Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Quest of the Aryan Vira-Escape From the Eternal Return

The awakened Aryan realises that he is a vira, a hero-warrior of semi-divine origins who has an obligation to fight in the greater spiritual war that has engulfed the planet and the solar-system. The Aryan initiate is a would-be Sonnenmensch who seeks to escape the damnable Eternal Return, to achieve individuation, the stage of absolute personality so that on physical death the integrated personality survives and travelling up the invisible Irminsul through Iring`s Way reaches the void of the Black Sun, the Schwarze Sonne[SS], the ancient immobile sun, the point of origin for the divyas who arrived on this planet millennia ago prior to their mixing with the "daughters of men". We will have escaped the limitations of our humanity and become as Gods. This is the destiny of the awakened Aryan but only the awakened as this requires effort-not belief or `faith`, which is the great christian lie. Charlemagne or Karl the traitor as I prefer to call him may have destroyed the physical Irminsul but the invisible one-the real one remains and one finds its location at the point of the North Pole, the land of the Hyperboreans-the divyas. This Irminsul is the Irminsul in macrocosm. There exists in microcosm in each Aryan an invisible Irminsul which occupies the same space as the spinal column. Through the practice and mastery of the principles of Rune Yoga the initiate can achieve altered states of consciousness and full awakening via the realisation of the Ich-the I as symbolised in the Isa Rune. We have in this a teacher, a master-Woden, the Lord of the Runes who by His sacrifice of Himself to Himself rediscovered the lost Runes, that body of lore which had been lost by the divine divyas prior to their degeneration. For nine nights He hung upon the world ash-the Irminsul. On each of these nights He visited each of the nine worlds and acquired knowledge. In other words He activated each of the nine chakras, the swastika wheels which represent these worlds and states of consciousness. Each of these swastika wheels is governed by a Rune and its mantra must be mastered. There are five elements involved in Rune Yoga: breathing techniques, visualisation, meditation, the mantra and the Rune form itself. The master is able to engage in all five disciplines simultaneously. Through this process we are able to achieve personal awakening and the the awakening of the Blood Memory or what Jung called the Racial Collective Unconscious. Most of our people fell asleep long ago and have become little more than robots or cardboard cut-outs destined to keep returning in the Eternal Return and learning nothing each time. They have effectively lost their semi-divine status and will never achieve awakening. Woden knows those who belong to Him and He has called us out to fight in this great war. The robots are cannon fodder, foot soldiers for the demiurge Jehovah, the evil lord of this world. Scientists are predicting that within a decade or two the polar icecaps will have melted. If this does take place-and it has many times in the past then I predict that archaeologists will make great discoveries as the lost civilisation of the Hyperboreans comes to light. For those interested in the subject of the polar origins of Aryan man I can recommend Tilak`s Arctic Home in the Vedas, originally published in 1903. Recently his work has been re-examined by Professor M.M. Ninan in Tilak and the Aryan Origins: Are his findings still valid? Not only does the professor support Tilak`s theory but he provides additional evidence via modern scientific techniques not available to Tilak. It is significant that in the Eddas there is reference to the 12 major Aesir who daily sit in council, the ancient Greeks knew 12 major deities that likewise took council on Olympus. We also know of the 12 knights of the Round Table under the leadership of Arthur or Ar-Thor, an ancient Aryan sun deity. No doubt the 12 signs of the zodiac also represent the houses of these deities. The major Gods have the primary task of offering leadership in the great war and are guardians of the invisible Irminsul and Iring`s Way[the Milky Way]. These guardians are prefigured in the 12 Sig runes of the Black Sun. The Irminsul may be imagined to take the form of Gungnir the spear of Woden or the lance of Parsifal, pointing the way towards the swastika constellation, behind which is hidden the Black Sun. Irmin is strongly identified with this column and He is cognate with Aryaman, Airyaman, Ariomanus, Eremon and the Germanic hero Hermann or Arminnius.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Annual Insanity of Xmas

There is nothing more illustrative to me than the capitalist retail festival of xmas in demonstrating the general stupidity, false sentimentality and gullibility of the masses who faithful to their programming from September to 24th of December each year like automatons respond to the not too subtle jingles of the supermarkets and television advertising. Like a massive hangover they awaken in the new year to realise and rue their folly, "never to be fooled again" only to repeat the same farcical charade 8 months later and so it goes on ad infinitum.

Of course the same rootless cosmopolitan leeches who are the architects and sole benefactors of global capitalism are also the grand plagiarists of religion. Despite the now fairly well known and accepted[even by xtians]truth that xmas is merely a shallow plagiarism of the great Aryan winter solstice festivals, known in the Germanic world as Yule when our ancestors looked for the return of the dead sun God yet people still willfully continue to believe in the lie that it is the birthday of a non-existent literary construct known as Jesus.

I do not intend to spend time in this article discussing the numerous Aryan mythologies where this myth was borrowed from as a study of Charles Morris` book Aryan Sun Myths. The Origin of Religion will satisfy any enquirer`s curiosity. The very notion of a crucified jewish saviour is completely ridiculous and not even accepted by the mass of jews who were contemporary with the origins of this cult as they knew that it was a contradiction of their own law and culture. The purpose behind the creation of the religion of xtianity was to first of all to cause chaos in the Aryan world-which it did of course in Rome where false notions of racial, gender and caste equality were propagated. After this religion took root in the ancient world and began to spread like a cancer further north it caused the disintegration of the northern Hyperborean world both physically and spiritually.

The great masses of people in fear of their kings and chieftains accepted this alien religion as an alternative to torture and death. Very few accepted it internally, merely professing outward conformity. The ancient Germanic priesthood proved too weak to resist this onslaught and many went underground to preserve ancient Aryo-Germanic lore, traditions and knowledge. The church had to make concessions to the people and accept many of the ancient Gods and Goddesses into their community of `saints`. Many temple sites were reused as xtian places of worship.

One of the biggest plagiarisms of all was the image of the crucified jewish `messiah` which was deliberately concocted to confuse the Germanic peoples into thinking that Jesus was a hero in the mould of Woden. Woden, the God who sacrificed Himself to Himself on the world tree for nine nights, piercing His side with His own spear, Gungnir. Woden`s act was intended to regain lost Hyperborean wisdom, encoded in the Runes. He did not die the death of a martyr, a coward or a thief. He did not submit in weakness and neither did He actually die. What He experienced was a shamanic journey to each of the nine worlds, one world visited each night that He hung upon that "wind-swept tree". He recovered the Runes, the key to immortality and freedom from the Eternal Return for the vira, the hero, the Einheriar. In post conversion times the figure of Woden re-emerges in the form of Parsifal, who wandered in quest for knowledge as did Woden and like Woden he carried the sacred spear. The spear when connected to the Hyperborean green graal ensured the fertility of the land and the Aryan race. The loss of the spear signified degradation, miscegenation and infertility. You can forget any notions of Jesus `coming again`. What you will experience is the return of Woden in the form of his son Wid-Ar who I am sure like His father will bear the sacred spear Gungnir which once again will penetrate the holy Aryan gene pool and purify our peoples one more time.

Monday, December 17, 2012


During some recent meditations the following anagram was revealed to me: Walhalla-Allahlaw[the law of Allah]. When one considers this in relation to the anagram Ragnarok-Korangar[Gar or spear of the Koran] I believe that this is not mere coincidence but something that the Gods wish to reveal to us so that we may prepare ourselves for the holy war which has begun for the life and fate of the Aryan peoples.

The latter anagram is not my discovery but that of someone much wiser than myself. The very fact that we are now living in a time of constant warfare between two semitic powers-the zionist `West` in the form of the Tel Aviv-Washington/New York/London axis and the semitic religion of Islam whose fanatical adherents will not rest until Allah dominates the earth demonstrates that we are witnessing new geopolitical power shifts. Islam means "submission to `God`". In this sense a desert tribal god called Allah, the same deity which spurred the Israelites on to butchery and genocide in their conquest of the land of Canaan-if you believe the myth of course.

Judaism was also responsible for another semitic religion-Christianity, a religion of the slave and the Underman which like Islam had the intention of enslaving Aryan peoples and destroying their indigenous belief systems. Up until the 1990s the semitic power axis consisted of global capitalism on the one hand and mainly Soviet Marxism on the other, both of which are semitic and anti-Aryan ideologies. This axis failed so we are now experiencing something new in this war between Judaism/Christianity against Islam. Whichever side is winning the Aryan can only[apparently] lose.

The conflict between the two sides is only apparent as the real target of both is the Aryan race. Unfortunately the Woden archetype proved too weak to save us from this physical and spiritual onslaught 1,500 years ago although He did manifest Himself through the German Avatar in the 1920s-1940s. Few at the time saw Hitler in this light. The founder of Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung saw clearly that Wotan had awakened from His sleep and desperately tried to save the Germanic folk in their time of greatest need. In the exoteric realm Yahweh appears to have won that battle but in effect by exposing the hidden agenda of the enemy He[the Avatar] succeeded in winning the esoteric war which in fact is really not yet over and will be continued when the new Aryan Germanic God form emerges. This time He will not fail and Ragnarok will see not only the destruction of the current order but the emergence of a new world, a new pantheon of Gods and a reborn Aryan race-the only race which will be given to inhabit the earth. The ancient Aryan scriptures make it abundantly clear: "I gave the earth to the Aryan;"[Rig Veda 4.26.2]. These are the words of the Thunder God Indra, cognate with our very own Thunor/Thor/Donar. This time man-Aryan man will walk in harmony with the Gods and develop technologies and spiritual disciplines that will enable our race to continue to express its exploratory spirit into outer space and beyond into other dimensions.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Kali Yuga and Ragnarok

It is often falsely claimed by `academics` that Germanic mythology as represented in the Eddas was a late development or portrayal of our pre-christian ancestors` beliefs and thus heavily distorted by christianity. However very little evidence is put forward to support this contention. One thing that cannot be explained by these savants is the co-relation between the length of the Kali Yuga and the number of warriors who will fill the sacred halls of Walhalla. We are told in the Grimnismal[Elder/Poetic Edda] that Walhalla has 540 doors and 800 warriors[Eihheriar] who will issue forth out of each door to fight the armies of Surt at Ragnarok. Thus 540 x 800 = 432,000. In the ancient lore of the Indo-Aryans we are told that the length of the Kali Yuga, the shortest of the four Yugas is 432,000 years. It consists of 1,200 "years of the Gods". "One year of the Gods" = 360 "years of men". Thus 1,200 x 360 = 432,000. I do not believe that the corelation between these two calculations is a mere coincidence because of the enormity of the number and neither can this be accounted for by cultural borrowing when one considers the distance in time and space between these two cultures. Therefore the only conclusion that a reasonable man may come to is that this figure, 432,000 represents an inheritance from a common source, an Aryan source, an Ur-source. Both the doctrine of the Kali Yuga and that of Ragnarok[Korangar] represent a final reckoning between the forces of order-the Gods and those of chaos-the demiurge. This war has been in progress for thousands of years and is fast approaching its conclusion. Aryan culture and Aryan bloodlines have been under systematic attack by the forces of chaos and darkness as represented by the desert demon Yahweh and his anti-life religion of christianity which has weakened the Aryan peoples and caused them to enter into a state of paralysis whilst their lands be invaded and their children become disenfranchised in their own lands. This process was accelerated during and after the two world wars, the last war fought by the Aryan avatar who for 12 Yule nights sought to turn back the Kali Yuga but failed as the forces of Yahweh arraigned against Him were too strong. This was the last time that the Woden archetype manifested Himself so strongly and purely in a human being. The aeon of the hanging God as represented first by Woden and then the plagiarised copy of the christ is coming to an end and a new God force will soon manifest Himself and it is this God who will one day return on a white horse to usher in the new Golden Age or Satya Yuga. We welcome Him, this Starker von Oben.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stonehenge and the Aryan Thunder God

Further evidence of the link between the Aryans and Stonehenge, should any have ever doubted it! Archaeologists have discovered via laser scanning of the stones a further 72 engravings of Indo-European axe-heads associated with the Aryan Thunder God: Taken in part from The Independent 9/10/12. The article may be read in full on that site.

" For part of its existence as an ancient temple, Stonehenge doubled as a substantial prehistoric art gallery, according to new evidence revealed yesterday. A detailed laser-scan survey of the entire monument has discovered 72 previously unknown Early Bronze Age carvings chipped into five of the giant stones. All of the newly discovered prehistoric art works are invisible to the naked eye – and have only come to light following a laser-scan survey which recorded literally billions of points micro-topographically on the surfaces of the monument’s 83 surviving stones. In total, some 850 gigabytes of information was collected. Detailed analysis of that data – carried out on behalf of English Heritage - found that images had been engraved on the stones, normally by removing the top 1-3 millimetres of weathered (darker coloured) rock, to produce different sized shapes. Of the 72 newly discovered images revealed through the data analysis, 71 portray Bronze Age axe-heads and one portrays a Bronze Age dagger. Prior to the laser survey, 46 other carvings (also of axe-heads and daggers) were known or suspected at Stonehenge – mostly identified visually back in the 1950s. The laser-scan survey has now confirmed the existence of those other images and provided more details about them. The 72 new ‘rock art’ discoveries almost treble the number of carvings known at Stonehenge – and the monument’s largely invisible art gallery now constitutes the largest single collection of prehistoric rock carvings in southern Britain. Although now largely invisible to the naked eye, back in the Early Bronze Age the images, composed of then-unweathered (and therefore lighter coloured) stone would have been clearly visible. In Indo-European tradition axe-heads were often associated with storm deities – and some surviving European folklore beliefs suggest that upwards-facing axe blades were used as magical talismans to protect crops, people and property against lightning and storm damage. It’s potentially significant that every single one of the Stonehenge axe-head images have their blades pointing skywards, while the daggers point downwards. The axe-heads – the vast majority of the images – may therefore have been engraved as votive offerings to placate a storm deity and thus protect crops."

Sunday, December 02, 2012

xtianity and an Aryan Weltanschauung-You Can`t Have Both!

As followers and readers of my article concerning a review on 4/11/12 of the recent book The Complete Armanen on my Armanen blog can see, a fierce and lively discussion has taken place regarding the place of xtianity in the Aryan Weltanschauung. It would seem that I have upset two [or more] American Armanen/Wotanists regarding my criticism of the overtly xtian agenda of the author. As my review makes clear I congratulate the author for making available for the first time to the English speaking world Armananist literature but what I do not appreciate is the end part of the work-The Untold Story which reads like a xtian testimony[the American non-conformists love these] and an apology for xtianity, seeking to ingratiate the religion into mainstream Aryan thought. It surely beggars belief that a religion which was brutally forced upon our ancestors and almost wiped out our indigenous belief systems and cultures and murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands of wise men and women along with the Cathari up until modern times should now be so actively and vigourously defended by two alleged Aryanists. Roman Catholicism in particular is a backward religion and any country where it thrives wallows in filth, poverty and ignorance. This semitic religion which has enslaved our peoples with its teachings of meekness and weekness, equality of the races and the primacy of the jew has held back scientific learning and progress for well over 1,000 years up until the Age of Enlightenment. I simply asked `James` where is the alleged truth in xtianity? He was either unwilling or unable to answer the question. It is interesting that he should choose to use a semitic name and one which belonged to an apostle of jesus. His agenda on coming on to my blog to argue with me to the point of rudeness is abundantly clear. Now I appreciate that during the conversion period in Europe, xtianity which is a bastardised religion had to incorporate certain prextian practices into its repertoire. My readers may be aware that I have in the past referred to an excellent academic work by James C. Russell: The Germanization of Medieval Christianity: A Sociohistorical Approach to Religious Transformation. The second part of the book is of most relevance. Acknowledging such prextian influences upon European xtianity is one thing but defending this religious hybrid which has done irreparable harm to our race is unforgiveable and sheer lunacy if one is seeking to pursue a folkish Weltanschauung. xtianity and folkish Aryanism are two opposing Weltanschauungen. It is impossible to be true to both. One must choose one over the other but the Americans-and this is a specifically American problem are unable to do so due to the Pilgrim Fathers` Syndrome which I have discussed elsewhere. Thankfully here in northern Europe we are not so blind and xtianity died a long time ago.Churchgoing now is at an all time low. It only exists at all due to the unwanted influx of immigrants.