Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Sunday, December 02, 2012

xtianity and an Aryan Weltanschauung-You Can`t Have Both!

As followers and readers of my article concerning a review on 4/11/12 of the recent book The Complete Armanen on my Armanen blog can see, a fierce and lively discussion has taken place regarding the place of xtianity in the Aryan Weltanschauung. It would seem that I have upset two [or more] American Armanen/Wotanists regarding my criticism of the overtly xtian agenda of the author. As my review makes clear I congratulate the author for making available for the first time to the English speaking world Armananist literature but what I do not appreciate is the end part of the work-The Untold Story which reads like a xtian testimony[the American non-conformists love these] and an apology for xtianity, seeking to ingratiate the religion into mainstream Aryan thought. It surely beggars belief that a religion which was brutally forced upon our ancestors and almost wiped out our indigenous belief systems and cultures and murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands of wise men and women along with the Cathari up until modern times should now be so actively and vigourously defended by two alleged Aryanists. Roman Catholicism in particular is a backward religion and any country where it thrives wallows in filth, poverty and ignorance. This semitic religion which has enslaved our peoples with its teachings of meekness and weekness, equality of the races and the primacy of the jew has held back scientific learning and progress for well over 1,000 years up until the Age of Enlightenment. I simply asked `James` where is the alleged truth in xtianity? He was either unwilling or unable to answer the question. It is interesting that he should choose to use a semitic name and one which belonged to an apostle of jesus. His agenda on coming on to my blog to argue with me to the point of rudeness is abundantly clear. Now I appreciate that during the conversion period in Europe, xtianity which is a bastardised religion had to incorporate certain prextian practices into its repertoire. My readers may be aware that I have in the past referred to an excellent academic work by James C. Russell: The Germanization of Medieval Christianity: A Sociohistorical Approach to Religious Transformation. The second part of the book is of most relevance. Acknowledging such prextian influences upon European xtianity is one thing but defending this religious hybrid which has done irreparable harm to our race is unforgiveable and sheer lunacy if one is seeking to pursue a folkish Weltanschauung. xtianity and folkish Aryanism are two opposing Weltanschauungen. It is impossible to be true to both. One must choose one over the other but the Americans-and this is a specifically American problem are unable to do so due to the Pilgrim Fathers` Syndrome which I have discussed elsewhere. Thankfully here in northern Europe we are not so blind and xtianity died a long time ago.Churchgoing now is at an all time low. It only exists at all due to the unwanted influx of immigrants.

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Steed said...

My argument is always that: the aspects of Christianity which Germanic Christians hold up as exemplary are generally the aspects which had to be adopted from Heathenry so as to appease the folk. So what exactly does Christianity give us that Wodenism doesn't - other than the easy option to repent for wrongdoing?