Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Call of the Blood/The Call of the Gods

The problem today with various forms of `white nationalism` and other variants of this `ism` is that they lack any core ideology or Weltanschauung. They are defensive, reactive and lacking in vision and direction.
A hopeless mish-mash collective of disenchanted `whites`, often spending their time bitching about their `rights` and black-on-white crime. They can and will accomplish nothing, partly because they have no core aims or ideology to drive them forward. We see this today in organisations like the BNP and Islam-obsessed EDL, who by the way welcome anyone into their ranks regardless of their race as long as they `feel English`.

Such organisations are very useful to the security services. When I was a young man in the early 1980s I would often frequent an establishment that engaged in after hours drinking, a literal spit and sawdust affair where you took your beer glass with you to the `Gents` just in case. Criminals were known to congregate there and the Police were well aware of this and allowed the `club` to keep open as they knew where to find people that they were pursuing! The same goes with the BNP and EDL, organisations which can be infiltrated very easily and where anyone with a purely average intelligence can become very prominent indeed. Often individuals are planted there not only to obtain intelligence for the security services but to cause maximum disruption and embarrassment, thus guaranteeing that such organisations will ultimately fail to achieve anything concrete and lasting but will still linger on as an entity such as the National Front[destroyed by the same person who destroyed the BNP].

The only organisations which are safe from such infiltration are secret ones who do not advertise their existence and work quietly.
If they have a clear vision and a Weltanschauung then with the use of the Will they will succeed. Alternatively there is of course the Lone Wolf who is known to no-one, a figure dreaded by our enemies because he cannot be infiltrated or closed down. The Lone Wolf is the ultimate expression of the Aryan left-hand path.

Any political organisation that does not have its roots in a spiritual and folkish reawakening can achieve nothing. Organisations like the afore-mentioned are known for what they are against rather than what they are for.
The individual members are only united by their fears and opposition to something rather than any underlying positive Weltanschauung. Even if the foot soldiers lack a Weltanschauung its leaders should at least possess one. Any reawakening not based on a response to the call of the Gods and the call of the blood cannot achieve lasting success  and this is in part why the BNP has now been wiped out as a political force.

The core leadership of the NSDAP-its visible leadership of Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler had a real Weltanschauung even if the millions below them didn`t and this is why they achieved such success.
Often also it is not the visible leaders of an organisation that drive it forward but those who appear on the surface to take a back seat, people like Alfred Rosenberg who provided the intellectual and philosophical driving force for the NSDAP although not externally recognised as being a `leader`.


Joe Sevnson said...

A great insight on the bar the cops kept open. That's how they work. 88

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks Joe. I saw your new book on Theodor Fritsch yesterday on Amazon-will buy it shortly. I hope that Amazon do not attempt to ban it.If they do then the word needs to get around quickly so that people can order a copy asap-just in case. I will publicise it here on Aryan Myth and Metahistory.

Joe Sevnson said...

That is very noble of you Brother and truly appreciated. If you can get me some kind of mailing address for you - I would be glad to give you a copy. Or, at least, give you a copy of the book that is soon to be released - 'The Final Battalion, True Origin of the U.F.O. and the Ultimate Hope of Mankind'. I know, I know, it could probably use a shorter title. 88

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