Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Ar Rune is the Sign of the Aryan

The Arya is the aspiring Sun Initiate, a Son of the Sun. His Rune is the Ar Rune:

"The `ar`, the urfyr[primal fire, god], the `sun`, the `light` will destroy spiritual as well as physical darkness, doubt, and uncertainty. In the sign of the Ar the Aryans-the sons of the sun-founded their law[Rita], the primal law of the Aryans, of which the earn, or eagle[Aar], is the hieroglyph."[Secret of the Runes, Guido von List].

This Rune deserves special attention by the Sonnenmensch for it provides significant clues to his or her identity, origin and life task in the current incarnation on Midgarth. The eagle of course is associated with the supreme sky God in Indo-European mythology.

"The Eagle is the symbol of royalty, power, authority, victory. Among the Greeks it symbolised supreme spiritual energy. Zeus is attended by an eagle."[Ancient Pagan Symbols, Elisabeth Goldsmith]

The Eagle, the Aryan of the birds of prey has a long association with the Aryan peoples and in particular with the Germanic peoples. The symbol of the eagle along with the Swastika was everywhere to be seen in the Third Reich-and for good reason. The National Socialists realised that one symbol is of greater value than 1,000 written or spoken words.

"Our Order is a Germanic Order, loyalty is also Germanic. Our God is Walvater, his rune is the Ar rune. An the trinity: Wotan, Wili, We is the unity of the trinity. The Ar-rune signifies Aryan, primal fire, the sun and the eagle. And the eagle is the symbol of the Aryans."[Rudolf von Sebottendorff].

Guido von List likened the eagle to the legendary phoenix which had the ability to sacrifice itself in order to renew itself. Please reread and meditate on that which I have just written for it holds the key to our renewal collectively as a race and our fulfillment of the mission that Walvater Woden has allotted to us.

"It sacrifices itself, as it consecrates itself in a flaming death, in order to be reborn. For this reason it was called the `fanisk` and later `phoenix`. Therefore it is read as a symbolic hieroglyph when an eagle is laid on the funeral pyre of a celebrated hero to indicate that the dead hero rejuvenatingly prepares himself in death for rebirth in order to strive for a still more glorious future life in human form in spite of all the restrictions of the powers of darkness-all of which crumble before the `ar:` `Respect the primal fire!"[Secret of the Runes]
"In order to depict the eagle`s capacity for self-immolation by fire, it is coloured red. From today on our symbol is the red eagle, which warns us that we must die in order to live."[Rudolf von Sebottendorff]  

The Ar Rune must become the symbol of the awakened and militant Aryan man or woman. It should become a sign, almost a secret one which is known only to ourselves and those we have sworn sacred oaths of brotherhood with. At the same time, magically charged it will become as a weapon to be used against those who oppose us.


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