Thursday, January 03, 2013

Aryan Art and the Disease of Modern `Culture`

One way of viewing a `culture` is via its `art`. We get a glimpse of how degenerate and sick our society has become by viewing `modern` or `contemporary` art. 99% of this supposed form of art is sick, degenerate and diseased. One only has to consider the shit that the Turner Prize is awarded to every year to get an idea of that. By awarding prizes for shit-yes they literally did in 1998 and this is not the only time `crap` has been nominated for the prize they actively promote degenerate art through the awarding of this prize for art which is not art. `Modern` or `contemporary art` is the product of a diseased anti-culture which is obsessed with promoting the sick, the ugly and the abnormal. This should not surprise us as David Cameron, going against the wishes of his own party and the electorate at large is anxious to introduce marriage for sodomites at the first opportunity. Why we may ask? The answer is not because this is a popular policy or that he wants to appear `hip` or `right on`. It is because he is like any true parliamentary politician whoring for votes. He does not give a toss for the damage he is inflicting upon society by his promotion of sodomite relationships he is only interested in getting votes from any section of society he can in order to win outright the next general election. The parliamentarian is the ultimate liar, the ultimate hypocrite, the ultimate whore. The only difference between a parliamentarian and a prostitute is that the prostitute is a tad more honest about their `profession`. One day this house of `commons`-common whores that is will be swept off the face of the earth by Mother Earth Herself when she cleanses the earth by flood and fire. In the age that is to come we will have no use for political prostitutes. Only the fittest will rule and only the fit will be allowed to take their place amongst us. Sodomy and whoredom will be punished in the way our pre-christian ancestors dealt with these crimes. There will be no more `gay pride` marches. Putting a penis into another man`s arse will be viewed for the abnormality that it is. When however we view the art-the real art of the Third Reich we see something which is sublime, something which is uplifting, that transports us out of ourselves-something which `modern art` could never do. Whether it be the music of Richard Wagner, the sculptures of Arno Breker or the paintings of Fidus this was real art-Aryan art not the diseased sick works that are portrayed as art today by the liberal elite. Behind this degeneracy we see the hand of zionism as the biggest financial backers of these diseased minds are often Jews. The aim is to corrupt Aryan society by what we see and hear. Instead of Fidus and Breker we get piles of shit to look at or deformed bodies. Instead of Wagner we get American negro rap `music`. All this has the effect of producing a generation of wiggers and self-haters.

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Kurbishead said...

Being born and raised in a liberal anti-white society I really don't know what real art is. What they call art today simply makes me angry or disgusts me. "Art" is almost a swear word to me. Like look at this filth here. Look at how far things have declined I can't even put it into words.