Sunday, March 31, 2013

Acadaemia and its Fear of Indo-Europeans

Last night I watched again the repeat of a Channel 4 documentary: Secrets of the Stonehenge Skeletons. Whilst the science is interesting there was very little to be learned from this over-hyped and over-repeated programme. I suggest that anyone with an interest in this subject read Stonehenge: the Indo-European Heritage[also titled Stonehenge and the Origins of Western Culture] by Leon E. Stover and Bruce Kraig[1978] and Stonehenge of the Kings by Patrick Crampton[1967]. Both books are out of print but the first is widely available. What irritated me the most about this documentary and others like it is the political correctness and cowardice of today`s academic world in its obvious fear/distaste of putting the populations of Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Europe into an ethnic and racial context. Such a fear and cowardice was not present in the 1960s and 1970s when the aforementioned books were published and this makes them absolute gems in my eyes. These days archaeologists will shy away from referring to Indo-Europeans and Celts and will instead refer to the populations of these times as `Iron Age` people etc thus robbing them of an ethnic identity. What astounded me last night is that the programme presenters did not appear to discuss the population present or responsible for the building of phase III of Stonehenge[the finished product] and whilst they discussed phase II[not using that terminology] and referred to Beaker people they neglected or deliberately avoided any mention of Indo-Europeans. It would seem that reference to Indo-Europeans only gets a mention in programmes such as The Dark Lords of Hattusha where the Hiitites for instance as an Indo-European people are painted in dark militaristic terms, resembling a prototype of the Third Reich. It would seem then and only then do Indo-Europeans/Aryans get a mention!

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