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Lascaux cave art

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Left Hand Path, the Path of the Ariya

I have on a number of occasions referred to the Left Hand Path within some of my articles so I feel that it would be helpful to clarify what I mean by this term and how it may be distinguished from the Right Hand Path and how this path relates to the Aryan Weltanschauung which we espouse and practice.

The Left Hand Path consists of spiritual or magical practices which are concerned with imposing one`s own subjective Will upon the known objective universe. By comparison the Right Hand Path is concerned with the harmonisation of the subjective will in conformity with the known objective universe.

The Left Hand Path is the path of free Will and differentiation from what we regard as the `divine`. We do not seek to be merged with `god` but rather to become gods or more accurately to quote from Stephen E. Floweres, PhD:

"a kind of independent existence on a level usually thought of as divine."[Lords of the Left-Hand Path].

In the Right Hand Path religions man seeks to know and understand the divine laws of the cosmos in order that he or she may conform to them. On the other hand we impose our Will upon the cosmos, albeit not for selfish ends but for the betterment of our race. This is how the struggle waged by the sons/suns of light is to be fought in the Kali Yuga.

The monotheistic semitic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Right Hand Path religions whose goal is to accomplish the union of the self with the divine and thus annihilate the self. The same can be said for modern interpretations of Buddhism. At this point I must direct my readers to obtain a copy of Julius Evola`s  The Doctrine of Awakening which reinterprets Buddhism as an Aryan Left Hand Path spiritual practice not the distorted Left Hand Path religion that it has subsequently become.

Buddhism is not a religion: it is a spiritual practice. Furthermore it is not intended for the masses but for the Aryan elite:

"the doctrine is spoken of as accessible and intelligible, not to the common crowd, but only to the ariya."[Evola]

Baron Evola defines the term ariya in a Buddhist context and corrects the false notion that it equates to the term `saint` , `noble` or `sublime` as interpreted by western scholars generally. On the contrary he states:

"They are all later meanings of the word, and they do not convey the fullness of the original nor the spiritual, aristocratic, and racial significance, that nevertheless, is largely preserved in Buddhism."[Evola]

Right Hand Path religions tend to enslave the masses although they claim to liberate them. This concept is most clearly evident in the term Islam which means `submission`. In the Wodenist religion of our Saxon forefathers we do not submit to our Gods. We give them due reverence as a child reveres his or her parents but we do not live in fear or submission. We love our Gods and Goddesses for we are part of them and they are part of us. We move within them as they move within us.  They are our divine ancestors and the founders of our race. We learn from them and seek to recover that lost divinity which they originally gifted to us. We do not seek union with them-only communion.

The Left Hand Path is concerned with methods of attaining spiritual and psychological individuation. We seek to become complete men or women whose individual consciousness will survive physical dissolution of the body. There is a common misconception that the corporeal elements of man perish or separate after death whilst the non-corporeal survive. This is an over simplification. Just as it is an over simplification to assume that each personality reincarnates. `Survival` beyond death is purely dependent on the the degree of individuation that the individual acquires. Permament survival is not the norm for the great mass of people.
Spiritual practices that can be utilised for the purpose of meaningful individual survival of death may be found in  Introduction to Magic: Ritual and Practical Techniques for the Magus by Julius Evola and the UR Group.

The semitic monotheistic religions seek the annihilation of the individual personality with the promise of full absorption into the divine. They are basically cthonic religions that are ultimately destructive to us collectively and individually. The Ariya, the Sonnenmensch seeks no such absorption but individuation, a separate existence on a divine level. This is in fact the true Aryan path which those who hear the call of the blood and the call of the Gods  respond to and tread.

"Essentially the left-hand path is the path of non-union with the objective universe. It is the way of isolating consciousness within the subjective universe and, in a state of self-imposed psychic solitude, refining the soul or psyche to ever more perfect levels."[Flowers]

In the Left-Hand Path we seek the development of the Self and in Rune Magic and Rune Yoga the basic starting point is the mastering of the Isa/Is Rune which is concerned purely with the Self, Self-Mastery and Self-Consciousness. I would direct my readers to start first with the mastering of this Rune. This the foundation of the rest of the Futhark/Futhork. By developing the Self we obtain difference and a separate existence from the masses. We become individuals. We become Ariya. We become Sonnenmenschen.
Before mastering others we must first master our Selves.

Abir Taha in her recently published Nietzsche`s Coming God develops this concept from the philosophy of Nietszche but unlike her other books not in a purely biological racial way. I would point out that she did in fact write this book prior to Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman; Unveiling the Nazi Secret Doctrine and The Epic of Arya: In Search of the Sacred Light.  Race is the substance from which the Herrenvolk will emerge but it would indeed be wrong to assume that all of a given race are necessarily destined and capable of becoming Masters: they are not. Hierarchy is to be found within all races as well as between races.  This is one of the problems associated with Nationalisms, which are purely materialist and non-spiritual responses to the effects of the malaise of the Kali Yuga. Nationalism sometimes has the tendency to posit the view that there is in existence an equality between members of an individual ethno-nation or race.

The purpose of the race or ethne is the production of a caste of Masters. We preserve our race and ethne for this reason not purely for the sake of sentimental attachment: it has a role to play!

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Steed EOW said...

This is a very important article to me. Long before I finally arrived at Wodenism I was investigating hidden World affairs, and naturally ended up looking at what the likes of David Icke have to say. The 'truth movement', some years ago (perhaps as a follow-on from the 'hippy' era) began to heavily promote the 'cosmic consciousness' idea and my natural instinct was to become quite wary of it. I had no logical reason to fault it, but something deep within me felt so at odds with the concept that it begun to bother me heavily.

I, like other strong-spirited individuals, could not accept that at death unification with the dregs of this World awaits. Furthermore, I could never understand why so many people celebrate this eventuality. They pride themselves on being 'spiritual', yet absorption into the cosmic consciousness is as nihilistic an outcome as pure Atheism.

It is only recently that I've discovered others providing an antidote to this and I'm eternally grateful (literally). I thought I was alone. I also firmly believe that this is the part Icke and other 'pied pipers' play in the Global Agenda. The enemies of (Aryan) humanity wish not only to enslave mankind in this here Middangeard, but also to mislead us into wilfully surrendering our souls to their Demiurge finality. So with one hand Icke opposes Globalism, and with the other he leads his flock into a singular oblivion.