Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sandals/Flip-Flops-an Effeminate and Ungermanic Fashion Trend

Many years ago I would lecture work colleagues about the necessity of eating food for which one is racially adapted and accustomed to eating. My instinctive arguing of the point, "Germanic food for Germanic bellies" has subsequently proven to have a valid scientific basis and this is something I intend to explore in a future article.

Today I would like to focus on the cosmopolitan and anti-racial concept of fashion. Like food, Europeans are being persuaded, brainwashed and even cajoled into wearing clothing styles which are inappropriate to them culturally and physiologically. One specific example comes to mind, particularly at this time of the year: the sandal or even worse the `flip-flop`.

For years now I have observed Englishmen, increasingly of all ages adopt this ridiculous  `fashion` trait of wearing usually knickerbockers and sandals. Old men are usually distinguished by the presence of white socks. Younger men are bare-footed[one can only imagine the resultant poor foot hygiene and stink]. Since childhood I have never worn short trousers or sandals. Instinctively I regard it as effeminate an ungermanic. I have no doubt at all that this modern trend is intended to emasculate Germanic man, giving him almost a homosexual or at least metrosexual air. Just as there is increasingly a drive by global capitalism to blur the edges between races so we are experiencing this also with the sexes. It is the goal of global capitalism[driven no doubt by zionist hatred towards the Aryan race] to create a single global unified  market place where their shoddy goods can be bought by millions more people without distinction of race or gender. Zionism is the cause behind this and capitalism is the tool for we know which tribe the majority of global company directors and major shareholders belong to-or we should do!

To me there is something unnatural, something ungermanic, something alien about male flip-flop and sandal wearers. It has nothing to do with the weather as such as these `men` creep out from under their holes in spring and there is nothing hot about an English spring, certainly not in the north of England where we are close to Scandinavia. These people invoke the same kind of reaction in me as the idiotic hordes of mobile phone owners who walk, drive and cycle without taking their gaze from their latest technological toy. It is difficult but I manage to suppress any violent urges! Visions of my combat boots coming crashing down on a metrosexual`s sandalled foot are difficult to banish!

There is a particularly interesting and relevant passage in Vladimir Avdeyev`s Raciology[a book which I highly recommend] which also condemns this new fashion in `male` footwear:

"In Europe and America in the 20th Century, an enormous amount of semi-literate fans of Eastern exotica appeared. The Japanese custom of walking barefoot at home was explained by them as their particular way of showing respect to ancestors, the spirits of whom guard the home. But this everyday peculiarity of the Eastern way of life, as we are now persuaded, has a particularly anthropological explanation. The feet of the Japanese are simply not adapted to the wearing of European house shoes. So the white man, yielding to the uncontrolled trends of racially foreign style, fastens sandals on his feet, known among the crowd as `Viet-Namsies`, also assaults his own racial constitution, for the big toe is physically not capable of gripping the sandal strap that runs between it and the four remaining toes of the foot."

Scientists are now of the opinion that sandals and flip-flops worn over a long period of time are potentially damaging to the feet, legs and back as they offer no support for the foot. So not only do they look ridiculous, alien and effeminate but they are bad for your health. 


SerpentSlayer said...

Interesting I dug this out. I have always disliked such things on men and found fully grown men in shorts to be laughable (even the Bavarian tradition if I am honest) and I detested such things even as a child when I had no control over what I wore.
I think two or three styles are acceptable for men smart attire in town, shirt, trousers, preferably a hat, exercise wear during exercise or sport and milsurp, hiking and or country wear in the outdoors.

Gluey said...

Flip flops are for the pool, beach, and public showers to avoid foot fungus.
Nothing else. I have always been disgusted by flip-flops when people just wear them all the time. In the summer I wear my gladiator-style sandals, I get compliments on them all the time. It's a great way to stand out from the Flip-flop wearing masses.

Oh! And don't get me started on CROCS.

Wotans Krieger said...

Thanks for the comment Gluey.