Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Black Sun and The Golden Sun: the Task of the Arya

It is no coincidence that since the end of WWII Die Schwarze Sonne [the Black Sun] has emerged as the primary symbol of esoteric National Socialism. Some would argue that on a superficial basis the Black Sun appears to have eclipsed the Swastika as the symbol of Aryan man.One reason for this may be that the Black Sun, unlike the Swastika is not generally known to the uninitiated wider world and so the wearing or display of this symbol meets little if any opposition. This is of course to our advantage. The Unconscious does not reason; it feels, it remembers. As I have said many many times before, a "symbol is worth 1,000 words" for it speaks directly to the Racial Collective Unconscious. Thus a favourable response is more likely than that which one would receive if displaying the Swastika for the masses have not been conditioned-yet to respond negatively to the Black Sun; thus the Unconscious presents no barrier, no resistance to the reception of this symbol. Likewise to those who are initiated, who have understanding it is a sign of brotherhood.

There is another and deeper reason why the Black Sun has eclipsed the Swastika. That reason is elaborated on in my The Black Sun [Die Schwarze Sonne] in Eddic Mythology and Fairytale article published on my Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen blog on 26/12/13. Put quite simply the current active Sun, the Golden Sun is in the process of being `eclipsed` by the Black Sun, the currently passive Sun which will become active again after Ragnarok. It will become the active Sun of the new Golden Age of the Arya. The Eddic mythology from both the Elder and Younger Eddas makes this abundantly clear. At the time of the seeding of our race at the North Pole this ancient Sol Niger was visible in the sky and exerted a psychological and physiological influence upon our race. That influence will be felt again in its full power after Ragnarok. We know that the Arya will be purified through the fires of Ragnarok and the earth will be cleansed from its physical, biological and spiritual impurities due to the sacrifices of the Einheriar. The rejuvenated Arya will emerge from the safety of Odainsaker to replenish the earth. To meet them will be the rejuvenated Gods who will walk hand in hand with the Arya to accomplish the next phase of Aryan existence. Thus we must welcome Ragnarok. It cannot be avoided. The Gods know this and so do we.
However before the new can come the old order must be destroyed. The signs of its decay are already present and the end is in sight.

We know from the ancient Aryan science of Alchemy that the initial stage of the process of transformation is the nigredo stage, the darkening,  representing all that is decaying and dying and that the initiate must proceed from this stage to the ultimate goal of attaining the internal Golden Sun. What will happen in the heavens, in the Macrocosmos must be achieved internally, in the Microcosmos, the Sun Initiate, the Sonnenmensch. Partly for this reason we currently wear black for we are the inheritors of the Lords of the Black Stone, Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein [DHvSS], the SS, the Schwarze Sonne!


Steed EOW said...

Thanks for this article WK. Am I right in thinking that to attain the internal golden sun, the general methods include: nurturing inner, personal strength; learning self-reliance; awakening the (hidden) 'chakras'?

Jenainsubrica said...

1-Where is the Black Sun in Hinduism?
2-E in Tibetan lamaism?
Is there anyone who knows?
Thanks for the answers