Sunday, October 06, 2013

Hypnotism, a Recovered Lost Aryan Mantic Art

As I have mentioned before on this blog and on my Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen blog our task after awakening is to become masters of our Self. Our purpose in becoming masters of our Self is to equip us with the right state of awareness and knowledge in order that we can then become masters of others. This is what is meant by the term Herrenvolk. Not all who share our genetics are equipped to master others or even themselves. The vast majority of people, including those of our own biological race are sheep that require a shepherd, someone who has the capacity to tell them what to do and what to think. Before some of you raise an eyebrow at this statement give some thought as to the current situation in the world! In this age of mass media and mass surveillance by government agencies and corporations the individual is made to believe that he has the capacity to think freely but this is the last thing that is allowed to him by the chosen. Only the illusion of freewill is granted by Klingsor. The governing elite, the chosen, use the media and the idiotbox called television to influence the masses and they use governments who are financially manipulated by the chosen to enforce their will through laws.

What I am suggesting is that we use the same strategy. The masses are and always have been the cannon fodder of the powerful and we have to recognise that nothing will change this-and neither should it. Real power is exercised unseen and in secret.

One tool that can be used as a means of Self-empowerment and as a means of influence over others is hypnotism. This is something I studied a few years ago and one of the messages that was repeated throughout the course is that we cannot hypnotise others against their will. This is false. Now much of the training regarding hypnotism is part of training given in hypnotherapy but the skills that are taught are valid for all types of hypnotic work.

Hypnotic inductions are carried out usually by inducing a state of relaxation and the use of imagery, creating a state of mind where the inductee is open to the planting of a suggestion in their unconscious mind. Most trainers will tell you that the conscious mind acts as the gatekeeper to the unconscious and thus the gatekeeper has to be bypassed by being put to sleep. In the relaxed state the inductee is less aware of his environment and the only external stimuli comes from the hypnotist and thus they are more prone to suggestion. To a large extent this is true but people can enter a light trance like state without the intervention of a hypnotist. Examples include falling asleep on the bus, falling asleep driving or during a boring lesson or meeting. A state of relaxation can be induced without the intervention of a hypnotist or without the hypnotist formerly inducing a trance like state. To a great extent this is dependent upon  the susceptibility of the inductee. Some people cannot be hypnotised against their will, that is true but many can. It happens in all sorts of ways but these days in the age of mass communication with television and the internet it is much easier.

If anyone follows the workings of stage and television hypnotists you will observe that they are highly selective in terms of who they choose to hypnotise because they realise that some have a weaker will than others and can be more easily dominated. This is why they carry out suggestibility exercises first upon their audience, hence achieving seemingly remarkable results! 

In future articles I intend to explore the methods and tools that my readers can use to achieve their purpose. Please remember that hypnotism is an ancient Aryan Thulean mantic art and like all of our recovered knowledge should be used. Let us reclaim these tools to achieve the Aryan Imperium that we desire!

 Hypnotism can be used for both positive and negative purposes but it is effective. To understand how we can use these skills one only has to watch Leni Riefenstahl`s Triumph des Willens. Adolf Hitler demonstrated Himself to be a master of this mantic art-right up to the very end.


Steed EOW said...

Could it then be that the awakened ones of today are the same people who cannot easily be brought under hypnosis?! That we who see the major truths (or rather, lies) of society are the type of people who would not be hypnotised very easily and it is precisely because of this that we are awake to the truth?

Is this the means by which the Gods have chosen us - to give us minds which are impenetrable to lies and distortions? It would be interesting to conduct an experiment involving Folkish Heathens, Nationalists, Liberals and Christians to see which type of person is more prone to suggestion in this way.

Joseph Walsh said...

The Swastika also strikes me as resembling the core of a spiral, symbolising the generative motion of time and space i.e. the cycles of galaxies, of the pendulum of cyclical opposites such as from Day to Night and back again.

The generative motion of the external cosmic cycle/wheel such as galaxies, solar systems etc. is supplemented by the internal Wheel/Will of the mind, the internal will which is of vital use for the hypnotist who seeks control of the external will of others.

The relation between Will-Power/Swastika/Time and Space, and Hypnosis etc. is a complex and deep (no pun intended)
subject, a subject which should be explored fully. May the Gods grant us the ability to acquire this knowledge!