Saturday, November 02, 2013

Religion and the Education of the Young

What the internal and external enemies of our Folk fear the most is a resurgence of Aryo-Germanic  awareness and pride. The whole of their system of propaganda which starts with primary education is designed to eradicate this natural awareness and pride from the youngest of our Folk. The folkish parent will combat this either through home schooling or by taking a careful supervision of what their children are learning at school, giving their children an alternative Weltanschauung and acting as an intelligent critic of any liberal propaganda cloaked as `education`. The parent should also take steps to ensure that their child is withdrawn from all religious `education` and worship which are the primary means that the propagandist[teacher] uses to inculcate a sense of  guilt in Aryan children. The healthy Aryan does not acknowledge `guilt` in the same sense as a xtian. The only guilt that an Aryan should feel is if he betrays his folk and Gods. Nothing else is of any relevance.

Before the child is old enough to participate in our sacred rites he or she should be given as one of their first gifts a hammer amulet. What we cannot explain intellectually may be transmitted symbolically to the young. I do not believe that there is a fixed age when children should participate in our rites and the parent must make a careful judgement as to when the child is ready. Participation in rites is a solemn and sacred duty and if there is any sign that the child lacks the maturity to control themselves then participation should be delayed until the time is right. In the meantime the parent should expose the child gently to our ancient lore, heritage and culture via the telling of nursery rhymes, folk tales and some of the easier to understand myths from the Eddas so that when they are mature enough to take an active part they will have a modicum of understanding. Indeed the withholding of participation by the parent may induce a longing for the child to be involved and this should be taken as an indication that the child is ready.

The continual exposure of the child to healthy stereotypes and symbols such as the hammer and fylfot will give them a natural sense of identity. It is not necessary however to expose them to negative racial teaching. Children already have an awareness of difference and negative instead of positive teaching can be counterproductive to our aims. For instance long ago on certain forums I criticised the mother of the Prussian Blue duo for using her children for propaganda purposes. They were, in my opinion too young to understand the import of what they were singing about. The danger is that children become merely the mouthpiece of their parents, unthinking automatons and this is not what we are about, or should be about. The child must be encouraged to think for themselves, to develop a critical faculty. A child who is brainwashed by a parent or an institution will only eventually rebel against that parent or institution if they have a scintilla of intelligence. This is what happened, predictably to Prussian Blue who now reject their white nationalist image and stance.

Thoughtful and careful folkish parenting is thus a tightrope. To not give children a view alternative to the liberal and decadent society in which they have been plunged is in my view wrong but at the same time we must also avoid being brainwashers. Like other cultures we have the right to raise our young in our own belief systems but we must not like fundamentalist xtians or musims become brainwashers. A child raised in an intelligent and loving way will naturally come to see the inherent flaws in the liberal and degenerate worldview.

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