Saturday, May 04, 2013

Metrosexual `Man`-the Ultimate Product of the Kali Yuga

Metrosexual `man` is the ultimate product of the Kali Yuga. He is characterised by ambiguity. He is a feminised `man`, a male with a penis but nothing more. This sorry excuse for manhood is the feminist`s dream `male` product. He not only resembles a woman with `his` pink clothing, earrings, handbag, bottled water, skin and hair products and his wispy false middle class dialect-free voice and mincing gait but he is also akin to homosexual `man` except that he thinks he is the ultimate modern male. Often this de-emasculation of men begins first within the home. Middle class male children are prime candidates for emasculation, a process begun in early childhood by dominant feminist university educated mothers, married to men who have little if any say in the running of their households. Where the father is not present ultimately many of these boys develop homosexual traits in their desire to emulate and please the devouring mother. The middle class mother will do everything in her power to neuter her male offspring to the extent that they are they are bestowed with effeminate `Crispin`-like names and given either girls` toys to play with or at least ones that do not foster the natural aggressive male instinct. It is the feminist`s ultimate revenge on male-kind. One especially sees this in households where the mother is divorced from the father and will do everything in her power to de-emasculate her sons, the ultimate form of revenge. She is effectively castrating her male children. After decades of feminism and `equality` we have in recent years seen the rise of the metrosexual male and he is the marketing man`s dream customer group. Global capitalism feeds into this process by encouraging the development of metrosexual lifestyles, ways of thinking, dressing and viewing the world, all in its drive to push up profits even more for their tribeless international masters. Metrosexualism and all that this represents is portrayed now as the societal norm. Those who fall outside of this norm are ostracised and labelled `extinct` or as `dinosaurs`. The formation of a sexless, raceless and soulless mass of slave-like humanity is the intention of the secret ruling tribeless elite and global capitalism is the mechanism which they use to drive this; television and glossy magazines being tools in their arsenal. Men these days are encouraged to "get in touch with their feelings", to cry and become emotional in public, to "show their vunerability", etc. Television adverts often portray men as performing traditional housewifely tasks, even teaching `junior` how to bake a cake, etc. One particularly sickening example from a few years ago involved a `man` holding his baby watching television and the face of President Obama appeared. At that point this emasculated sorry excuse for a man put on a sickly feminine facial expression, as if to say: "At last the black saviour has arisen!" This is the very opposite to the solar and polar virility espoused by Wodenism and blogs like this. We are fighting a war, a very real war for the souls of our folk and this creeping metrosexualism threatens the very fabric of our beings. As individuals we must resist this and become the very opposite of these half-men. We must become Maenner[German for `men`] and collectively the Maennerbund.


black michael said...

This is a load of balls. Being brought up by a single mother doesn't make you gay, that's one of the stupidest ideas from a long, long time ago. Your personality and preferences will assert themselves anyway.
As for "the secret ruling tribeless elite", the ruling elites of capitalism are not secret. Look for them in parliaments, stock exchanges, boardrooms and newspaper offices. And as for wanting "sexless and raceless" consumers, why would they? On the contrary, capitalism loves niche marketing and demographic categories. It wants to separate people into ghettoes based on gender and race and sexual preference, so it can market to those groups, so it can make profit off them. It wants sameness of consumership for puroses of profit, but also diversity for purposes of profit.
Also, the idea of the unemotional man is a stereotype, and rather a recent one. What about the dandified Elizabethan poet, or the romantic poet? They were men. In fact, the sublimest and most refined poems and prose works in terms of feeling, have been written by men and not women.
If you read Homer, you'll see that the heroes of his poems openly weep, without shame, for their fallen comrades. The stoic John Wayne tough guy is a fairly recent invention.
Homosexuality was widespread in the ancient world, and there's no doubt that it was known among the Germans and Celts too.
Usually people that take refuge in extreme opposites are people that are indulging in reaction-formation, because they themselves feel some homosexual anxiety and are seeking to blot it out.

Wotans Krieger said...

Tsk, tsk we are getting emotional aren`t we?
Why are you here? Why are you wasting your precious time reading a "load of balls" and commenting on it when you could be writing bad poetry and waxing lyrical about putting your head between your legs and becoming inebriated?
You are correct, being raised just by a woman need not make a boy a homosexual but without any strong make role model he will develop into an effeminate or feminised man. It takes a strong boy indeed to resist the overpowering devouring mother.
Global capitalism requires a mass consumer base and the least diversified that customer base is the easier it becomes to sell their cheaply made plastic goods to these morons. That is not rocket science, son.
In cahoots with the media, which along with major companies, banks and parliaments are owned by the tribeless ruling elite a stereotype is put forward of the ideal man or woman. The ideal man in their eyes is metrosexual, effeminate[buys plenty of cosmetics and skin moisturisers] university-indoctrinated[it helps to make the masses indebted to the banks and brainwashed into `thinking` the same thing], race-mixing[in order that a single raceless non-Aryan mass may emerge in the future], cosmopolitan, Americanised, humanistic and with leanings towards bumming other men.
The ideal woman is a lager lout, a tart, a `career woman`, disrespectful and incontinent towards their husbands and if they are Aryan have a strong desire to churn out mongrel babies because this is the ultimate proof that they are "not a racist".
I could not give a toss about the Elizabethan or girly romantic poets, these blogs are concerned with Solar, Polar and virile Aryan spirituality, not getting inebriated and writing bad poety because you can`t get a girlfriend.
On the contrary emotionalism is the more recent of the two ways of being and this is linked to the increasing degeneracy of the modern world. Nordic man is hard, he is tough and sees no need to indulge in emotional behaviour-this is for women and weak ones at that. If you care to read the Icelandic sagas Germanic men and women takes great pride in their hardness and lack of emotion-this is why they have survived for so long in a degenerate and hostile world.
If you wish to read Aryan and manly poetry try the Elder or Poetic Edda and the Volsunga Saga.
Southern Europeans do a lot of weeping "without shame" just as Homer`s contemporaries no doubt did a lot of bumming too-all signs of degeneracy in the Kali Yuga, followers of a lunar, cthonic and feminine spirituality.
With regards to homosexuality being "known among the Germans and Celts too" that is true and this unnatural practice was punished by death. As far as the "ancient world" is concerned you are confusing the mongrelised south of Europe with the Aryan north-an entirely different world! Bumming was never acceptable to the Nordic northern Europeans.
Your last sentence is classic bad O Level psychology, no doubt intended to imply that I bum men. Which text book did you glean that from or are you talking from either your own experience or those of your fellow unemployed would-be `poets`?
Now run along and wallow in your Byronesque squalor now that I have explained the concept in simple terms for you! Oh and once you have grown up, get a job! Or be satisfied with the one that you have-there is no shame in menial work, so cheer up son and write something cheerful for a change!