Lascaux cave art

Lascaux cave art

Monday, December 17, 2012


During some recent meditations the following anagram was revealed to me: Walhalla-Allahlaw[the law of Allah]. When one considers this in relation to the anagram Ragnarok-Korangar[Gar or spear of the Koran] I believe that this is not mere coincidence but something that the Gods wish to reveal to us so that we may prepare ourselves for the holy war which has begun for the life and fate of the Aryan peoples.

The latter anagram is not my discovery but that of someone much wiser than myself. The very fact that we are now living in a time of constant warfare between two semitic powers-the zionist `West` in the form of the Tel Aviv-Washington/New York/London axis and the semitic religion of Islam whose fanatical adherents will not rest until Allah dominates the earth demonstrates that we are witnessing new geopolitical power shifts. Islam means "submission to `God`". In this sense a desert tribal god called Allah, the same deity which spurred the Israelites on to butchery and genocide in their conquest of the land of Canaan-if you believe the myth of course.

Judaism was also responsible for another semitic religion-Christianity, a religion of the slave and the Underman which like Islam had the intention of enslaving Aryan peoples and destroying their indigenous belief systems. Up until the 1990s the semitic power axis consisted of global capitalism on the one hand and mainly Soviet Marxism on the other, both of which are semitic and anti-Aryan ideologies. This axis failed so we are now experiencing something new in this war between Judaism/Christianity against Islam. Whichever side is winning the Aryan can only[apparently] lose.

The conflict between the two sides is only apparent as the real target of both is the Aryan race. Unfortunately the Woden archetype proved too weak to save us from this physical and spiritual onslaught 1,500 years ago although He did manifest Himself through the German Avatar in the 1920s-1940s. Few at the time saw Hitler in this light. The founder of Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung saw clearly that Wotan had awakened from His sleep and desperately tried to save the Germanic folk in their time of greatest need. In the exoteric realm Yahweh appears to have won that battle but in effect by exposing the hidden agenda of the enemy He[the Avatar] succeeded in winning the esoteric war which in fact is really not yet over and will be continued when the new Aryan Germanic God form emerges. This time He will not fail and Ragnarok will see not only the destruction of the current order but the emergence of a new world, a new pantheon of Gods and a reborn Aryan race-the only race which will be given to inhabit the earth. The ancient Aryan scriptures make it abundantly clear: "I gave the earth to the Aryan;"[Rig Veda 4.26.2]. These are the words of the Thunder God Indra, cognate with our very own Thunor/Thor/Donar. This time man-Aryan man will walk in harmony with the Gods and develop technologies and spiritual disciplines that will enable our race to continue to express its exploratory spirit into outer space and beyond into other dimensions.


Kain88tm kain88tm said...

Islam is the newest of the abrahamic faiths out of the middle East and is in no way related to European heathenry, walhalla is a modern version of the name Valhalla or Old Norse Valhol and has nothing to do with Allahlaw do not try to blend ancient European faiths with much more modern middle eastern non European faiths

Wotans Krieger said...

First of all I will write whatever I wish to write on my blogs which are now 11 years old. If you are unhappy with the content of my work then I respectfully suggest that these blogs are not for you and you browse elsewhere for inspiration.
Walhall or Walhalla is the GERMAN form of Valhalla/Valhall/Valholl etc. In folkish Wodenism we are not simply just another Odinic faith but we represent a new religion for a new age based on ancient roots-the Woden's Folk Religion which has a strong esoteric and prophetic component to it. What I and the Folk Warder have revealed is a prophecy of a great upheavel in the world and the cosmos which will be sparked by Islamic fundamentalism-KORAN GAR-the spear of the Koran, an anagram of RAGNAROK and Woden has revealed to me that the desire of Islamic fundamentalism which is Sharia Law or ALLAHLAW is antagonistic to the Ario-Germanic concept of WALHALLA. You either accept these prophecies or you don't-either way I don't particularly care!

Unknown said...

Hebrew Israelites are the only family who was chosen by the Most High. The Edomites are sentenced to ruin because of their destructive nature. Islam Christianity and Catholicism have no part in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Wotans Krieger said...

"Unknown", in future if you wish your comments to be considered for publication may I suggest that you use a proper user name otherwise I will not take you seriously.
This blog is concerned with the history and metahistory of the Aryan peoples, not the jews, hebrews, israelites or any other semitic people. You may wish to spout your British Israelism/Christian Identity bullshit elsewhere! This blog is not the place for your propaganda,