give up any notion that Esus and Jesus are etymologically related, so this point is moot. You then assert without any evidence whatsoever that Jesus was presented as a peddled god on the worldtree. And you do realize that crucifixion was a fact that the Romans did as a punishment to criminals, right? And that the crucifixion of Jesus is one of the things historians completely agree on. As for historical evidence, the Gospels were written mere decades after Jesus' crucifixion and by people who were with him. And Paul's letters and the Book of Acts were written even before them, around the 50s and 60s AD. This is not something I say, this is what every historian and New Testament scholar will tell you. And then there's the fact that Jesus also gets mentioned by other authors of that time, including Suetonius, Tacitus and Josephus, who mentions him twice. Tacitus even provides crucial information, saying that Jesus was crucified under Pontius Pilate. If you want more info, you should read Did Jesus Exist? by the agnostic scholar Bart Ehrman (so you won't say that it is biased), which is a very good book summarizing the academic viw of Jesus, that he did exist and was a first century Jewish preacher who was crucified by the Romans. Also your comment about the weak and gullible is amusing considering that White Europeans. the ones who you consider the superior race, have been the ones that have preserved Christianity and nourished it the most." (5/2/14)

This time he asserts that I had "pretty much give up any notion that Esus and Jesus are etymologically related," which my readers can see that this is not the case. To the jewish speaking world this made-up `saviour` is presented as joshua but to the European and wider world he is jesus and would have been seen by the Celts at the time of being related to their God Hesus/Esus.

The evidence for the parallels between jesus on the cross[a tree] and that of Wodan and Esus require no further elaboration from me. Either you see and acknowledge this connection or you just bury your head in the sand!  The issue of crucifixion as a Roman punishment does not detract from my argument.

Tacitus wrote his Annals in 116CE. That is hardly a contemporary account and thus it cannot be regarded as evidence for xrit`s existence! This is hear-say and would not stand up in a court of law as evidence. Tacitus was not in a position to state that xrist was a real flesh and blood person, having never lived during his lifetime. All Tacitus is doing is reporting about the fire of Rome in July 64 CE and makes inferences that this may have been caused by a jewish sect of fanatics. It is not confirmation for the existence of jesus of Nazareth and is not contemporary with his alleged life. This believe it or not is the `strongest` piece of `evidence` that the xtians have and it is not much, now is it?

"Consequently, to get rid of the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Jud├Ža, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome, where all things hideous and shameful from every part of the world find their centre and become popular. Accordingly, an arrest was first made of all who pleaded guilty; then, upon their information, an immense multitude was convicted, not so much of the crime of firing the city, as of hatred against mankind". (Tacitus, Annals 15:44)

"White Europeans" is a term which I generally do not use. It is in itself an unnecessary term for either one is European or one is not. It stands to reason that Europeans are white of skin unless they are miscegenated.
It certainly is not a `race` as Rodriguez seem to allege that I think it is. To speak of a Nordic or a Europid race is legitimate but not a "White European race". This seems to me to be an American term and one of little validity for European racialists.

The truth of the matter is that the Germanic and other northern European peoples were forced by the threat of bloodshed to outwardly convert to the new religion of xtianity. Today in northern Europe xtianity has been largely abandoned: the xtian `god` is dead. Only the old and the feeble of mind cling to the decayed edifice of this religion. Only among the Europid Americans is xtianity still a powerful influence but I put this down to what I term the Pilgrim Fathers` Complex.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Aryan Symbolism in the Egyptian Flag

The Aryan origins of Egyptian civilisation are well known and the late Professor L.A. Waddell wrote extensively on this subject, in particular in his Egyptian Civilization. Its Sumerian Origin and Chronology in which he provides incontestable proofs of the Sumerian origin of Egyptian civilization, so-called `Egyptian` hieroglyphics and the pre-dynastic and first dynasty of Pharaohs and by extension their Indo-European origins. He skillfully identifies through his decipherment of the Indo-Sumerian seals and his comparison between their inscriptions with those of the Indo-Aryan king lists and Sumerian and Egyptian chronicles that Pharaoh Menes is identical with Manis-Tusu, son of Sargon the Great, Manasyu of India and King Minos of Crete, a great Aryan world emperor.

Professor Waddell`s work is unfortunately largely ignored by the academics, not because of lack of evidence or inherent logic but because his racial interpretation of ancient history has become an anathema since the end of WWII. I endorse this work and indeed all his works and there is much material in these books that the intelligent Aryan researcher may use to advance his agenda.

Now I am not saying that modern Egyptians are of Aryan stock, far from it. What I am saying is that their civilisation and their masters were of Aryan stock and we now have scientific proof for the latter with the revelation that Pharaoh Tutankhamun`s paternal DNA is R1B1a2, which is the most common Y Chromosone haplotype found in western Europe and indeed one shared by me. This analysis was done by the Swiss genetics company iGENEA using the sequence from the readout of the DNA inadvertently shown in a Discovery Channel documentary which curiously at the time did anything but discuss the Pharaoh`s ethnicity and actual DNA results! Of course the powers that be in Egyptian archaeology deny these findings but stubbornly refuse to publicly release the results, no doubt out of fear of revealing the `horrible` truth that their Pharaohs were not Egyptian at all but an elite western European noble clan and this then causes doubt to begin to spread about the `Egyptian` origins of `Egyptian` civilisation itself.

Of course we don`t need DNA results to confirm the obvious. One look at the mummified remains of the Pharaohs and their families and we see straight away from their blonde and red hair that they can only be members of the Nordic race. How any so-called academic can deny this obvious fact beggars belief. I intend to write further about the Aryan origins of Egypt`s Pharaohs in future articles on this blog. There is an additional argument that although only 1% of Egypt`s modern population share this haplotype, 4,000 years ago it was much more common.

Now having laid the necessary foundations for this article I wish to move on and discuss the modern flag of Egypt which significantly, like the old German and Prussian flag is a red, white and black tricolour which also contains a very German looking gold eagle in the centre. Regardless of the intentions of the Egyptians in the 1950,s the adoption of these colours and the Aryan eagle is an instinctive reaction and can be attributed to some stirrings in the Blood Memory, no matter how weak that may be. As I identified in my article The Significance of Red, White and Blue/Black in Aryan Society and Cosmology (6/4/13) red, white and blue/black are representative of the Aryan caste system and its memory survives to the present day in the flags and colours of Aryan derived nations. There is also a hermetic basis for this colour system which I intend to explore in a future article.

The current flag of modern Germany is no longer black, white and red but black, red and gold. The presidential version of the flag carries the German eagle in the centre. The eagle has long been a symbol of the German people and can be traced back to at least the 9th century and the beginnings of the First Reich.
There are in my opinion two strains of thought here. We can of course assume that the adoption of the eagle as the Reichsadler (imperial/national eagle) is due to the inheritance of the Roman Empire by the Germanic peoples. This imagery is most strikingly evident in the Nuernberg parades of the Third Reich. The flag pole tops are also reminiscent of the Roman Empire as was the German salute. Clearly there was a conscious attempt by Hitler to identify the Third Reich as a continuation of the First Reich, which was in itself a continuation of the Roman Empire ( The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation)  which became German by right of Germanic conquest from the 5th century onwards. The second strain of thought is that the adoption of the eagle as a primary symbol on a level with the Swastika was a natural response to the stirrings of the ancient Aryan Blood Memory.

The eagle is both a German and an Aryan symbol and associated with the Sky God:

"The Eagle is the symbol of royalty, power, authority, victory. Among the Greeks it symbolised supreme spiritual energy. Zeus is attended by an eagle."(Ancient Pagan Symbols, Elisabeth Goldsmith)

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Phol and His Hyperborean Associations

The Second Merseburg Charm of the 9th/10th century CE refers to a Germanic God called Phol:

Phol and Wodan were riding to the woods,
and the foot of Balder's foal was sprained
So Sinthgunt, Sunna's sister, conjured it.
and Frija, Volla's sister, conjured it.
and Wodan conjured it, as well he could:
Like bone-sprain, so blood-sprain,
so joint-sprain:
Bone to bone, blood to blood,
joints to joints, so may they be glued.

Many scholars assume that Phol is just another name for Balder and the evidence from the charm would seem to confirm this. However it is strange that the same God should be referred to by two different names within the same charm. Rudolf Simek [Dictionary of Northern Mythology] contests the assumption that it is the same God and puts forward a different theory. He associates Phol with the Goddess Volla referred to in the charm. He asserts that the Nordic equivalent of the German Volla is Fulla, the Goddess of fullness and thus links Her to Freyja and thus Phol with Freyr. The great Jacob Grimm appears to be convinced in his Teutonic Mythology Volume 1 that Balder and Phol are one and the same divinity. He refers to a Pholesauwa or Pholesouwa 10-12 miles from Passau mentioned in a document drawn up between 774-788 CE. This would appear to be a place of His worship. There is also a Pholespiunt on the Altmuehl between Eichstaedt and Kipfenberg in a forest. The Fulla traditions also refer to Pholesbrunnen in Thuringia. He cites other examples in his work such as Poelde in the Harz mountains so it is clear that Phol was a recognised German deity whether or not He was the same as Balder.

Grimm finds parallels between Phol and other Indo-European deities:

"I incline to this last hypothesis, and connect Phol and Pol (whose o may very well have sprung from a) with the Celtic Beal, Beul, Bel, Belenus, a divinity of light or fire, the Slav. Bielbogh, Belbogh (white-god), the adj. biel, bel (albus), Lith. baltas, which last with its extension T makes it probable that Baeldag and Baldr are of the same root, but have not undergone consonant-change. Phol and Paltar therefore are in their beginning one, but reveal to us two divergent historical developments of the same word, and a not unimportant difference in the mythology of the several Teutonic races." [Grimm]

Grimm concludes that this God was known to Thuringians and the Bavarians as Phol although they knew of His alternative names of Paltar and Balder. The Saxons and Westphalians knew Him as Baldag and Baeldag. Clearly Phol was known to not only the Teutons but other northern Aryan peoples such as the Balts, Slavs and Celts. Thus we may infer from this that His origins go back to a shared northern Aryan common past.
However we may also be able to draw a link to the Hellenic Apollo. There is not only a remarkable similarity between the names of Phol and Apollo but both were divinities of light and associated with the North. Six months every year Apollo would wander north to the land of the Hyperboreans. By contrast Balder would be consigned to the underworld of Hel, although not merely for six months of the year although this part of the solar myth may be a distortion to fit in with the myth of Ragnarok. Phol or Pol/A-pol-lo may also be considered to be the God of the Pole, the pole that is which connects the Hyperborean and Thulean far North with the Pole Star. He is thus both a solar and a polar deity. There is a common connecting thread that runs through the whole of Germanic and Aryan mythology-the emphasis on BOTH the polar and the solar.
Phol, the masculine pole and polar God: Sol the feminine solar Goddess, a contrast of opposites.

I am reminded of the practice of the ancient Teutons of erecting poles as representing their Gods. A wooden pole or carved image of a God would be erected in a heap of stones and worshipped. This was common during the Germanic Bronze Age and Iron Age and also far back into the European Stone Age. The phallic association is obvious as well as the link with the Irminsul.