Saturday, October 19, 2013

A View Regarding the First Three Conan Films

The last 10-15 years has seen a number of films being made that appeal to racially aware Aryans, some good, some not so good, some plain bloody awful such as The 300 which is nothing more than a piece of anti-Iranian propaganda designed to stir up the feelings and misplaced loyalties of European-Americans.
I attempted to sit through this film but could manage no more than 20-30 minutes before turning it off.

The acting even by Hollywood standards is appalling, the obvious computer graphics distracting. I am sure that most of the so-called Spartan warriors were computer graphically enhanced with muscles as they strolled around in their unhistorical loin cloth outfits.

The Persians were demonised to the extent that many of them did not look Aryan or even human. This film appeared at a time when American[read zionist] propaganda and war fever was being ramped up against Iran and the non-zionist controlled muslim world. Is it a coincidence that the director of this celluloid ham is a Jew, Zack Snyder?

By contrast one should compare the three fantasy films based on the work and characters of Robert E. Howard:

Conan the Barbarian[1982]
Conan the Destroyer[1984]
Red Sonja[1985]

These films were faithful to the spirit of Howard`s Hyborian Age and were not afraid to use racial stereotypes but not for the purpose of political or war propaganda. Howard`s works have a strong racial awareness to them and as such make highly suitable literature for Aryanists and their families to read. They also have a mystical quality to them and this is brought out not just in the imagery but also the soundtracks of the films.

It should be noted that the character High Lord Kalidor played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Sonja is really intended to be Conan but the film studio were unable to secure permission to use the Conan name. Thus it should in reality be regarded as the third Conan film, sharing a similar cast of actors and film staff as the other two films.

A story intended to be used for a King Conan film starring Schwarzenegger was eventually used instead for the Kull the Conqueror film[1997] starring Kevin Sorbo which is also worth watching. Kull as all Howard fans will know is the original character that Conan developed from but he is set in a much earlier age. 2014 will see Schwarzenegger reprise his Conan role with a further film planned for 2015. We will view these with interest!

A careful selection of such films and their repeated viewing not merely for entertainment purposes will reinforce the heroic yet mystical Aryan archetype in the minds of the young and not so young and as such are useful tools in the cleansing of the mind and spirit of our peoples. 

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