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Lascaux cave art

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thor-Indra, Protector of the Aryan Folk

"Indra, as we show, bears resemblances to other `hammer-gods`. He is the Indian Thor, the angry giant-killer, the god of war and conquests. That his name even did not originate in India is made evident by an inscription at Boghaz Koi, in Asia Minor, referring to a peace treaty between the kings of the Hittites and Mitanni. Professor Hugo Winckler has deciphered from this important survival of antiquity `In-da-ra` as a Mitanni deity who was associated with Varuna, Mitra, and Nasatya."[Indian Myth and Legend, Donald A. Mackenzie].

Mr Mackenzie is correct in asserting that Indra or In-da-ra did not originate in India for He is a descendant of the ancient Indo-European Thunder God. There are many similarities between Indra and the Germanic Thor/Thunor/Thunaer/Donar:

"The popular thunder-god of the Vedic period bears a close resemblance to the hard-drinking, kindly and impulsive Thor, the Teutonic god of few words and mighty deeds, the constant `friend of man` and the inveterate enemy of demons."[Indian Myth and Legend]

Like Thor Indra was red-bearded, wielded the thunderbolt and his vehicle of choice being the chariot. Not only were they defenders of their Folk and thought against the forces of evil and chaos but both were enemies of the serpent. In the case of Thor this was the Midgard Wyrm. In Indra`s case it was the serpent Vritra. This struggle between the Aryan Sky God and the cthonic earth deity, the serpent, wyrm or dragon is a constant theme in Germanic and Aryan legend and myth. We recall of course the exploits of Beowulf and Sigurd-Siegfried. These heroes are a legendary echo of the the Aryan Sky/Thunder God. This struggle continues today between the solar/polar male virile sky religion of the Aryan and the non-Aryan lunar feminine earth bound religion.

That Indra is an Aryan deity is beyond doubt. Even a basic survey of the Rig Veda will unearth abundant references to this fact. He is an Aryan God but also a defender of  his Aryan Folk.

"I have bestowed the earth upon the Arya, and rain upon the man who brings oblation. I guided forth the loudly-roaring waters, and the Gods moved according to my pleasure."[Rig Veda Book 4, Hymn XXVI, 2, Griffith translation]

"I gave the earth to the Aryan; I gave rain to the mortal who made an offering. I led forth the roaring water; the gods followed after my wish."[Donning O` Flaherty translation]

"The mighty Thunderer with his fair-complexioned friends won the land, the sunlight, and the waters."[Rig Veda Book 1, Hymn  100, 18, Griffith]

"Indra in battles helps his Aryan worshipper, who hath hundred helps at hand in every fray, in frays that win the light of heaven. Plaguing the lawless he gave up to Manu`s seed the dusky skin;"[Rig Veda Book 1, Hymn 130, 8, Griffith]

"SING, with oblation, praise to him who maketh glad, who with Rjisvan drove the dusky brood away."[Rig Veda Book 1, Hymn 101, 1, Griffith]

"Armed with his bolt and trusting in his prowess he wandered shattering the forts of Dasas. Cast thy dart, knowing, Thunderer, at the Dasyu; increase the Arya`s might and glory, Indra. For him who thus hath taught these human races, Maghavan, bearing a fame-worthy title, Thunderer, drawing nigh to slay the Dasyus, hath given himself the name of Son for glory."[Rig Veda, Book 1, Hymn 103, 4-5, Griffith]

This is just a small selection of references in the Rig Veda to the protective role that Indra has towards His Aryan followers in their struggle against the alien for Lebensraum. The key to seeking and obtaining the protection of *Thunaraz is to acknowledge His greatness and power and that we are His kin, to place our trust in His protection and call upon Him for aid in our life and death struggle for biological preservation.

I would encourage my readers to obtain a copy of the full Rig Veda, translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith and available cheaply on sites like Amazon. This is the most reliable and undoctored un-PC version available. It would also be adviseable to obtain a copy of Wendy Doniger O`Flaherty`s translation of an edited version of the Rig Veda, published by Penguin. Although edited it is rich in footnotes and important parts of the Rig Veda are arranged thematically which aids study. Both translations should be used in conjunction with each other.   




Heeren Pandya said...

Everything written in this blog is just an attempt to hijack the great Indian civilization, nothing else. I am an Indian Hindu and strogly protest it.

Wotans Krieger said...

There is no attempt to "hijack any civilisation". But be aware that without the settling of Aryans from the European north there would be no Hindu civilisation. If you care to study the Rig Veda you can only come to one conclusion and that is that white European Aryans brought the Gods referred to in the Vedas to India along with the caste system to help prevent miscegenation with other races. Your "protests" does not change that.

vamsi krishna said...

What is this? A trash. Indra is oldest god. How can thor be indra

Wotans Krieger said...

Firstly, try reading and listening before opening your mouth or tapping that keyboard in illplaced anger.
If you actually care to take the time to READ the article (I don't know how good your English is) you will see that Indra is merely a localised Indo-Aryan form of the earlier Indo-European Thunder God and comparisons with *Thunaraz (Thor/Thunar/Thunor/Donar) are perfectly legitimate to make if you understand anything at all about Comparative Mythology (which you don't appear to do').
Secondly I am only publishing your pathetic and rude comment to show how all sorts of people read my blogs, not just the audience it is intended for.
By the way "trash" (an American term) does not require the indefinite article "a". Please also remember to add a question mark at the end of the sentence when appropriate.
Now run along, my teaching is not for you.

neil1396 said...

I don't know about white European Aryans bringing their Gods to India, but archaeological and linguistic studies seems to imply that 'Aryan' people were originally nomadic tribes of Central Asia (near Caspian Sea) and maybe Eastern Europe. From there one branch migrated south into present day Iran and India, and another branch into Central and Northern Europe. There is a powerful connection between the Indian, Iranian, Greek, Celtic and Norse mythologies which I am fascinated about.

Danny Falgou said...

It's obvious that Thor/Dar/Indra/Indara was a real person who brought civilization all be it violently to what is now called India.He instituted the varma/caste system,varma means color and those who were lighter skinned were given privledge because they were more closely related to his kin folk.But ot is my beliefe that this persons name was pronounced Dendara or Dandara,and whats the name of the most famous temple in Egypt "Dendera".This might also account for the name 'Odin"but that's just conjecture on my part.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks for the interesting contribution Danny.

Good photoshop said...

ignore those pleb indians.
As a brahman i just like to add :
"INDRA's physical descriptions match "Hirthik Roshan"(search google) not MAHATMA-Gandhi/ "

Now ask those indians to refute it.
MAn,these indians you see these days are nonaryans.They nolonger have vedic-religion,not they speak aryan language(sanskrit).There was no such country as INDIA/INDIC race even 60years ago until brits joined almost seperate kingdoms.....If you see me on facebook,you will get living example of a prehistoric indo-aryan.
Now do your math!

Ankush Ganguly said...

The entire aryan invasion theory has been discarded by scientists after 2 years of hard research and genetic study of people from all the different regions of india so "europeans bringing the vedic religion to india " theory does not hold anymore and its a fact "comparative mythology" cant refute genetic engineering and science and europeans have always tried to take credit for all things great in the east. So thats not a new thing ...nobody can deny the fact that there has been western influence on the current hindu religion but according to new research from modern scholars that happened much earlier due to mixing of western and eastern people in places like harappa and mohenjodaro and such ancient cities which became sort of cosmopolitan hubs of that era. So please try to keep an open mind and just dont read books of scholars who are all trying to establish the same objective try reading books of scholars who are providing alternate theories as well and I am sure you will see that the evidence and number of the latter overpowers the former

Siddharth Ghatpande said...

Guys, whatever the argument is but I believe that there has been a god/superhuman who has influenced multiple civilizations on our planet (be it anything or anyone). This figure has made sure that people follow, worship, believe him and we have references from all over the world to support the same.
I think it is important to understand how this divine energy/power is affecting us and also it's very interesting to know that these personalities (Indra/Thor) are in common.
All we can say is that there existed someone with those great powers and personality and we people of earth though diverse in our religions and race know how to accept and have faith in him.

Aryan Ore said...

I find Wendy Doniger's edition a nice extension to Griffith. It is natural for all races to try and usurp greatness. No one knows the demi gods as no one has seen that. Plus these gods happened far before the Aryan man went into Europe and over time became pale or white. Indra and the gods came about at the time of creation/ genesis of earth itself. However, it seems the Gods have relevance in Rig Veda to the light skin of Aryans. It is mentioned many times, against conquests and wars with Dasyus that are darker as mentioned. Are they European? No one can tell. As I see Humans have small realms of Europe, Asia for obvious reasons. While the Gods have Earth as realm and frankly they dont live on earth. As far as we are on this subject, the Rig Veda speaks of Genesis and tells out loud the Gods live above the Sky dome of Earth. They are therefore not of earth.

Earth is made for humans. It is clear that the Aryans understood and knew Indra and prayed to the Storm, and Solar Gods. Indra in return, blessed them with his strength and winnings, supposedly. Going back much further, I may be wrong, but when God made man and in its evolution, these gods had something very complex to do with the Aryan ancestors, that created the Aryans. It was the idea that Aryans will expand into Earth and civilize the planet.

Origin of Aryans, could be Central Asia in a sense. Could be habitations in India as well call it Stations. But originally it was near Persia and Central Asia which was at the time greener and had the best seasons. Then the Aryans expanded into all realms in earth, to India, Europe, America.

In a way Europeans also are not pure aryans because they interbred with Neanderthal causing the light hear, skin, eyes possibly. A result of European expansion was a total loss of spiritual intelligence. Yet with Aryan influence they could create material innovations.

India I believe carried the thesis of Aryanism to its core by creating a Varna society thus the Brahmins and Kshatriya did not intermix with local population. The lower section of Shudra would have. The Vaish I believe would have with maybe the top sections of Dasyus for trade benefit. That is why many Vaish people do not have the Aryan features in complete any longer.

We cant say what all exactly happened. But sitting in India, and reading into Rig Veda, and knowing my inner feeling, I can just make the best guess.

Anonymous said...

Europeans are the Giants !!!