Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Arctic Origins of Aryan Man

As the ice begins to gradually retreat from the Arctic I forecast that scientists and archaeologists will find further material evidence of an interglacial civilisation. Over recent years some discoveries have been made of implements such as shoes and weapons from thousands of years ago. Fossilised fauna and flora as well as man-made objects all provide evidence of a former flourishing arctic culture which disappeared about 8,000 years ago, the latest estimated date for the arrival of Indo-European languages in Eurasia. Tilak who published his Arctic Home in the Vedas in 1903 is being vindicated day after day as new evidence emerges. In recent years we have of course the discovery of the ancient Aryan city of Arkaim in the southern Urals with its emphasis on sun-worship and the reverence of the swastika, all suggestive of a migration of Aryans southwards from the Arctic after the worsening of climate and conditions and the onset of the last Ice Age. Tilak`s book has recently been republished by a number of different publishers. A few years ago I purchased an abridged copy from an Indian publisher but more recently I have acquired an unabridged version brought upto date with additional commentary and supporting evidence by Professor M.M. Ninan. Tilak provides a mountain of evidence from the Vedas and the Iranian Avesta as well as western Aryan mythologies of an arctic origin of the Aryan race.He skillfully makes of use of calendar, mythology, astronomy and geology to support his case. Much of this knowledge if not actually suppressed by the mainstream media is certainly not given too much publicity out of fear of the impact that it would have on the currently comatose Aryan giant. I intend to explore the Polar Myth and spirituality in further articles on this blog.


Camunlynx said...

I keep finding that when I form a hypothesis regarding this issue, and trying to cover all the tracks, I keep changing my mind as I try to look back even further into the deep past. The term "Aryan" could have originated with the arrival of proto-Germanic people in ancient Persia; or it may well have existed before that in their prehistoric homeland north of the Himalayas. These travelers were probably the ones who made their way into the ancient Pacific Northwest. The Solutreans may have been a different type of indigenous Indo-European.

Unknown said...

B-b-b-but we're all from Africa! How dare you try to refute the political darling of the liberals!

(By the way, this discovery is amazing! It fits with the Multi-Regional theory!)