Saturday, March 02, 2013

Reflections on the Oera Linda Book

With the recent discovery of `Britain`s Atlantis` in Doggerland we now have tantalising evidence for the location of the lost Atlantis/Thule/Atland civilisation referred to in the Oera Linda Book, a work favoured by Hermann Wirth, Dutch-German head of the Ahnenerbe of the SS and of course by Heinrich Himmler who did much to champion both scientific and esoteric research into the ancient Germanic peoples. The prevailing but not universally accepted opinion of scholars is that this work is a hoax. However if it is a hoax then it cannot be a hoax of the 19th century but more likely of the 13th century due to analysis of the paper that it has been written on and the old form of Frisian that has been used. Why a hoax of this nature should be perpetuated hundreds of years ago is anyone`s guess. However whether it is a hoax or not I believe that some of the central tenets of the work are valid. Most scholars also regard the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a Csarist Police hoax but whether this work be a hoax or not we know that the operating methods and intentions of Zionism are reflected accurately in this work. Thus the actual origins of a work such as the Protocols or Oera Linda are of lesser importance than any truths that they may contain. I am reminded of the words of Julian the Great:
"That which never happened is eternally true."
Myth is timeless and operates outside of our human limitations. It can elevate a man and take him outside of his petty concerns and give him a glimpse of his own divinity. So whether the Oera Linda Book be a `Hoax` or not is of little relevance to me. The fact of the matter is that it does give us a glimpse of a pre-christian Germanic civilisation that initially became submerged due to seismic convulsions and flooding of the North Sea and subequent internal decay within the culture of Frya`s children.

Without a doubt its lack of reception amongst some modern day heathens and amongst elements of the Ahnenerbe and by Alfred Rosenberg is due to its apparent matriarchy, I say apparent as a detailed study of the work challenges this basic assumption. We know of course that the Folk Mother and her Burgmaids are obviously female and wield influence and this may seem to conflict with the acknowledged Solar and patriarchal structure of Aryan and Germanic society. However we forget that in the writings of the ancients such as Tacitus references are made to very prominent priestesses or seeresses such as Veleda, Waluberg, Ganna, Gambara and Albruna who had very considerable influence over the actions of the Germanic tribes and their chieftains through their spiritual and diplomatic functions.

The Burgmaids and their apprentices had the task of guarding and tending to the sacred lamps day and night and like the Roman Vestal Virgins had to be celibate. I do not see anything within the concept of the Burghmaid that contradicts the acknowledged structure of ancient Germanic society. The reference to Wr-alda as the All Father reminds us of the way in which this title is used of Woden and prior to Him Tyr, the ancient sky father of the Germanic peoples. Frya, contrary to the claims of Alewyn J. Raubenheimer`s selective and monotheistic interpretation of the Oera Linda Book ,was worshipped by Her people.[See his Survivors of the Great Tsunami]. There are plenty of references to this fact in the Oera Linda Book which he chooses to ignore and she was clearly regarded as a Goddess, most likely the Frisian interpretation of Freyja.

Scholars of the pre-xtian Germanic world regard the formation of the Germanic peoples as the joining together of an incoming Battle-Axe wielding Aryan culture and a more indigenous Northern European Megalithic civilisation[see The Germanic People. Their Origin, Expansion an Culture by Francis Owen]. This idea is reflected in the initial war and subsequent merger of the Aesir and Vanir Gods, the blonde haired Aesir representing the Battle Axe people and the Vanir the indigenous red haired Northern European Megalithic people. Freyja of course along with Nerthus had considerable importance amongst the Frisian and Scandinavian peoples and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Frya, the daughter of the sky father Wr-Alda and the Earth Mother Irtha gave Her name to the Frisians.

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