Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wotans Krieger Recommends: The Last Battallion by the 55 Club

I have just had the pleasure of completing my reading of The Final Battalion. True Origin of the UFO by the 55 Club. This is their latest and one of their most interesting works. It focuses primarily on the writings of Miguel Serrano, the great Armanist Master and founder of Esoteric National Socialism. Indeed the appendix features 28 pages of an English translation of Serrano`s The Golden Cord and numerous quotations from Nos, The Ultimate Avatar and Manu-The Coming Man.  It is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs.

To my delight the author features information about the German Goddess Isais. This Goddess is seldom discussed in the English speaking word but her connection with the Vril Gesellschaft, previously known as Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik[The Pan-German Society for Metaphyics] and the medium Maria Orsitsch are explored. The book examines the origins or the rediscovery and development of UFO technology in the days before and during the Third Reich and its subsequent theft by the West and the USSR after the war. There are chapters on Die Glocke [The Bell]  and The Lords of the Black Stone. The flight and mission of Admiral Byrd to the Arctic and Antarctic are covered and there is a great deal of interesting material about Hyperborean civilisation in North and South America and its continuing suppression by the establishment and Red Indians which has certainly given me food for thought.

The book will take the reader on a spiritual journey where he will discover new things or perhaps see things again but in a fresh light. It is certainly inspiring and I dare say that was the author`s probable intention. I could not put the book down and devoured its contents within a few days.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Climate Change", the Kali Yuga and Riding the Tiger

A cleansing process is now taking place throughout the earth. What awakened Aryan man has failed to achieve Mutter Erde is accomplishing right now. Regardless of where one stands on the climate change issue it is clear that the Earth Mother is angry. Even in the British Isles where extreme weather is or has been very rare we have in very recent years seen a change taking place. Violent storms and floods are now common place at practically all times of the year.

Whilst man is undoubtedly causing great damage and suffering to the earth I do not subscribe to the man-made causes of climate change. Climate change has been occurring for millions of years without man-made pollution and what we are witnessing today is part of that natural cycle. It is perfectly normal and to be expected. Naturally it suits the intentions of the world`s pseudo-scientists to keep up the pretense that it is man made in order that their own nests continue to be feathered with millions in government funds. This is why despite all logic they cling so tenaciously to their theory. It also suits the purposes of governments for it allows them with impunity to continue to rob the tax paying serfs in their jurisdictions to fund research into this scientific hoax and thus further impoverish their native populations even further. This also makes it even easier to control their subject populations in influencing their behaviour and thought patterns. To criticise man-made climate change is to challenge the new orthodoxy. In effect one is labelled as a revisionist and criticism of these treacle scientists is the equivalent of denying the holohaux.

Natural and cyclical climate change enables Mutter Erde to flush out the human crap that infests its eco-systems. It is the main cause for the collapse of ancient world civilisations, civilisations that are now lost to conscious human memory. We are told repeatedly that the earth is overcrowded. The global population reached 7 billion in 2013. I shudder to think where this is leading. Hypocritically modern post-xtian liberal, humanist and democratic  man has ethical problems in culling non-human animal populations such as seals and seagulls but it blanches at the prospect of culling human populations. This uneasiness is a throwback to the distortions of xtianity which like bolshevism [another jewish creed] preaches the equality of all men regardless of race or individual value. Thus to talk about human population controls is tantamount to advocating genocide. Whilst the United Kingdom`s government  is heavily in debt and cannot provide decent public services for its host population which in theory it is supposed to serve it nevertheless squanders £11bn-£12bn each year in aid to foreign countries including those which have nuclear capability. It is sheer madness. Whilst it preaches to indigenous families in this country to limit the number of children which should be born for economic reasons it encourages the feckless millions of Africa and the Indian sub-continent to continue to breed like rabbits knowing that the taxpayers in this country will foot the bill. This is either incredible stupidity or it is a deliberate intention to impoverish the indigenous masses of this country.

By preaching restraint in breeding by the Aryan population of Britain it then provides the government with the pretext to say that "immigration is necessary for the British economy due to declining birth rates"! Whilst Levita-Cameron and Gideon Osborne continue to deceive the Aryan masses the serfs who love to "do their bit" do as their political masters instruct them without question because they are "all in it together!"

What is to be done? My short answer is: nothing! We must ride the tiger!

"When a cycle of civilisation is reaching its end, it is difficult to achieve anything by resisting it and by directly opposing the forces in motion. The current is too strong; one would be overwhelmed. The essential thing is not to let oneself be impressed by the omnipotence and apparent triumph of the forces of the epoch. These forces, devoid of connection with any higher principle, are in fact on a short chain. One should not become fixated on the present and on things at hand, but keep in view the conditions that may come about in the future. Thus the principle to follow could be that of letting the forces and processes of this epoch take their own course, while keeping oneself firm and ready to intervene when `the tiger, which cannot leap on the person riding it, is tired of running.`[Ride the Tiger. A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul, Julius Evola, 1961]

Whilst I am not saying that those engaged in exoteric and political action should cease we must not expect any lasting success within this field. Instead the real battles are to be fought in the esoteric realm. The hour calls for the initiate, the Sonnemensch to engage in esoteric warfare both individually and in groups. An unseen struggle is being engaged upon and that which is happening on the earth, in Midgard, exoterically is not the deciding factor.

The effects of the Kali Yuga are first being felt here in the west, where tradition has been overturned, the Untermensch has dethroned the Uebermensch, quantity has overpowered quality, base matter, lead has overpowered gold, matter has overpowered spirit. However do not think that the Kali Yuga will just confine itself to the west: it will spread to the east, the last bastion of the traditional Weltanschauung. Through the zionist creation of the United States of America  this disease will spread throughout the world and this is the real reason for zionist America`s war against terror.

The priority of the initiate is this:

"One abandons direct action and retreats to a more internal position."[Evola, 1961]

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wotans Krieger Recommends: The Black Sun Unveiled

I have just spent the last two or three weeks reading and studying the recently released The Black Sun Unveiled by James Pontolillo[ 2013]. This is a huge tome consisting of 792 pages and 65 chapters with five appendices! Pontolillo does a splendid job of unearthing the origins of the Schwarze Sonne mythos and in doing so he delves into the fields of mediaeval alchemy, nineteenth and twentieth century literature, including science fiction before he gets to the most interesting [for me] parts of the book. The second part of the book consists of rare ariosophical and armanist works translated into English, many for the first time it would seem along with an exploration of how the symbolism of the Black Sun has penetrated the folkish music scene and contemporary fiction.

Examples of important works include the complete Das Mysterium der Zentralsonne by Peryt Shou[1912], an extremely difficult work to understand [in German or English!] and translated excerpts of works by H.P. Blavatsky, Karl Maria Wiligut, Emil Ruediger, Erich Halik, Wilhelm Landig, Rudolf J. Mund, Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, Robert Charroux, Jean-Michel Angebert, James Madole, the Tempelhofgesellschaft, Order of the Nine Angles, Norbert Juergen Ratthofer, Ralph Ettl, Gerhard Hess, Jan van Helsing and many others.

The book is littered with nicely produced black and white photographs and illustrations. Throughout the various translated works Pontolillo has added copious footnotes. These tend to be rather repetitive if you read the book from cover to cover as I have done but may be very useful if you read just selected chapters of greater interest to you or if you delve into the book piecemeal in which case the repetition is very useful.At the end of each chapter there is a very useful reference page of relevant source books.

The opening chapter is 67 pages long and is devoted to discussing the relationship between Heinrich Himmler, the Schwarze Sonne, Schloss Wewelsburg and SS occultism in which the author seeks to dispel many inaccuracies concerning these subjects perpetuated by more sensationalist authors. This is a scholarly work and the only one of its kind so I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone interested in the subject of the Black Sun, armanism or ariosophy.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Further Reflections on the Aryan Doctrine of Awakening

This article was prompted by a discussion I had the other day with someone on the subject of Buddhism.
Buddhism is allegedly a philosophy not a religion or at least that is what its adherents, particularly its western ones allege. Some may go so far as to term it a `philosophy of religion` or a `religious philosophy`. To me this sounds disingenuous. We know that originally Gautama Buddha conceived this system as a practical philosophy and not as a religion and yet effectively this is what it has become in the East. Many countries regard themselves as being mainly or in part Buddhist by religion, ie China, Japan, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea etc. The vast majority of these so-called Buddhists are merely culturally Buddhist just as the majority of people in England today are not really Christian by belief or practice but merely culturally so-and this is a thin veneer at best! Thus we cannot obtain a true appreciation of Buddhism just on the basis of the observation of the beliefs or practices of the majority-and this is the mistake that many westerners today make.

As Baron Julius Evola makes clear in his The Doctrine of Awakening[1943] Buddhism according to its earliest texts of the Pali Canon is a system by which the Ariya may obtain physical and mental detachment from the masses. It is most surely a Left-Hand Path and is not intended for the masses but for the spiritual elite, for the would be Master. To be a Master one must first learn mastery over one`s body and thoughts.
The very fact that the masses treat it as a religion where they offer worship to images of the Buddha demonstrates most clearly that it has become degenerate. Some of the practices of Buddhism are useful to the Ariya and may complement whatever Aryan spiritual path the initiate is undertaking. For this reason Evola`s book should be regarded as a useful textbook. The sub title of the book is The Attainment of Self-Mastery According to the Earliest Buddhist Texts and this should be the defining motivation for its study. 

In chatper 2 of the book Evola stresses the Aryan-ness of the Doctrine of Awakening. He emphasises that the earliest written texts repeatedly call the teaching Aryan and imply this in a racial and aristocratic sense.
Buddha himself, Prince Siddhattha was the blue-eyed son of a king of Sakiya, a people who claimed to be a `solar race.` The Aryan peoples who built civilisation in both the West and the East belonged to this Nordic Aryan racial caste and one still sees this caste surviving even today amongst the darker-skinned alien hordes in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.
"We have to remember that behind the various caprices of modern historical theories, and as a more profound and primordial reality, there stands the unity of blood and spirit of the white races who created the greatest civilizations both of the East and West, the Iranian and Hindu as well as the ancient Greek and Roman and the Germanic."[Evola, 1943]

He states that it is right that Buddhism call itself `Aryan` as it has in part preserved a heritage that is common to all the Aryan peoples but of which western man has largely forgotten. He points out that due to intermarriage between the racial Aryan elite of the East and the indigenous masses much of the tradition has become obscured and has degenerated-as many things have in the Kali Yuga but it is the task of the Arya, the Sonnenmensch to uncover and teach the essential primordial Hyperborean teachings of and to worthy members of our own race.