Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 and the End of a Cycle

I thought that I would take this opportunity to reflect on certain issues as we begin a `new year`, especially as the `end of the world` predicted by some New Agers has not taken place on 21/12/12 as predicted! A whole industry has been constructed upon this aspect of Mayan culture alone making some people very rich indeed as they deceive the gullible and credulous amongst us. The Mayans like many other ancient peoples viewed time as cyclical not linear. Linear time is a Jewish concept that crept into `western` thinking via Christianity. Some would argue that as nothing spectacular appears to have taken place on 21/12/12 that there is no validity in viewing the Mayan calendar in prophetic terms. This would be a mistake and represents a strain of thinking which is just as faulty as assuming that the end of the calendar predicted the end of the world. The Mayans as with other ancient peoples viewed history in cycles and recognised in their writings [Pupul Vuh]that each cycle was terminated by catastrophe. Catastrophes do not happen in a single day as we know from Plato`s accounts of the fall of Atlantis[Timaeus and Critias]. Prior to the final collapse[which DID occur in a single day] there were portents in the form of earthquakes and floods, something which is happening with ever increasing frequency today in many parts of the world. Here in England we have been told that 2012 has been the "wettest" year since records began and once again this country has experienced widescale flooding, all I believe to be portents of the coming final catastrophe.
However this catastrophe is both inevitable and in my view necessary. I welcome these signs as an indication that this age of man, this age of lead, of the Kali Yuga is rushing headlong to its final cataclysm as the earth, our mother needs to be cleansed of all the violations that She has suffered at the hands of mankind. The Underman, the masses of animal-men and human robots need to be swept from the face of the earth. Only the Overman, the spiritually awakened Aryan vira deserves to survive this age and survive he will as we have this promise in the Elder and Younger Eddas. Aryan man, the descendents of the Aryo-Germanic Gods will survive and dwell in a rejuvenated earth along with our surviving Gods, in harmony with each other and with nature Herself. Whilst writing this article I am listening to a live Bayreuth version of Parsifal conducted by Hans Knappertsbusch in 1951. I am reminded of Parsifal`s mission to cleanse Aryankind from the blood impurities caused by the dark magic of Klingsor and the temptress Kundry. Wagner`s final work, Parsifal prefigures the German avatar to come and His brave mission to save Aryankind only to be overcome by the combined axis of Judentum and the white traitor nations of the USA and Great Britain. It is with sadness that both countries now are heading for racial extinction of their Aryan populations. Now 20% of the population of Britain are non-indigenous and the non-white population constitutes 14%. The figure would be even higher if it were not for white immigration from eastern Europe and of course these are only the official figures. They do not account for the millions of illegal immigrants who live here and the numerous offspring which they sire in order to be given leave to stay here permanently. We are heading for a racial collision course which will find its resolution in the RaHoWa so long predicted and the rebellion of Mutter Erde against Her violation, the violation of both the planet and the natural racial order. The `west` is reaping the harvest of its shameful betrayal of Hitler-Parsifal, the betrayal of nature and their own Hyperborean blood.

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