Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wotans Krieger Recommends: Excalibur

It is now been 32 years since the release of John Boorman`s Excalibur, one of the finest films ever made. It features a host of famous actors such as Nicol Williamson[Merlin], Liam Neeson[Gawain], Patrick Stewart as Leondegrance, Helen Mirren as Morgana and Ciaran Hinds as King Lot. The music is primarily Wagnerian. The main them of the film is Siegfrieds Trauermarsch[Siegfried`s Funeral March] from Goetterdaemmerung and the preludes to Parsifal and Tristan und Isolde. The first piece emphasises the tragic and heroic nature of King Ar-Thor. The second is the theme for the quest for the Graal which is a major part of the film and the third relates to the love theme of Lancelot and Guenevere. Also featured is O Fortuna! from Carl Orff`s Carmina Burana. The original film score is by Trevor Jones. Unaccountably the stunning film soundtrack has not been available for a number of years which leads me to question is this because the overly Germanic nature of the music is felt to be an embarrassment to either the Jews who control Hollywood or the record industry? The film is now largely ignored and can be purchased on DVD very cheaply. Apart from its largely Wagnerian soundtrack the film is devoid of any non-Aryans, another reason perhaps why it is so hated by that international tribe? The film portrays Ar-Thor as the wounded king of[Amfortas] Parsifal. He is therefore no longer human but God-like in nature for he never was an historical human figure. He is the lost Sun God of northern Europe, the Ar-Thor of L.A. Waddell`s British Edda. Much of what is contained in Arthurian literature relates to the northern Indo-European Gods and Germanic Europa. The Celts as those who are initiated know, are really Germanics-a theme that I intend to explore elsewhere. Purchase the film for yourself and enjoy 2 hours of unspoilt Aryan mythology. A note for my American readers-this is myth not history!!


Disciple of Enoyloh said...

I've owned this film for 3 years now and I can testify to its greatness.

Wotans Krieger said...

Greetings! I love the work that you are doing and have been buying your books from Lulu.Any reason why The Ultimate Avatar was dropped from Lulu? Luckily I managed to buy both volumes in time!