Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Thunor`s Hammer-a Symbol for all our Folk

I have on numerous occasions discussed the importance of the use of Aryan symbols to awaken both the Racial Collective Unconscious and also the Personal Unconscious. These of course are Jungian terms and we may instead wish to use `Racial Memory` or `Blood Memory` for the first term.
My article The Use of Holy Symbols in the Manipulation of the Collective Unconscious[5/6/10] and The Importance of Wearing Aryan Symbols to Awaken the Collective Racial Unconscious[11/12/11]. Also of relevance may be The Axe, a Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Symbol of our Aryan Identity[17/2/13].

By the outward wearing of an Aryan sacred symbol we can provoke a response in those who encounter it. This response may be a conscious one or more typically an unconscious one as most people will be unaware of the sacred or racial significance of the symbol we are wearing. The majority of people will be aware of the racial significance of the Swastika of course but most will not understand its sacred meaning. Unfortunately because of its past and current political associations wearing it publicly is illegal in many but not all European countries. Here in the United Kingdom it is not illegal. However the public display of the Swastika would probably draw accusations of `racism` or `anti-semitism` by the brain-washed sheep who comprise the majority of the population. I personally use this symbol privately for religious rites and esoteric work.

The European Union and/or Germany have attempted to introduce an EU wide ban on the public display of the Swastika in 2001, 2005 and 2007 but without success. Germany even wishes to go so far as introducing its own draconian `hate` legislation throughout the EU. In Germany the public display of our sacred and ancient Swastika could result in a 3 years prison sentence and in Poland, 8 years. So much for `western democracy` and `freedom`!

The majority of people, even the so-called `educated` ones have no idea at all about the antiquity of the Swastika, its meaning or origins. Many are so stupid to believe that it was `invented` by Adolf Hitler and its sole meaning is the aforementioned `racism` and `anti-semitism`!

Other symbols of our antiquity are also banned in countries like Germany and Austria either because they were used by the National Socialist regime or they have been co-opted by racialists today. The public display of the SS Runes, the Odal and Wolfshook Runes and even the Sunwheel are now on the banned list! The criminals and traitors who govern Germany have even outlawed the wearing of Thor Steinar clothing in the Reichstag and the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony and in some football stadiums! The lunatics are truly running the asylum. Banning anything as history tells us just makes it flourish all the more.

On a number of occasions I have openly worn so-called banned symbols in Germany and even delivered the Aryan salute in the place where Adolf Hitler stood at the Zeppelinwiese in Nuernberg-all after 1945, I may add!

The wearing of Runic symbols and the symbols of our Gods such as the Thor`s/Thunor`s/Donar`s Hammer, the Valknut and Spear of Odin/Woden/Wodan/Wotan  are very good ways of communicating both our racial and religious heritage. Some with a little knowledge may initiate a dialogue with you which can lead to other things. It is perfectly possible for this to then lead to that individual awakening to his true racial and religious heritage. More often than not the effect is unseen and works entirely on the person`s Unconscious. Nothing is truly lost: all things await the light of day whilst they remain hidden in the Blood Memory.

Recently I encountered the website of the English Folk Church who seem to espouse the revival of Aryan, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon culture but at the same time they cling to their xtian heritage. In one of their articles they encourage the wearing of the Thor`s Hammer:

"The symbolism of Thor with his mighty hammer is part of an older myth that includes the ancient Aryan god Perkwunos,....
 "It is a link between our modern folk Christianity and the ancient religion of our people that became known what we now know as historical Odinism or heathenry.
"The symbolism therefore embodies the Aryan notion of evolutionary progress towards something better. A return to the mythical Golden Age of peace and plenty to which we all aspire.
"The Thor`s Hammer, then, is a powerful folk symbol for the Anglo-Saxon and other Germanic people. It need not be an exclusive symbol for the Odinists or Germanic heathens as it belongs to all of our folk and has meaning to us all."

The article makes reference to both the Swastika or Fylfot and Aryans  which I found very interesting. The author encourages folkish xtians-[I never thought that I would ever use that term !] to wear the hammer for both folkish and spiritual reasons. The article is worth reading and here is a link to it:

Before I returned to the Gods of my ancestors I too was in this half way house between English xtianity and hearing the Call of the Blood and the Call of the Gods. Likewise I also wore Thor`s Hammer for reasons that I could at that time not articulate but that article says it all for me-at that stage in my development. Organisations such as the English Folk Church may be a suitable refuge for those in that middle stage. At some point it would be hoped that they would fully embrace Wodenism and join England`s primary Wodenist religious order, Woden`s Folk.

My reference to having "returned to the Gods of my ancestors" means that as heathens we do not convert to heathenism: we return to it for it is our natural biological ancestral spiritual path!


Steed EOW said...

I don't have a problem with 'folkish Christians' wearing the Hammer, but it does strike me as strange given that Heathens may well have worn Hammers as a counter-reaction to the encroachment of Christianity in our lands.

The way I see it - Christianity is a complex mix of ancient Aryan values and alien Semitic ones. I can see why some Englishmen/Europeans are drawn to the more Aryan elements, and that they attempt to downplay the alient elements. But I'll never understand why such obviously right-minded/spirited people don't simply dispense with all of the alien elements and thus leave themselves with our old Heathen ways. There is nothing that Christianity offers the strong European which Heathenry does not... other than 'social acceptability' (which, ironically, is NOT what a strong European should seek).

Wotans Krieger said...

Hello Steed,
The common perception when one reads a history book about the Viking era is that the wearing of the hammer was a "reaction" to the xtian wearing of the cross. This may have some validity but the truth of the matter is that we know the hammer and its predecessor the axe were certainly worn well before this period.The Gilton hammer pictured in this article dates back to the 6th century and was found in an Anglo-Saxon cemetery. Their popularity may have increased as a reaction to xtianity but their wearing preceded this clash of religions.The earliest examples of Thunder God amulets are of course axes.As a xtian I wore the hammer because I became attracted to the Gods of my ancestors-it was a positive not a negative reason for why I started to wear it and why I still do. The relinquishing of the hebrew `god` takes time so I will not judge the followers of the English Folk Church.Who knows one day some of them may be professed into Woden`s Folk when they fully embrace our Gods.

Steed EOW said...

Yes I hope so, and I was Christened at birth myself. I thought myself a Christian until my teens and then convinced myself I was an Atheist. But I was always fascinated by the old Gods - and actually, I recently found a school project from when I was around 8-9 years old where I'd voluntarily researched the runes and myths. So I guess it was always within me, even whilst "Christian".

I suppose what we have is cultural Christianity, and even when the soul returns to sit with the old Gods, the cultural mind often remains within the Biblical world. But once the 'call of blood' occurs, in adult life, I simply see no reason to cling onto the alien religion. And hopefully people who find themselves between those two Worlds are in a state of transition rather than permanent dichotomy.